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The Signs as Daedra Lords
  • Aries:Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement, and father of the vampires. His plane of Oblivion is Coldharbour.
  • Taurus:Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of order. He roams the voids of Oblivion.
  • Gemini:Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of fate, knowledge and memory. His plane of Oblivion is Apocrypha.
  • Cancer:Malacath, Daedric Prince of the spurned and ostracised, and patron to the Orcs. His plane of Oblivion is Ashpit.
  • Leo:Sanguine, Daedric Prince of hedonistic revelry, debauchery, and passionate indulgences. His hundred thousand realms of Oblivion includes Misty Grove.
  • Virgo:Meridia, Daedric Prince of life energies. Her plane of Oblivion is the Colored Rooms.
  • Libra:Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of non-linear thought. His plane of Oblivion is the Shivering Isles.
  • Scorpio:Boethiah, Daedric Prince of deceit, conspiracy, assassination, and treason. Their plane of Oblivion is Snake Mount.
  • Sagittarius:Hircine, Daedric Prince of the hunt and master of the werewolves. His plane of Oblivion is the Hunting Grounds.
  • Capricorn:Mehrunes Dagon, Daedric Prince of destruction, change, revolution, energy and ambition. His plane of Oblivion is the Deadlands.
  • Aquarius:Nocturnal, Daedric Prince of the night and darkness. Her plane of Oblivion is the Evergloam.
  • Pisces:Azura, Daedric Prince of dusk and dawn. Her plane of Oblivion is Moonshadow.

this past month I have been trying to find my Tuor face but as you can see, I haven’t been successful :S I figured I would post the less boring sketches i’ve produced, since i couldn’t get anything done for his day… there are some comments in the captions but yeah…. /fails

(the theme was, as you can see, slavery)

The Tribute

He was born to serve the Master.

His parents? A planned breeding from a neighboring clan. Seeking something worthy, worthy enough to satisfy the golden dictator of Frejlandt. His father? Forced to see his firstborn thrown into the hands of a monster. Of Master.

The firstborn was a gift, a tribute - it was his entire purpose and identity, so Master made it his name as well. Master shaped the tribute’s body with magic into something that would fit more pleasantly against his own.

And Master kept the tribute at his side, dressed in the softest silks, the most teasing feathers, whatever Master wanted to touch at the time.

Poor tribute, he knew no better.

Poor tribute, he stands so proud at his Master’s side.

Poor tribute. Beautiful tribute. Doomed to the Master’s lair.

Captive Gods: Shadow

In Master’s attempts to capture and tame the world around him, it was inevitable he finally reach the gods. After owning the ice, the snow, and even the spectral aurora, he set out to reign over the eleven elemental masters themselves. 

The first was Shadow

[[The following excerpt was written by LadyRowyn, who owned the dragon before me. She is an excellent writer and deserves heaps of praise - go tell her so!]]

A dragon’s life is duty.

Duty to one’s clan, before all else.

To one’s flight and one’s god, next.

Thence to all of dragonkind.

Only after these duties are satisfied may one consider the wishes and desires of one’s own self. Indeed, any wish or desire one might have which conflicts with these three paramount duties would be base villainy to fulfill. No, not villainy, but wrong, so wrong that its fulfillment will bring one only misery. Like eating candied arsenic: one may think it delicious, but it is still poison, and it can only destroy.

If you don’t understand these things, you can never hope to understand me.

It doesn’t matter whether or not I love my mate, Starlight. The important thing is that our children are shimmering, iridescent, triple-gened beauties whose bride or groom-price enriches the clan. It is not out of indifference that I ask they be named by their future clans, but out of consideration for that future home. It is not out of greed that I wish our clan to be enriched, but so that our riches may be spent for the greater glory of the Windsinger.

Would I love my children less if they had dull patternless scales, or clashing colors? Of course not. But to seek less than the best for them would be a failure of my duty to dragonkind. That duty dictates that I produce the finest young within my capability, that I add to the glory of my race insofar as I am able.

And if they do not enhance or beautify the race, then there is honor too in being exalted to Windsinger. It is no punishment to go to our god! It is a reward for faithful service. A reward we should all look forward to one day receiving. Of course, while we are needed in this world below the gods, we must remain, do our duties to clan and race, for in so doing we serve one part of the gods’ goals for us. But when we are not so needed, let us go with gratitude and joy to the embrace of Windsinger. Let his warm winds carry us ever higher into the Cloudsong.

I do not understand why these simple, obvious truths cause such conflicts among dragons. There are those who say the world is cruel, those who think the clans or gods villainous because we have not limitless space in our lairs, or because rare and beautiful dragons are prized more than ugly or common ones, or because dragons may not return permanently to a lair or bear young after exaltation. Those who wish to defy their duty, to nest with unsuitable mates, to stay where they are not needed, or to demand others remain despite their clear Calling to exaltation. To them I say: your cup of Want is full of poison. Do not drink of it.

Put it aside, and do as duty bids.

One from each element, Master decided. A boy that he could play with. And, of course, they would have to be perfect.

They would be bred of the element, and their bodies reflect the element from dark to light.

When he found the shadow dragon - Lord Auros, he was called - Master realized he had not simply found visual perfection, but perfection of spirit as well. This dragon understood what it meant to serve a higher power. He understood duty above all things. He understood the realities of service, behind the glamor, behind the idealistic propaganda.

Master bound him, tender, in dark jewels with shadowed centers. He marked the dragon with Shadow’s emblem and bid his body sparkle like crystal. He took the dragon to his chambers and showed him what service truly meant, and then he took the dragon’s very name.

When Shadow’s initiation was complete Master allowed him freedom to preach his dedication through the clan. “Go,” Master bid him, “and teach them of their duty to me.”

Send me a ? and my character will ask yours a question they’ve always wanted to but never have.

 He’s uncomfortable, the question that
weighs his tongue is one that could very
likely be awkward, but he’s morbidly
curious in equal measure to his fear
of the answer.

      In Tevinter,
          they tell me elves and
          humans are still enslaved…

 Rohan clears his throat and his right hand
fusses with his blackened left hand before
he continues on. He can’t quite look at
Casira because he fears that she’ll think
he’s accusing her.

      Does that mean,
        that you aren’t against slavery?
Ben & Skip’s bogus journey: We need to face Affleck’s slave-owning ancestor — and mine — now more than ever

[Baptist’s] central thesis, as he dryly observes, is one that many people are not eager to hear: It was “the commodification and suffering and forced labor of African Americans” that made our country rich, and set it on course to become a global economic and military power. Furthermore, the greatest moral wrong slavery did not lie in the fact that it deprived African-Americans of their rights as citizens of a liberal democracy. All you have to do in that case, Baptist archly observes, is extend them those rights, perhaps “even elect one of them as president,” and the issue has been laid to rest. Slavery was also a crime of physical and economic violence, a work of “massive and cruel engineering” that killed and brutalized many people and stole the entire productive lives of those who survived. 


There was one egg.

That would be her legacy? A single egg? Ha!

Lydmila refused to look at it or Nirav, storming from the cavern that housed the nests, the other dragons there cowering in fear that her anger may be taken out on them. 

Oh, they need not fear. She would take it out on another later, particularly after the egg hatched. If it was not to her liking, oh, she would likely kill Nirav where he stood, leave his corpse as a reminder to others. And to herself.

She was foolish to think she was meant to have her own young. This was the Plaguemother telling her she was meant for other things, bigger things, that she should be focusing on her goal and not on her retched “feelings” for that damned dragon. 

She returned to her perch, high above the rest of her lair, and watched as her prizes squirmed in their chains, aware that they may be the brunt of her rage despite being trophies. 

She liked watching them fight the chains, it put her in a slightly better mood, a toothy grin coming to her mouth beneath all her adornments.

Seeking Perfection

Master’s desires are simple: to collect, conquer, and control.

Collecting is idle play; he’s seen it all, from the most common moths to the fractured emerald bee that rests near Apharahn’s ear. He hoards what’s scarce and spends carelessly on everything else, checking boxes one by one by one.

Conquering is a more serious occupation. Conquering started small, with the frozen crags of his home. Master gathered dragons in ice and white, in every shape and size male and female alike. When his lair teemed with creatures that shone like the snow, he sat above them on his throne and considered ice owned. The aurora was next; Master chased after all the gentle hues, caging them in little spectrums until he was content to consider the sky lights his subject. What was left then? Only the gods and the bleak distant heavens, and who was he to refuse a challenge?

Now control, control is most important. Control takes time, energy, repetition. Control can be concocted from any number of emotions: awe, wonder, loyalty, fear. The latter, of course, is always most reliable. Whether bound or bridled or walking free, all of Master’s dragons move to his beat, all of them dance when he touches their strings, and all of them tremble when he walks by. Control is absolute, unquestioned, and through whatever pain: accepted. 

anonymous asked:

Yeah why isn't the circle and Orlais treated as badly as Tevinter?

Uh, i’m not quite sure what you mean? Can you clarify some for me Nonnie, because the Circle is treated pretty badly? 

If you meant “Why aren’t Orlais and the Circle viewed as negatively as Tevinter” in like the fandom or in the story, it would then come down to framing, really. 
Fandom wise very few of Orlais abuses are highlighted in the main games– the fact Orlais has slavers going on regardless of the law, that it’s often child and sexual slavery is more so kept to supplementary materials such as the novels and only talked about re: Characters like Grand Enchanter Fiona who the writers than give a poor showing to, and then the fans have little inclination to look into so it never comes to light. Then the World of Thedas books never speak on any Evils in Orlais because they’re chantry slanted and the Chantry is in Orlais. [entries are written from the view of a chantry scholar and Bioware is loath to simply tell us things so we’re stuck determining what is lies and what is fact.] 
The Circle is generally considered by the fandom that leans Templar– mind you I do not approve of these people and share this thought process because I can see where they’re coming from– as a solution because they either agree with Bioware’s narrative outright due to taking the Knights in Shining armor as being infallible, or being under the impression there is simply no other way to keep Mages safe from “themselves, demons, or society.” This is, of course, not true as it implies that mages are incapable of being self policing, self sufficient, or self protecting as they had been for quite a long time in the canon before andrastians decided they needed a big old tower to put them in. Now, generally pro-Circle people tend to insist these are the best options for Order’s sake because that’s what the narrative has insisted time and again– that the mages who want freedom are upsetting the status quo and Ruining Everything.
Even though we know that there were horrible abuses happening in the status quo.
It’s not a lot of people’s fault for believing this– if you play Inquisition first you’re spoon fed Chantry doctrine like you’ve broken out all your teeth and need to exist on apple sauce and that’s all that they have on hand. All you get is a straight out dose of “The Circles were Good and the Mages made Everything Worse.” When they play the other games, they tend to notice the difference and change their ideals but till then it’s there. 
Tevinter is hated in the fandom because it has slaves and slavers [though narritavly, it makes no sense, because being a magical empire with trade to a technologically forward Dwarven kingdom, logistically they should simply be Advanced, but you know Magic is Terribad] and was an Empire. Like Orlais, but it was the one that killed their Jesus figure and caused the Blight so it’s the default Evil. That is pretty much it tbh.

If you mean in-narrative Orlais is very good about keeping it’s dirty secrets hidden, though there’s plenty of displeasure among royalty about their expansionism. Circles are considered a good thing by the common people [sans people related to mages] because their literal Chantry tells them that magic and mages are the reason that their G-d left them and why there’s a Blight now and then that could kill everything. Mages aren’t people to the average person in Thedas, you have to remember that. Elven Mage? Somehow even less than a not-person. The people of Thedas are dicks like that. 

So idk if that’s what you wanted Nonnie, but yeah.

( v. blissful pain. )

Helpful tip to those that have already been claimed and are looking for new thread material. You’re welcome to do pre-claim threads with others that might have been in the slave house at the same time as you! (i believe chrissy came up with this originally?? but i could be wrong. aka, this isn’t my own idea, just sharing it with others.)

For Masters looking for things to do, there are always school days you could write out - if you were trained to be a Master while within Chains. (that’s for anyone that had come to Chains and decided to be a Master before the age of 18, or those that were born in Chains, to Master mothers.) Also, try to choose a job! You might end up being co-workers with someone you could create new threads with.

hardlynxble asked:

[You know the reason why Solas is probably good at keeping people grounded is because he probably had to do it everytime he removed elvhen slave markings from peoples faces and they'd look at their reflections. Just a huge part of what they used to be removed, and now they're not sure what is anymore. I mean...offer a former slave freedom and it can be overwhelming sometimes. Just an inkling, or the positive canon would be he was used to birthing spirits into the world and keeping them stable.]

Solas has definitely had experience dealing with trauma and the effects of it from his time as Fen’Harel. Not only from removing their vallaslin, but adjusting them to a life of freedom in general. Freedom isn’t as simple a process as breaking physical chains, after all, and it leaves people scarred.

And not only that, but I think he has personal experience with these things. Up until the partway through DA:I he did not believe this world, and the people in it, were real. He woke up to find his culture gone, his people gone, and the Fade caged. The latter thing was not a surprise given he created it, but I doubt Solas could have accurately predicted the effect it would have upon him. Basically, it’s a big change, and he had to learn how to cope. Other people have written better posts about speculating about Solas’s mental health than I, but in short Solas is probably good at keeping people grounded because he has to keep himself anchored, as well.

I’m trying to keep this short because I’m hoping to reblog a meta meme next week and I’m hoping for more topics similar to this, but yeah tl;dr - I agree, his experiences as Fen’Harel are likely one reason he knows how to handle panic attacks. Also as a bonus here is some cut content where he helps an Inquisitor who is dealing with the after effects of Champions of the Just.


Every city has a secret; a dark side, one hidden in shadows and mystery. Where even setting one foot within the city limits seals your fate and changes your life forever.

On the outskirts of Seattle rests the gated and ‘forgotten’ city of Chains that’s as old as anyone can remember. No one’s ever heard anything about what goes on in Chains, and for good reason: Once you enter, you never leave. The few exceptions to this rule only leave for a short amount of time, and are sworn to absolute secrecy.

It’s a city that runs on a slave trade system with its very own supernatural twist. Majority of its residents are werewolves (which run the west side) and vampires (which reside to the east,) and the whole society is run by a single council that’s been created through generation after generation of the city’s founding family.

To visit Chains isn’t prohibited. They encourage tourists to come inside the walls and enjoy the small town feel. What they don’t know is that, from the moment they enter the city, they’re watched. If they don’t end up captured - or take up a slave of their own and join within the ranks of the city’s finest - they’re killed to ensure no information gets out.

Newcomers and born residents alike have a chip implanted between the thumb and index finger of their right hand; a plastic piece no bigger than a grain of rice that contains that person’s name, age, status, any criminal record against the council, and (if applicable) the name of their Master/Mistress. All masters are equipped with a way to scan these chips at any time. Any and all unclaimed slaves reside in the ‘slave house’ in the middle of the city.

**This is a very involved verse. Click Here For Full Information.**

  • This group is 18+. Trusting that when you apply you acknowledge this is a dark verse with mature themes that you should be able to handle.
  • This is a Master/Slave verse, you’re expected to realistically interact within these social boundaries.
  • No OOC drama will be tolerated.
  • Activity is a MUST.
  • Each master is allowed a maximum of three slaves
  • A slave may only have one Master
  • Must be active for five days before claiming/being claimed*
  • No character limit! Always accepting newcomers.
  • tracking ( v. blissful pain. )

Submit the following to Scott or Theo. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

Your Name & Age:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Sexual Orientation:
Slave or Master:
Turn Ons:
Turn Offs:
Short bio: (a longer/full bio must be posted upon acceptance.)
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Angry does not come close to describing what Anna feels when she discovers just who her slave has been spending her free time with.  That she’d even allowed the girl a moment of it had been a mistake, she sees that now.  A mistake she will not make again.  Barely contained rage boils just beneath the surface, but she does little more than stare down at the girl on her knees.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?  Did you truly believe it wouldn’t get back to me?  Did you think me soft, like her bloodsucking bitch of a Master,” her voice pours out, like ice, cold enough to break, “It would seem you are in desperate need of a lesson.  Perhaps some time in the slave house would do you good.  Or maybe another Master, one even harder than I am, could remind you of your place.”