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Maybe you’re remembering it wrong. It was the Christmas during that big snowstorm, and the power went out. You went to the grocery store because all the food in the fridge went bad. And he took me into the garage.

Literally been having the most terrible dreams lately; they start super fun and in depth but then end horribly
Yesterday it ended with me being molested by a guy I know out here in WA who I avoid him and his family like the plague
Tonight was me having the longest pelvic exam in my life at another post-op appointment and it turning out that I was “still pregnant” and it was unviable but Daniel is still at sea and I panicked myself awake
I want the bad dreams to stop so badly. Please
Anti-Gay Christian Lawyer Charged With Child Pornography
A New Hampshire lawyer associated with an anti-gay Christian defense group was arrested on federal child pornography charges after allegedly taking a tee...

Wow… yet another Republican, anti-trans crusader turns out to be a child molester.

I’m beginning to suspect these people want to keep trans women out of bathrooms so we can’t stop them from assaulting children.

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Hello, I have a probably stupid question, I'm sure it's been discussed a million times before, but I'm kind of new to the fandom and I'm rewatching S3 and I had to ask, what is a... common assumption about the fate of Hannibal's sister? Did he kill her and eat her or just eat her or... ? And why?.. Thank you!

Not a stupid question at all nonny, the storytelling on this show can oftentimes be confusing without watching half a dozen times, or without some other context to go along with it. I don’t believe it was ever stated on the show, but I recall watching a post-mortem with Mads and him saying that Hannibal caught the man in the act of molesting and killing his sister. This was never actually mentioned in the episode, but I have to assume this was Bryan’s intent for what exactly happened to her.

This is different from the canon of the Hannibal Rising novel, where Mischa is killed and eaten by Nazis. In the book Hannibal also eats her, but it’s not an intentional act on his part, which completely changes a very large part of not only his backstory, but also his motivation in doing what he does. I really love that Bryan changed this in the show, because making his first act of cannibalism such an intentional thing, as opposed to an accident, makes it clear that who Hannibal is is who he was born as, not something that was created due to the cruelty of others. Nothing happened to him. He happened.

What I really love about this though is how well it ties in with the theme of fairytales that was present throughout the season. The story Hannibal told Chiyoh was only half true, Mischa was killed but not eaten by the man she held prisoner. This half truth was very similar to the canon of the novel, but not the reality of this universe. “All sorrows can be borne if you put them in a story.” While this is obviously a different version of Hannibal’s life, in a way it takes that original backstory and sheds new light on it. It was never the thing that changed or turned Hannibal into something other than himself. The beast was not made a beast, he simply is and was. What happened to Mischa was horrendous, but it doesn’t explain why he is what he is. Only someone completely Other already would react that way.

As for why he ate her, there was certainly a lot going on there. I think it was not only to honor her, but to carry a part of her with him forever in a way, however he also mentioned to Bedelia that Mischa caused him to betray himself, and I always assumed when he said that he was referring to the love he felt for her. As Bedelia said, it was not dissimilar to the love he feels for Will in that it was so powerful it had the ability to influence him and his behavior. It took control away from him, and the only way he was able to take back that control was to consume her. This is how Bedelia was able to convince him he also needed to eat Will, because it worked so well with Mischa.