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Wanted to bring this gem back

broganes getting high?? nobody asked for it but i’m delivering

  • broganes once hotboxed shiros car and honestly.. keith has never been so high in his entire fucking life
  • keith was so high that when he tried to get out of the car he actually ended up tripping out and faceplanting - shiro found this hilarious and snorted so hard he started coughing up a lung
  • shiro gets lowkey impatient when keith takes too long to roll up and he’ll try and take over. keith doesn’t like this and they end up shoving each other while keiths trying to lick his damn papers
  • when their parents go away for the weekend, broganes will spend their time lounging on the couch and smoking bowls
  • broganes once made pot brownies for themselves and forgot to get rid of them all. these brownies ended up being served at the family dinner. both were mortified when their aunt started grinding on all the furniture
  • broganes regularly try to out-smoke each other and it always ends in them just falling asleep and then arguing about who fell asleep first
  • keith will use weed to get out of trouble with shiro

shiro: keith, did you break my damn controller?

keith: O.O

shiro: you did, didn’t you?

keith: [slowly offers the blunt he’s smoking to shiro]

shiro: ….

keith: ………..

shiro: [takes it] i hate you


found some old headcanons of mine involving ice skating and the UT characters’ various levels of skill and I just had to illustrate it now that the holidays are just around the corner.

I imagine most of the cast can at least somewhat get around on the ice without falling over, but Undyne, Monster Kid and Chara are the horrible, horrible excpetions. Undies solves this by having a very cool gf who used to live in Snowdin and thus got a lot of practice in, Monster Kid and Chara are uh

a little more creative in their methods


“He’s slamming the game again…”

“I hear him. You don’t like baseball? What planet are you from?”

“I know, I know, I’m a communist, a book burner, and I kick dogs. I just can’t sit through baseball. It moves so slow…!

“Oooh baby, whine for me. It’s so sexy…”

“Everything moves slowly for you, Wally. Have pity on us mortal snails.”

-Flash v2 #80

These three need to meet because they were the original Team Flash.


Riverdale | 1.08

I’m sorry, mom. I tried.