cw dolls

I literally folded this up and threw it away, because I made a mistake at the very end, with Archie’s hair (FML watercolor fail haha), but I didn’t want to waste the top half of the painting so I just cut a new strip of paper to cover it, and painted a new panel. Now it looks like a panel from a comic 😂

The colors are a bit weird though. I was trying to do one side lit in blue and one side lit in red, but the effect isn’t quite what I had in mind 🤔 Will try to do another in this lighting (and maybe not in watercolor), after I’m done being annoyed about it haha

The Clexa fandom migrating to the Wayhaught fandom like...

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the show hasn’t even started yet and im just going to say this right here right now. 

1. remember that these are characters, im not saying you cant ship but sometimes a lot of fans forget that these are just actors and they’re only playing a role. pls dont be gross and overstep they’re boundaries

2. jughead is not straight. he is asexual. he gets uncomfortable when approached by someone who he knows is romantically/sexually attracted to him. he strictly only has platonic relationships. if they wanted to put him in a relationship so badly they could have made him an asexual who experiences romantic attraction (which is still a bit ugh to me ????idk why is it so necessary for him to have a love interest??) but the thing is they have no intention of probably doing that so please try to raise awareness.

3. also queer baiting. for all those hopefuls, just know that veronica and betty were always “close” friends that were always fighting over archie in the comics. i always thought up until the show that they were in a poly relationship, then someone told me that nope their just a really intense love triangle, apparently. i dont mean to be harsh i just really dont want anyone to get hurt, because if they have no intention on making jughead asexual then the odds of betty ending up with veronica are pretty slim. it would take balls to break that never ending cycle. and currently they’re balls are nonexistent.


*insert-in-shrug* my ass has still not learned its lesson the other 50 million times.