cw are trying to kill me


Hear me out, the expression on Bucky’s faces in both instances where he is shooting Steve and Tony are similar, almost identical. We all know that Bucky was in Winter Soldier mode when shooting Steve on the Helicarrier, trying to complete his mission. Who’s to say that he didn’t have a flashback to his Winter Soldier days and HYDRA orders and that’s why he’s trying to kill Tony?

So, Hannibal was the one all along. Hannibal who had the knowledge, the skills, and the opportunity to kill all those people. To kill Abigail. The shock still hadn’t faded. Will sat in his holding cell, staring blankly at the wall, trying to work out why Hannibal had done this. It was almost incomprehensible…

“Hey, you.” Someone across the hall was saying.

Was it just to frame him? Had he been getting too close to catching him? Or was it deeper than that, had Hannibal planned this from the beginning…?

“Don’t fucking ignore me when I’m talking to you,” the voice was louder now, intrusive. Will looked up, shooting a glare at the criminal who wanted a piece of the new guy. He’d been fending off perfectly good people who wanted to condemn him all day, he wasn’t going to be patient with someone who deserved his wrath.

“Did you really eat that little girl?” Will couldn’t see who was speaking; the shadows from the broken lights were too dark. But the speaker must have known Will had turned to look at him.

Will turned back to the wall before answering, “What if I did?”

“Well, wanted to tell the guard to keep my cell warm when I leave, because I’m coming back to wring your fucking neck if you did,” the speaker replied after a pause. There was something about his voice that felt familiar.

Will smiled sardonically, “You should. If I did it, then I’m worse than all of you.”

“But you didn’t.” This time there was no hesitation.

Will’s face dropped, his eyebrows stretching in curious surprise. Every single person he’d talked to today believed he did it, including the man who was actually responsible. But this random criminal who didn’t even know him didn’t believe he’d done it. Will turned slowly and leaned against the bars, “How do you know?”

Strangely, a chuckle greeted his question. “I’ve worked with fucking child killers before. There’s two things they all have in common,” he paused, as if he were counting on his fingers, “first, they all remember what they fucking did, second, none of them fucking regretted it. If you killed that girl, then you’re the best fucking actor I’ve ever fucking seen.”

Will felt his face start to smile, for the first time in a long time, it was surreal feeling. “You don’t believe I was so out of my head I could have committed murder without knowing it?” he pressed, eager for the absolution, the faith in him that he couldn’t find anywhere else, not even in himself.

“Do I look like a fucking psychiatrist? How the hell should I know?” came the smart reply.

Wrong tactic then, Will took a different approach. “You could be, I can’t see you at all where you’re standing.”

Will heard shuffling, a soft groan as the man shifted his weight. He moved towards the bars, into the light, and stopped. Will took a step back. Then another. His heart pounded as he desperately searched for a grip on reality. This couldn’t be real, this couldn’t be happening. Because in the cell across from him stood Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal, or whatever it was that looked like Hannibal, was taking Hannibal’s shape, narrowed his eyes, regarding him warily. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked, voice coarse and unrefined. Smoker, Will’s brain told him firmly. Hannibal didn’t smoke. As far as he knew anyway.

He gulped, staring wide-eyed at him, “W-Who are you?”

“I’m Nigel,” the man snapped, glaring at him, “Who the fuck are you?”

Will hesitated. Was it possible that Hannibal would still be trying to make him think he was insane? Would he go to these lengths? “Will Graham. You…” Will took a small step forward, needing to watch the apparition’s reactions, “Have you heard of Hannibal Lecter?”

There was no change in breathing or gaze that Will could detect. Nigel, for apparently that was his name, looked at him and shrugged, “Should I have fucking heard of him?”

Not Hannibal himself then. But hallucination was still probable. He had been seeing things that didn’t exist for awhile now. He could call a guard to verify Nigel’s reality for him, but he didn’t really need the whole prison knowing he was insane right now. Least of all Nigel, if he was real, not when he was being so incredibly helpful.

Nigel had his head cocked, squinting at him, “You’ve got fucking problems, man, what’re you fucking on?”

Will blinked, “On? I’m not…” he took a deep breath, ignoring the question, “Say something.”

Nigel snorted, turning away, “You’re fucking out of your mind…”

“Please!” Will’s fists clenched, eyes tracking every movement in the cell across from him, “Say something I couldn’t predict, you don’t… you don’t know how much you could help me.”

There was noise down the hall, the guards coming to make rounds, not good, not good.

Nigel glanced at him over his shoulder. Will didn’t know what he saw, but he must have seen something because Nigel turned back to him, “Your eyes are beautiful. They remind me of the skies at home when I go hunting. Now get yourself to-fucking-gether and don’t say another fucking word to me until after the guards are gone.” Nigel returned to the shadows abruptly, the squeak of his cot saying he’d sat down.

Will panted hard and sat down too, trying to do as he’d suggested. So there was another man in the world who looked just like Hannibal Lecter and he also happened to be the only person who believed he was innocent. Looks like reality was damn hard to believe in after all.

Me: POW!
Me also: … ow. D8

I keep thiking about my post-Trespasser headcanons with Anders and Justice helping cure the Tranquil who come to them - and always it kills me to think about Anders and Justice learning about the cure for Tranquility in the first place, or them curing the first Tranquil (I imagine this picture taking place after the latter). How it would gnaw at them - if only they’d known in Kirkwall…

But at least they can help now, do everything they can to those they CAN help, and try not to blame themselves for not knowing.

*crawls into a corner and cries*


Look TBS I’m just trying to watch reruns of the Office and it really kills my sense of humor when you’re making shitty child abuse jokes in the corner of the screen to get me to watch the terrible show you insist on still airing

I’m still thinking about the fact that the Russos said Steve and Natasha have the 2 most endearing scenes in CW. Like it just hit me so hard for some reason right now. Endearing. ENDEARING. They can use any word and they chose ENDEARING.  

Are :) they :) trying :) to :) kill :) us :) it better be the cutest shit we’ve ever seen or to be fair at least live up to TWS.  Excuse me I just had to blurt all this out.

when I was 17 years old, an Arizona state senator and about a dozen other people were shot and killed at a local market three minutes away from my house, a place where my mother liked to go shopping

there was a brief period of about five minutes where I could not get a hold of my mom–I was across town at a rehearsal–and for those five minutes, I was dealing with the sudden and violent possibility of my mom being one of the victims

in the end she was alright, but that sense of helpless, numb, blinding panic is something that will sit with me the rest of my life. even after my mother picked me up and we got home, I curled up on the couch for the rest of the weekend, traumatized.

my point is that if you are scared or worried in this moment, it’s ok to sit on tumblr and scroll through your dash and blog whatever you want. trauma is not black and white and ways of coping with it are infinite. care for yourself in whatever ways you need. make yourselves safe. do not feel obligated to blog about what’s happening because so many other people are.

my thoughts are with everyone feeling that sense of helplessness and fear.

it’s horrifying and you have a right to do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

so Steve literally lost control of the situation because Rumlow said “your Bucky” and a lot of people would have died if Wanda hadn’t stepped in––even when she did, around 10 innocent civilians died.

If you think that this was romantic and cute, but you tell me that everything we saw Tony go through in the movie wasn’t “traumatic enough”, then you’re honestly maybe just trying too hard to put Tony down as a villain and blatantly refusing to see the truth?

Oh, and if you’re okay with Steve literally being one second away from actually killing Tony––like slamming the fucking shield into his face––is okay because it’s romantic and he cares about Bucky, but you say that Tony’s action was extreme and the trigger wasn’t “enough”….. then pls stop with the double standards lol.

Do I want Bucky dead? HELL NO. Should Tony kill him? NO. Was Tony’s breakdown understandable? Yes. Was Steve’s breakdown understandable? Also yes.

need you like oxygen:

ca:tfa steve: I can make it on my own (*bucky dies* no. I can’t do this, not without him)

ca:ws steve: (I’m on my own and it feels like a slow death. even when I had nothing I had him but I don’t even have that anymore) I’m with you ‘till the end of the line (I still need you, kill me if you don’t feel the same because I’m not living without you again)

aou steve: (I’m trying, I’m trying so hard to not give up hope but there are reminders in my life of what I could’ve had but didn’t and it hurts. please find him, don’t stop searching until you do)

ca:cw steve: (I will do whatever it takes to keep him. If they want him then I’ll bring the war to them and fight to the death to stay by his side)

Honestly, Tony’s character arc has been killing me for a long time now. Civil War made it so obvious that he’s never really recovered from his trauma in Avengers. His anxiety and PTSD has only been getting worse and he hasn’t gotten any of the support or help he really needs.

In Civil War you can see him desperately trying to keep these pieces of his life together. And while I don’t agree with everything he did in the movie, it’s so obvious that it’s done out of a frantic desperation. He is losing everyone around him. Pepper and him are on a “break” and now the team is breaking up, and Rhodey is really the only person he has left.

I think Tony sees the Accords as his attempt at atonement. He has so much guilt that he won’t let go of that it’s frightening. Tony absorbs guilt and responsibility like a sponge but never lets it go again. You can see him take it in every time someone makes an accusation about him or holds him accountable for something. And he does need to take responsibility for some of his actions, but Tony doesn’t know how to deal with it in a healthy way.

And this post doesn’t really have a point, but I have so many feeling about Tony Stark, guys. I just, ugh. Watching Civil War was heartbreaking all around.

Arrow Reaction 3x10

Felicity telling Roy Oliver is going to kill him for taking the motorcycle

Diggle saying the suit is too tight 

Ray trying testing/building the Atom suit

All the Diggle x Felicity moments

Vinnie Jones as Brick


Malcolm showing up at the lair

Maseo x Oliver

Felicity standing up to Malcolm (you go girl!)

Team Arrow being sad :’(

Felicity Crying

John getting hit by Brick (almost gave me a heart attack!)

Felicity telling Ray he is her friend and she won’t help him commit suicide

Diggle calling himself Oliver’s bodyguard and how he couldn’t protect him

Oliver putting the GPS to find Tatsu

Maseo saving Oliver


Tatsu and Maseo bring Oliver “back to life”