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of roommates and movies (timecanary week 2k17 day 1: roommates)

summary: It was a classic case of boy tells his best friend he’s in love with her, girl doesn’t reciprocate, boy drinks too much and becomes an asshole, boy and girl don’t talk for ten months, girl shows up on boy’s doorstep drunk to say that she misses watching movies with him.

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Quick Supergirl rant

Honestly I’m still, 2 weeks later, pissed the fuck off over the Maggie/Kara conflict, ie. blatant lie the CW made up just for conflict purposes. I can’t remember a time Kara has ever tried to solve a problem by punching her way out before she has tried to talk her way out of things. It’s a lesson she learnt in Human For A Day and has always tried to talk to people, usually before Alex can have a chance at shooting them. Remember how much Kara tried to talk down Astra for most of season 1 and she was getting through to her, and Alex went straight for the kill? If anything, the words/fists argument should have been between Maggie and Alex, since Alex shoots first asks questions never and even went as far to blow up CADMUS while she was in the building.

And then in Resist, when Kara tries to talk Rhea down from invading Earth, and in fact fucks the whole plan to blow up the mothership because Alex had to wait to fire the cannon and then it got destroyed, because Kara wanted to talk to Rhea. 

I’m not even gunna talk about the fact that Maggie just happened to know who Guardian is despite never being told, and the blatant reuse of the mind controlled family member at the end of the penultimate episode that has to fight Kara into the final episode. 

Honestly it’s like they hire a new writer every week and make sure whoever they hire hasn’t seen a single episode of Supergirl.

  • Therapist: Anything good right now??
  • Me: Ross Butler is Reggie Mantle aka Mantle the Magnificent aka The LOVE of my life.
  • Riverdale Writers: SIKE
  • Riverdale Writers: Episode 12 will reveal Jason's Killer.
  • Me: I AM READY
  • Narrator: They were not ready...