im going to apply for honors! and im super excited my grades are high enough to be able to do honors but it also freaks me out a bit??? and there are so many responsibilities related to being an honors student? but like i said im very glad my hard work has paid off and hopefully my average grade won’t drop below a 7 or else ill be kicked out of honors lmao
Story: On the Other Side
I never really complained about my commute to work. Well, maybe I bring it up a bit when friends and colleagues complain about their commute taking half an hour or less. We’re talking generally ove...

Just a little story. Little happenings and episodes in life sometimes give you new perspectives. Let everything that happens serve as a reminder, a lesson learned or an inspiration. 

Ever Blue Sounds


  • Matsuoka Rin [cv: Miyano Mamoru]
  • Nanase Haruka [cv: Shimazaki Nobunaga]
  • Tachibana Makoto [cv: Suzuki Tatsuhisa]
  • Hazuki Nagisa [cv: Yonaga Tsubasa]
  • Ryuugazaki Rei [cv: Hirakawa Daisuke]

Album: Free! Original Soundtrack [Ever Blue Sounds] CD2

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

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Enjoy!!!! ^_______^ [soon i will upload the whole soundtrack album]

At Temple || You & Baelfire [Closed]
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    Open for all of you sexy thin’

It was fucking early for most people– 6:15am, but to Baelfire it was normal, he’d been up for a while, running in the woods since 5 o’clock and had stock for Temple’s opening at 6am. Right now he was just pulling himself up, looking like he was forcing, but really, the moment his muscles would start hurting, he wouldn’t feel them and from that point, he’d count two minutes and stop.

for all the Soma Saito Lovers

Sono Kare, Rebun Shoya - Character song - Soma Saito

I chose to put Soma’s picture ^.^ This song is very very unique. Soma Saito really plays with your ears, moving from ear to ear while singing - so please hear this song with headphones, I really recommand you to do that!!!^.^

Drama CD: 『Kabe Don!SONG♪』 Series 2nd “Sono Kare, Rebun Shoya”

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

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Mamo’s fans…!!! this is for you!! ^^ really cool song<333

Monoguramu [ モノグラム]

character song by: Kagami Saku [cv: Miyano Mamoru]

Drama CD: Boyfriend

Album: Boyfriend(Kari)Character CD Series Vanitas

So what can I say about Boyfriend?… I know them for a long time… I’m not sure if they’re a band or not cause I don’t remember that they have a songs of all of them together, but each one of them sings a character song, thats I know for sure…

The reason why I don’t upload more of their song is… well, most of their songs are really crappy. Really. and those that aren’t crappy are just ok, not more than that. And this song is THE ONLY SONG I actually loved and it was a big surprise for me.

that’s mamo’s character btw:

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

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Инфографика приурочена к визитке в виде бриллианта, решила весь текст писать в третьем лице, переместив все внимание на объект. Навыки показаны как варианты огранки - могу и то и это, программы - как величина знаний и опыт владения ими, языки - как цвет камня (чем белее - тем лучше). Цветовая гамма вышла за рамки той визитки, иначе вышло бы слишком скупо, но немного потерялась в схеме движения на жизненном пути. Делала все c Meta и постаралась не усердствовать с кеглями - 15 и 19 для всей инфы. Мне хочется верить, что он не разваливается на взгляд зрителя, хотя мой бич - мелочность и отвлечение от общей картины в целом. Возможно расстояния между объектами я чересчур растянула.

was requested by dr3ad-m0on<3333

La Fin de L’eclipse

beautifullll song by my two sweet favorite Daisuke<3333333 :)

Duet song by characters: Hirato [cv: Ono Daisuke] ft. Akari [cv: Hirakawa Daisuke].

Anime: Karneval [really miss this anime ;-;]

Album: Karneval Character Song Vol.3

Download Links: MEGA, Regular

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