Some of my favorite facts from Castlevania canon

* Dracula and Death himself are BFFs.

* An alternate dimension exists that contains nothing but 24 different kinds of chairs to sit on.

* Dracula rides a unicorn.

* Vengeful spirit monsters can be defeated by throwing pies at their faces.

* Skeletons ride motorcycles. In 1852.

Executive 1: We need spooky Halloween decorations
Executive 2: How about  SPIDERS but SPOOKIER
Executive 1: Skeletons are spooky! SKELETON SPIDERS
Artist: Um spider skeletons are just spiders they have exo-
Artist: It really wouldn’t make sens-

hey guys! talking from personal experience, this time of year can be super scary for anybody looking to move into the job world. whether you’re graduating soon and need to look for full time work, looking for summer internships or placements, or just looking to get a part time job to make some money over the summer, a solid cv is crucial. so i’m gonna share some of my tips below, i work in advertising, i’ve worked most of my career in sales, and even though i’m still fresh to the working world i hope i can give you guys some employment tips! 

basic bits

  • ok, so you need to put your contact details at the top of the page, name, phone number, email address, post code and sometimes nationality are all important to get out of the way first 
  • if you have your degree grade, or expected grade, put education at the top. list your grade and the dates you studied at uni, and the grades, dates and subjects that you studied to a high level when you left school. this is less important for part time jobs so i would probably put it below the next section in those circumstances
  • past experience is next. list everywhere you’ve ever worked, whether it was a proper paid job, helping out at local events, tutoring, anything that can give insight into your skills and your character. put a couple bullet points for each job, explaining the tasks you did and what you learnt from them. the most important thing is to emphasise what skills you have and how you’ve proven them in the past. 
  • i put other experience next, generally just volunteering, if you held a responsibility role in your school you can put that here too
  • skills & interests should be another section, talking about your non work related skills (but still relating these back to working). so for me, i talk about my creative hobbies like writing and music, which are important when applying for creative industries like advertising. i also talk about teaching myself arabic and adobe creative suite because languages are useful, design skills are useful, and most crucially taking initiative and embracing opportunities to learn are essential in any job that wants to see you grow

sales tips 

  • other people applying for the same jobs as you will not be handing in a 100% truthful cv. you don’t have to lie, and you shouldn’t ever ever lie on your cv because it’s not worth getting caught out. however, you’d be smart to jazz it up a bit. 
  • every task you’ve undertaken in your life has taught you something, no matter how small. think about every job related thing you’ve ever done and think of a way to make it sound special. 
  • for instance, i manually alphabetically organised a directors business cards during an internship. it was beyond boring. yet, now i talk about being a crucial support for the team, how i took initiative in collating their contacts into a brand new filing system to increase productivity speed. any dumb task can be chatted up. 
  • sales is all about confidence, confidence, confidence. you have to believe you are a great candidate, it’ll come across in your writing 
  • keep it to one page, max 2 if you’ve had a lot of previous roles. nobody wants to read that much. if it’s looking a bit long try reformatting to keep it all looking neat and succinct. 
  • send it as a pdf, not as a word document. keeps it looking professional. 

cover letters

  • now, cover letters can be a real pain. i would suggest writing different ones for each application, even though making a generic one and editing it is easier. it’s worth it to show that you give a shit. 
  • actually, all that really matters is giving a shit. talk about how great you are, and about how much you have to offer that they need in their company. you can phrase it in a non arrogant fashion, but at the end of the day a job application isn’t the place for humility. 
  • talk about the company, talk about why you like it and why you want to be there. if you’re applying to a small company definitely chat about how great you think the business is, because chances are the people who run the company will actually see it. people who have their own company LOVE to hear people talk about loving their company and their idea. 

all that really matters

  • be genuine, be passionate, be enthusiastic about the role, about the company and about yourself.
  • stay calm and focused on your goals, and believe in yourself and your abilities. don’t be afraid of being great, and don’t be afraid of letting people know it. 

i really hope these could be of use to anybody, if there’s any tips you guys need for job huting let me know, i’ve done a lot of it!

Freeman High School shooting

On the 13th of September 2017, Caleb Sharpe (15) entered Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington with a rifle and a handgun in a duffel bag, and began shooting. He killed Sam Strahan, and injured three other girl students. The student that got killed tried to confront Caleb and was heard yelling: ‘‘You don’t want to do this!’’, but he sadly got shot in the head while doing so.  A staff member then managed to step in and put an end to the rampage. The three other girls that got shot survived and are in stable condition.

A friend of Caleb said that he passed out notes, which said he was going to do ‘‘something stupid that could get him killed.’’ He also explained how Caleb had changed over the last few months, because he suddenly started being ‘obsessed’ with school shootings. Caleb also had a YouTube channel called ‘Mongo Walker’ where he played with fake guns and would film having mock shootouts with his friends.

Caleb Sharpe was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.

In A Crowded Arkham Cafeteria
Waiting4Codot (written by nygmatech-cosplay)

Harley, Edward, and Joker

I saw this post by @nygmatech-cosplay, and I had to voice it.

I added a bit onto it because it’s too much fun voicing these guys.

[Altered Transcript Below]

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  • Trevor Belmont, Castlevania III: Wow, it sure is nice to make friends! I'm so glad I have my pals along with me on my journey.
  • Trevor Belmont, Curse of Darkness: How dare you try and make friends with me? I am a strong independent Belmont who will kill Dracula all on my own. There is no way this plan can go wrong.
  • Trevor Belmont, Castlevania Judgment: Why are all my friends trying to punch me? What did I do to deserve this?
  • Trevor Belmont, Mirror of Fate: [extended high-pitched screaming in the distance]
  • Trevor Belmont, Netflix show: How in the holy goddamn mothershitfucking christ of cuntfuck am I supposed to attack the enemy while the fucking floor is falling down?
The underrated key to success


I recently got an interview for something I felt (and still feel) totally underqualified for I attributed 90% of my success to asking as many people as I could find for tips - whether it be writing a CV, asking if I could see their CV, asking them to look at my CV, how to apply, how to do well in interviews, etc. 

A junior of mine recently got into Berkeley. I noticed two things about his success: 

1. He worked hard

2. He ALWAYS asked for help - I wasn’t that close to him, but he would always ask me for tips about his assignments or to read over his stuff. 

In the end, successful people (however you define ‘success’) use their resources. They ask for help. 

Yes, it might be important sometimes to figure things out for yourself, but you’d be a fool not to consult the wisdom of the people who’ve done what you’ve done, and done it well. 


Bernard Camerman crying during the reconstruction of the murder of his youngest daughter, Alexia (3)

In June 1993, Bernard Camerman strangled his wife, Cathérine Lemineur (36) and his three daughters, Sandrine (8), Laurence (6) and Alexia (3), in their home in Lint, Belgium. Bernard became extremly angry during a fight about the upbringing of the children, mainly about the dyspraxia problems of one of his daughters. He grabbed Cathérine’s throat and strangled her with the belt of his bathrobe. He then thought that it would be better to kill their children too, because he thought the three girls could never live with the thought of their father being a murderer. So, he kissed his daughters, while they were still sleeping, for the last time, and strangled them one by one. He then placed the four bodies in his car and dumped them along the highway. The next day, Bernard went to work like nothing had happened, but his family in law quickly noticed that Cathérine and her daughters had disappeared. Bernard then decided to go to the police to report them as missing, he told police that he suspected his wife to be a part of a cult and that she had run away with their children. But after 20 days, Cathérine’s body was found along the highway, which led to Bernard confessing to murdering his wife and three daughters. The bodies of the three girls were found along the highway as well.

Bernard Camerman was sentenced to ‘life in prison’ (30 years in Belgium), but got released in 2004 after only serving 11 years.

Kiss From A Rogue (or Edward Loses a Bet)

Ed, Jon, Oz, Waylon, Joker, Harvey, and Bane

I am blaming @perditionxroad FULLY for this monstrosity.

Edward bets his dignity on Waylon beating Bane in an arm wrestling match.

He loses.