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Dick sizes and masturbation habits (how often, where, when, etc.) of the RFA +V+Saeran+Vanderwood?

NSFW Warning- also all i can seem to write currently and it come out how i want it is smutty so i apologize but hopefully here soon i can get back into the swing of things 


  • he’s eight and a half inches but he likes to lie and say he is nine
  • he’s not much of a masturbator
  • only when MC sends him a risky text while they’re not around really
  • so maybe once a week, two if MC feels especially naughty
  • if he is in public or in between performances he will try to sneak away for a bit
  • if hes at home its really just wherever he was when he got the message
  • middle of cooking dinner and he just can’t contain himself? you betcha


  • he’s rather big, especially for his age
  • we’re talking ten inches
  • he wanks often
  • sometimes three times in one day
  • hes extremely sexually frustrated okay?
  • usually in the comfort of his own home
  • tried to be risky once in the bathroom of an RFA party and Saeyoung caught him and hasn’t stopped bringing up his dick size in the chat
  • no one believes him except MC 


  • twelve inches
  • zen finds out one time when you accidentally facetimed him before the two of you started he was super pissed that Jumin had literally everything
  • he only ever really masturbates when you do mutual masturbation or he feels like teasing you by making you watch him and not touch while you’re tied down
  • so once a week minimum
  • usually the bedroom or bathroom, sometimes the kitchen 


  • nine inches with a lot of girth
  • never really has time to masturbate 
  • will when you tease him through the CV cameras though
  • which you do often
  • usually in his office at his computer


  • 7 ¾ inches so a little above average
  • not much of a masturbator
  • maybe once a month
  • usually with you


  • 11 ½ inches: totally not true that twins have the same size dick
  • doesn’t masturbate
  • like at all
  • he’s horny he comes to you
  • youre not in the mood? okay he loses his erection so fast
  • he doesn’t want anyone else pleasing him
  • even if its his own damn hand
  • smh

-i kept Jaehee out because i just cant seem to write that, same with vanderwood - Admin  Kayleigh


Chicago Fog

Minolta AF2 w/ CVS 400ISO film

My name is Quinn Milton, and I am based out of Chicago, IL, USA. I have studied photography since high school, and it was my minor in college. There is something about film that I cannot seem to let go of, and carry a camera and extra roll on me at all times.

–Quinn Milton

I love drug store film and I think they bring out the loveliest and subtlest tones of real life! I’ve shot a few rolls of a drugstore film I picked out here in Germany myself and have loved the results. Generic film is cheap and they can produce good pictures, great go-to film for test shots too! If you’ve spend some time shooting on drugstore film we’d love to see your shots!!–eleanorrigyby236/CGSF