cvs brand


Update on this post:

After carving the foot, I covered the surface in nude nylon (attached with an upholster’s spray adhesive) for extra strength, and to even out the rough edges. The nylon was CVS brand, cheap and (most importantly) not made with a lot of extra elastic like what you’d find in the ‘Control top’ or 'extra stretch’ nylon. After that, I painted the entire surface with two coats of latex and let it dry. Then I mixed acrylic paint and latex in equal parts and painted on the skin until it closely matched my own skin tone. Lastly, I glued the toenails onto the sculpted nail beds, and sewed on the nylon straps to the bottom.

Next I have to figure out how to 1) add the hair, and 2) hide the seam between foot and ankle

Wish me luck!


Marching band helpful items

So I went to CVS to get some stuff for marching band so I’m just here to suggest some good stuff to get anywhere!
Off bug spray is good! Keep away the big you don’t want itching.
I got after bite soothing cream. It’s for if you get bit and want to stop the irritation.
I got CVS brand aloe Vera soothing gel to stop the pain of a sunburn
I heard from some one on the marching band tag if you buy an aloe plant and use the leaves that helps too since its strait from the plant.
Now we all know we don’t just have to deal with summer, but winter too so remember to get this stuff
A warm coat or a warm jacket because it’ll be cold! Might even snow if you get that.
Gloves are nice. Even if it is hard to play an instrument and wear gloves you don’t what your fingers getting numb
Heat packs, you know the kind you shake and it helps warm your hands, stick those in your pockets so you have a warm thing
Earmuffs, or one of those hats that look like they have ears, numb ears hurt!

And always just daily reminders. Eat breakfast and bring a gallon water jug of ice water. If you don’t eat it hurts and you’ll pass out and if you don’t bring water it’s the same situation
Also I saw a kid with a plastic mouthpiece. Please no. Those are horrid dear god. Just ask your teacher for help if you need a new one just don’t use a plastic one please.

Coffee Date!

Fake it til you make it, ammirite?

Not pictured: the iced passion tea I also got from Starbucks. I am fading hard here. I think I have some sort of combination of a cold and allergies and all I want to do is sleep. So I’m popping CVS brand Zicam and getting lots of sleep and drinking water. I refuse to still feel ill on Friday, because I AM GOING TO ICELAND AND GERMANY!

I can’t even tell you all how excited I am. I’m heading to Iceland first, for a quick 48 hours and then heading on to Germany for a week. In addition to visiting my family there, I will be meeting angeldrinkstea (!!!!!!) and running a half marathon! And eating lots of delicious food and drinking delicious wine and beer. 

I just have to survive! Last week was a crazy crazy work week and this week is gearing up for some crazy too–which is why I’ve been AWOL on here lately. 

I have been running though! And guess what:

NIce and easier runs (except for that 10k which was a PR!). I’ve really really been concentrating on taking things from “race runs” to “regular runs” and I feel fairly successful (this cold is making it pretty easy to run easy too)! I have to admit, it’s still weird only because I feel like doing slower runs will make me a slower runner. But, my legs don’t feel as completely shot everyday so running more seems possible. I DO need to mix in some speed training though.

I’ve been reading Hansons Marathon Method and I’m tempted to drink the kool-aid and give it a shot. I’m worried about the volume causing an injury though. But the basis of more running=better running makes sense as does taking things easy so you’re not burning out on the high volume. I have about five  months between now and Chicago so I think I’m going to start bumping up the frequency of my runs over the next four weeks and see how my body responds. If I feel okay, I’ll go with Hansons. If I feel like my knees are about to give out on me, I’ll stick with a more traditional program. 

Chicago seems like the perfect marathon to give Hansons a shot, though. Mostly because after I return from Germany, I have nothing planned between then and the marathon. No weird trips or obligations that could deter me from the plan. No real crazy races either (although that will change, I’m sure. Summer time is trail time!). It’s definitely tempting. 

Today I jumped rope on my deck. I brought a little speaker out and played music and counted each jump.

Today I rubbed medicine on my bug bites. The cream is pretty and pearlescent so I can imagine I’m using some expensive beauty product instead of CVS brand itch relief cream.

Today I made a giant salad and covered it in lemon juice and olive oil and Ben baked chicken breasts with chickpeas and spices and we drank the blackberry wine we picked out at the winery.

Yesterday I had one of the worst interviews of my life and I don’t really even think it was my fault entirely but I couldn’t stop laughing when I told Ben how bad it was and I just realized today what it means that I laughed when I could have cried instead.

Tomorrow I have a different interview and I think it’s going to go well.