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Lex, what about the time IJN planes almost landed on the American carriers

The first day of the Battle of the Coral Sea, 7 May 1942. 

After nightfall, at around 1930, when most American planes have returned to their carriers, another formation of planes showed up.

Lieutenant Commander Stroop of USS Lexington (CV-2) remarked, “these planes were in very good formation.” These planes all had navigation lights on; they intended to land on the carriers. Captain Sherman of Lexington noticed something odd, however. He counted 9 planes, more than the number of American planes still in the air. Furthermore, they flew past Yorktown’s port side and took a counterclockwise approach, different from the American carrier landing routine. The planes were seen flashing their blinkers, but no Americans could understand the signal.

This caused a bit of chatter on the TBS (Talk Between Ships radio circuit):

“Have any of our planes got rounded tips?“

“Damned if those are our planes.“

The first plane in the formation attempted to land on USS Yorktown (CV-5), but it was coming in too low and Yorktown’s landing signal officer signaled him to throttle up. The plane almost crashed into Yorktown’s stern, but the pilot managed to pull up and off to port, narrowly avoided what would have been a deadly collision. Electrician’s Mate Peter Newberg, stationed on Yorktown’s flight deck, saw the plane’s wings briefly illuminated by signal lights, displaying a big red circle - the Japanese Hinomaru insignia. Lieutenant Commander Roy Hartwig, Commanding Officer of USS Russell (DD-414), recalled seeing planes with fixed landing gear, meaning the planes were most likely Aichi D3A Val divebombers.

One of the screening destroyers opened fire, sending red tracers towards the Japanese formation. A voice on the Lexington, still uncertain about the identity of the planes, ordered the task force to hold fire. The captain of the destroyer replied, “I know Japanese planes when I see them.”

All of a sudden the skies were lit up “as if it was the Fourth of July,” as nearby destroyers all opened fire on the Japanese planes. USS Minneapolis (CA-36) also unleashed her guns at the intruders. But then some American planes were still in the air - a Yorktown fighter pilot complained, “What are you shooting at me for? What have I done now?” With gunners firing at both friend and foe, some pilots who have already returned to their carrier decided to join the party as well, as SBD pilot Harold Buell recalled some of his fellow pilots on the Yorktown were shooting at Japanese aircraft with their Colt .45 pistols.

By this point all pilots in the air, both Japanese and American, have decided it would be better to stay away from the task force and its blazing guns. The planes turned off their lights and disappeared into the clouds, with the Japanese planes went looking for their carriers and the American planes waiting for their task force to stop shooting at their own pilots. None were shot down.

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18 April 1942. U.S. aircraft carrier “hornet” (USS Hornet CV-8) during the preparation for the start of the bomber North American B-25 Mitchell during the Doolittle RAID. In the background heavy cruiser “Vincennes” (Vincennes CA-44).

18 April 1942. Bombers North American B-25 Mitchell aboard the aircraft carrier “hornet” (USS Hornet) before the Doolittle RAID

18 April 1942. The rise of the bomber North American B-25 Mitchell from the deck of the aircraft carrier “hornet” (USS Hornet) during Doolittle RAID
18 April 1942. The rise of the bomber North American B-25 Mitchell from the deck of the aircraft carrier “hornet” (USS Hornet) during Doolittle RAID

The Live Reading from the Event (day & night)

Forgive me for mentioning mezzo or tamaki too much

They’re going to Usamimi Friends Park. It’s MEZZO”’s program, Kimi to Isshou ni Nigechaitai! (Let’s Run Together!), the guests are Mitsuki, Yamato, and Ryuu.
Tamaki: There’s an Usamimi Park in Maihama
Yamato?: The *** Mouse Park doesn’t exist in i7 world soー
Mitsuki: Stop there!!!

They’re wearing rabbit ears.
Sougo: Tsunashi-san… We’re so sorry for making you wear this… it must be embarrassing…
Ryuu: this is embarrassing..
Yamato: You’re cute tho~
Fans: So cuteee~!!!
Ryuu (nice voice): You’re more cute✨

The first is Roller Coaster (Big Usamimi Mountain). They tsukkomi-ed the name. Ryuu announced TRIGGER’s album when they’re at the top and Mitsuki screamed all the time.

And then Ryuu, Sougo, and Tamaki went to Haunted House (Usamimi Death Mansion). They tsukkomi-ed the name again.
Tamaki: I WON’T GET IN
Sougo: You’re scared because you don’t get the meaning of this attraction
Tamaki: Tell me then
Sougo: There’s a murder case in this mansion. The blood stains on the wall wouldn’t disappear soー

KENN (Tamaki) acted so terrified he hold the script while shaking uuhhh so cute.
Ryuu: Tamaki-kun, it’s fine! We’re almost there!

After they left the Haunted House, they met 2 delinquents (CV: Wingu and Shirai). The delinquent talked bad about Sougo making Tamaki angry. In the end, Ryuu beat them up and Tamaki fangirling shouted “TRIGGERー! TRIGGERー!!”

~Happy End~