“Being fat really worked out differently for guys than it did for girls, though, didn’t it? Like, if you’re a fat guy, people are just like, ‘Oh, he’s probably awesome to hang out with. Just eat chicken wings and high five all night!’ If you’re a fat girl people are just like, 'Mmm, she’s probably sad.’ Why the different analysis? They eat the same snacks.” [x]

Feeling Like Trash (CLOSED - AMETHAST)

Steven Universe sat out on the temple’s balcony, swinging his legs to and fro before letting out a sigh. This place didn’t feel right home. There are no beaches around here, the Big Donut isn’t here, nor are his friends. As he heard the sliding door shut he was shocked to attention. He turned around to see a familiar friend.

“Amethyst!” Steven shouted, a toothy grin spanning his face!


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Name: Emma
Nickname: em, emmy, memma, erma, twig bitch, owl
Birthday: March 30th
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5 ft, 7 in (practically an amazon heheh)
Fave colour: ummmm idk I just really like rich, dark colors
Time rn: 5:52 pm, central time zone
Average hours I sleep: around 5-6 
Lucky number: 25
Last thing I googled: “how to dial an extension on an iphone” (im horrible at technology)
Word that comes to mind: heathers 
Happy place: my room because it’s painted dark brown and i have twinkly lights all over and it’s wonderful
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2
Fave fictional character(s): clint barton, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, reyna ramirez-arellano, the weasley twins, zachary goode, there’s so many more but we’d be here forever
Fave famous person: all of them
Celebrity crush: nope, not even gonna try to choose
Fave book(s): fRICK AGGHHHH imma go with either the gallagher girls series or the pjo series idk man
Fave bands: either the wombats or twenty one pilots
Last movie I saw: magic mike. twice. 
Dream trip: oh man… i really wanna just backpack around europe
Dream job: veterinarian or something to do with animals and/or nature
What I’m wearing now: a lacy kinda tank top thing and high waisted shorts

“I read somewhere that men’s biggest fear is that women will laugh at them. And women’s biggest fear is that men will kill them. Kind of different stakes that we’re working with. But that’s why I don’t make jokes during sex — ’cause I think of stuff that I think would be funny all the time. But I just don’t say it ’cause I don’t want to be killed.”


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5. felicity smoak (arrow)
6. jemma simmons (agents of shield)
7. clara oswald (doctor who)
8. angie martinelli  (agent carter)
9. luna lovegood (harry potter)
10. harley quinn (dc)

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Yalancilikta özel ders aliyor olmalısınız genclerin sustugunu soylemedim gencler bunlar cevap veremiyor anca böyle laflarla cvp vermekten kaciniyor demek istedim. Ama sizin beyniniz bunu algilayamaz tamam ya yormayin kendinizi üzüldüm bak...

Edepli Edebinden Susar, Edepsiz de Ben Susturdum Sanır. 


3:41 am

falling asleep on FaceTime with her and hearing her voice fade off as she claims she’s not tired.
the cutest thing ever.
and waking up to her. she’s so perfect all the time. and i could wake up to that face every day fit the rest of forever.
or when we both start crying because this is all just so hard.
and we’re both apologizing and then telling each other not to apologize.
or we both make the same joke at the same time
or both of us relentlessly saying sorry for interrupting one another and then persisting that the other proceed.
it all turns into 9 hour long face times.
this is the closest I can get and its the second best thing in the world.

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L & P!

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)

I love Loki’s sass. His character was what made Thor: The Dark World one of my favourite Marvel movies. Even though I’m neutral about him, I am really curious what he is up to right now. It must be something big if he still hasn’t revealed himself (he’s been on Odin’s throne for four movies now).

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)

Oh boy, I don’t think I’m very good in this but… Imagine that Steve and Peggy first met in the restaurant, after the war. They started dating and every time he tried to be nice and show traditional chivarly (opening the doors etc), she got mad at him and repeated ‘I can handle myself okay’ and this one time after their date she was so done with him she just sat on his motorcycle and drove away while Steve was staring at her with heart-shaped eyes thinking ‘yes, I’ve chosen well’.

excuse me while I go lie down and cry

fandom meme: come at me friend -> send me a letter!

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La havle... Lan kim seni sustrudu saniyor? Bir soru sordum cvp istiyorum sadece? Soruyorum isidi de pkkyi da buraya siz sokmadiniz mi? Ah beyinsiz ah, sen san öyle dediğimi cvp veremiyosun bile ki ben sana daha ne diyeyim?

ulan şuraya sözcü, hürriyet, zaman okuyup geliyosunuz sonra da soru sorduğunuzu zannediyorsunuz.