Useful Anatomy Websites

Since my vet school semester/block has started, I have seen a plethora of eager first years donning smelly lab coats, entering the dungeon of doom, and frantically wonder how they will ever retain all of this anatomy information. Well, never fear, your upperclassman is here with some useful resources to make cramming those impossibly tiny structures into your brain a little bit easier. 

1) Virtual Canine Anatomy by CSU: ( 

This website is AMAZING!!!! It is organized by section and you can sit in your PJs as you go through real pictures of anatomy that are very detailed and extremely helpful (they even have quizzes!). USE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! 

2) Veterinary Anatomy:  (

Another wonderful website for real pictures of carnivore and ungulate anatomy! I supplemented VCA with this one and found it useful, especially starting in second semester when we began large animal/ungulates. 

3) Cornell’s Horse Dissection: (

Pretty dang useful in second semester when we focused on the equine (and bovine). 

4) Limb Anatomy: (

5) Equine Transverse Sections:(

5) 3D bones: (

Happy studying!