please remember(:
we know right?? Seungri loves roses very much.. GD said,too!!
And please look right first photo..
CL’s instagram photo was. And the caption was “You should have bought me flowers and held my hand”
then look at second right photo..
this was instagram photo of CL,too..
and caption was “kisskissmebabe”
maybe a song lyric i don’t know..

but i wanna say something (:

Seungri used roses on his Strong Baby promotions,right??
and he loves roses…

and maybe he gave her this rose… who know???:D

and remember,too..
Strong baby lyric is ‘VI like kiss’

ehehe please understand CVILians(:

please be real!!! please please please!!!
they are so perfect,i think..
and i wanna so much that their date :/

and please share us if you are dating!!

There is no hater of Ririn,i think..
because their relationship is like cat and dog.. and everybody loves like this relationships,right??
maybe some Seungri saesang don’t love this couple:D but i think Ririn is loved by a lot of people.. they don’t have anti or hater^^

we should tell to them this!!! it’s not necessary that they cover their date:p


Look at CVILians(:
Our Lovely couple<3
their hands^^^
only two of them^^
first for showing to you and second photo is original^^
same actions^^
please don’t understand wrongly…
i don’t say ‘they have same actions and ririn is real’ eeeh this is really absurd!!! just saying i love that they have same things^^
because i’m a cvilian(:
and CVILians are really lovely shippers^^

anonymous asked:

to be fair, the political meaning behind a child being beheaded by soldiers and a child's civilian family dying in an airstrike that is currently a point of high international contention as NATO is seeking to extend the periods of ceasefire to make it easier to evacuate and aid cvilians is different. the difference is a bit like a us soldier murdering a child and obama signing a murder civilian children act. not saying there's no pro-rebel bias, but those two events aren't equivalents.


are you implying the beheaded child is less of a civilian slaughtered by military engagement? in terms of civilian endured brutality, i feel they are on par.

if not that, then consider the children being slaughtered in yemen from US led coalition airstrikes against the houthis that regularly kill more civilians than militants? Maybe the following would be more comparable:

Yet you would never see this photo circulate as widely as front page fodder akin the boy in the Syrian ambulance.

Either way, a ceasefire, a no fly zone, these sort of NATO presented options exist to benefit the rebels and disempower the government or Syrian Arab Army. The west demands ceasefires when the government is making gains against the rebel factions. A ceasefire wouldn’t ever be suggested by NATO to help beleaguered civilians if it were the rebels pressing an advance or besieging cities - as was in the case at the beginning of the civil war when NATO called for the incumbent government to step down as the government was besieged at all sides by foreign aided militias - as if the power vacuum would lead to the end of conflict. NATO member states armed various rebel groups including that which would join with or form the Islamic State, at a time when most refugees were fleeing areas being taken or besieged by islamist or FSA factions.

Or, consider Libya. There, NATO member states asserted ceasefires and no fly zones to disempower the state in favour of the rebellion. This grew into general airstrikes (not within the UN granted no fly zone mandate, once the west saw they could comfortably abandon the hollow gesture of humanitarian concern and instead pursue the regime change they wanted from the start) such as the airstrike that destroyed the convoy fleeing sirte carrying Gaddafi himself - allowing the rebels to capture, torture and kill gaddafi.

That was in 2011

How is Libya today in 2016?

A country ripped asunder by the various western empowered rebel groups who eventually turned on each other for ideological differences the moment the government was defeated? The country now even has pockets of the Islamic State in power. Ironically, even, the islamic state is entrenched in Sirte, the final stronghold of Gaddafi. Funny how years after the “end” of that revolution, libyans are still besieged in sirte.

The political meaning of a child beheaded by soldiers who are benefiting from western support is that of a glimpse at the sort of regime NATO is hoping to replace the current secular government with.

As anyone with a shred of historical knowledge would understand, the west has a habit of supporting factions as lynchpins for a greater geopolitical gambit. Consider the Soviet war in Afghanistan, where the United States outwardly armed and supported the Mujahideen, which was justified as a humanitarian effort to protect the civilians of Afghanistan from the oppression and killings of the Soviet Union. Western media resoundingly championed and enshrined the Mujahideen as terrific patriots against communist oppression.

Once the soviets were defeated, the west turned it’s attention elsewhere and left Afghanistan a power vacuum

That certainly turned out wonderful for the west and the middle east in the end, didn’t it?

This act of humanitarian intervention forged the crucible from which al Qaeda (founded by Osama Bin Laden in 1988) was created and went on to bite the western hand that feeds in New York, Washington D.C in 2001. And the Islamic State, the islamist factions of syria’s rebellion such as the prominent Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (al nusra) all are splinter groups from al Qaeda, and here from the war in Syria and American invasion of Iraq, they have benefited from western regime change and geopolitical gambits.

the difference is a bit like a us soldier murdering a child and obama signing a murder civilian children act.



both are obscene? i have no idea what you are trying to say tbh lol

What im saying is that, western media is drawing the blinds down over the eyes of citizens in the west who otherwise would rather not get involved in these conflicts had they known the true misery and repercussions of western intervention on the basis of media propaganda that portrays rebels as Truth And Justice Freedom Fighters and western intervention/power-broking as a glowing humanitarian effort to save the lives of civilians.

The Libyan intervention was sold to the unaware public on a media campaign of being a humanitarian effort to protect the lives of libyan civilians

And those same freedom fighters, emboldened by western support, conducted ethnic cleansing of black libyans:

As the BBC reported in 2011, the war for the rebels extended to black Libyan civilians and sub-Saharan contract workers. The town of Tawergha, whose residents were descendants of black slaves, was “cleansed” by the rebels. The 30,000 people who lived in Tawergha were forced to flee, many unable to outrun the rebels and subjected to beatings, rape, and those summary executions Blumenthal mentioned.

A 2011 report from Human Rights Watch accuses rebels of terrorizing the people of Tawergha. After setting their homes on fire, the rebels captured the black Libyans and subjected them to “torture and severe beatings, sometimes leading to death.”

The ethnic cleansing campaign by the rebels continued throughout 2011 and into 2012, when The Telegraph reported black migrant workers, along with black Libyans, were imprisoned, abused, and labeled foreign mercenaries.

In a video published by The Telegraph, a black African is ordered by a rebel to eat the former Libyan flag while in a cage.

The tragic irony of all this is that Hillary Clinton led the charge for a war in Libya based on a claim of a potential massacre in Benghazi. The massacre in Benghazi never occurred (and was likely overblown), but real ethnic cleansing and massacres did occur when the US and NATO empowered the Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi and use their weapons beyond the war zone.

Today, Libya is a failed state infested with the Islamic State and other Islamic terrorist groups thanks to Clinton and friends. Quite a liberation.


What if the kid shaken by the assad airstrikes shared in western media and the kid beheaded by rebels ignored by western media both happened because the west willingly sought this protraction of conflict on the wings of media disinformation? There’s a political purpose for broadcasting one of those kids and disregarding the other. One of those kids reaching total media saturation leads to more approval for foreign intervention and broadcasting the other kid leads to appeals and protests to end foreign intervention.

These leaders don’t care about the lives of these people over seas, but they do care about you permitting them to meddle in the affairs of foreign lives if you are presented with information that proclaims it as a Good Thing™

So considering NATO’s track record with intervention before, why would it be different with Syria?

And it’s funny, because i say that as if the west hasn’t already meddled with Syria, when they have been since the start and even tried to get a military intervention rolling a couple years ago on Iraq-style WMD rhetoric from a gas attack before it was clear who was responsible - only stopping when a UN report found blame of the Ghouta Sarin attack was inconclusive and that it was likely rebels tampered with the site before investigators could arrive. *


You know,right?? Bigshow 2010 Seungri Strong Baby’s entry rap is CL’s. She say “Yeah yeah, show me what u got wait a bit V”
Ohh they should make a duet!!
Their voices are perfect perfect perfect!! And this duet will be amazing,i think.
YG Appa please let them make a duet..

and i don’t know…
Seungri said they are good friends..
please remember 2NE1TV 1.seoson. Boys(Bigbang) spoke about girls(2NE1) and Seungri said about CL ‘we have good friendship.our ages are same’ etc..
But we don’t see their friendship very well..WHY?? WHY?? WHY??
i wanna think good things.. maybe they don’t wanna show their relationship..Maybe?
Or i don’t know…

But when they are together really really really atmosphere’s electric is becoming very different..Right??
we saw sometimes in 2NE1TV..
But they are not alone!!
Always somebody are near them and cameramanns always focus other ones…Ohh really why why why??
They will make me crazy!!!
i think really ririn is real.. But we don’t know..if this is true,they should tell!!

CL and Seungri always same places(:

Hi dears, please look(:
CL went to Japan yesterday,we know.
And we know that seungri is in Japan now:D
And nobody knows that when seungri went to Japan,but today he was filming in Japan..
Ahh i don’t know.. You know,right?? vips always know that when they are going anywhere..But i think seungri went secretly,right? Why why why?? maybe same planes but we can’t spot Seungri etc..
oh no!! please CL and Seungri don’t do this!!