Oct. 13th 2015

it’s really interesting how life plays out… not so much funny to me, but literally just interesting… fascinating really.

today I was thinking about this guy I liked, this guy that I could potentially see myself with in the future but I know that right now it’s just not realistic for the both of us.

I thought about it earlier in the day

I did a lot today, I got to dress up and look cool af courtesy of Gypsy Sport (such a dope brand, wtf) Rio, their creative director, really did his thang. it was for the CFDA x CVFF Design Challenge. I met DVF and Anna Wintour and a bunch of other cool people.

I did a lot today

I went to rehearsal, and I talked with my choreographer a little bit cause we’re new to eachother, she’s helping me be more… myself now. so she asked me about my love life, and I broke it down to her.

I started telling her about the guy, telling her it’s not the right time (when is it ever) just giving her the tea of it all..

on my way home from rehearsal and I see him walking down the street with this other woman. a woman (much much older) that I knew about, but had never seen them together with my own two eyes.. and it didn’t make me sad or anything

i really just knew this was god telling me that I need to focus. so much is happening right now, and as much as I do want to have someone to love, I need to love my career even more. and that guy… he doesn’t deserve me.

anyway, that was my day.. how was yours?

- Justine Skye

The ‪Chromat ‪Underwire Bralette that started it all.

I designed this cage bra back in 2009 in my home studio in Virginia. It was part of an experimental collection of corset boning structures inspired by my obsession with scaffolding for the body. In 2010, after putting a few of these cage bras in the first International Playground pop-up shop, I ended up getting so many orders that I quit my architecture day job in Virginia to move to NYC and do Chromat full time.

What an honor and complete surprise that this bra was the initial catalyst for Chromat’s nomination for the most esteemed fashion award: The‪ CFDA / ‪‎Vogue Fashion Fund.

I’m so grateful for everyone who saw an interesting idea and possibility in this early prototype, and for everyone who has helped Chromat grow as a brand for the past 5 years.

Thank you SO MUCH! I’m in shock and feeling so ‪#‎blessed.

Prabal Gurung on Instagram: “Beauty, intelligence and compassion, a true PG Muse. The incredible Karlie Kloss stuns in the cascading floral printed bias silk cady long sleeve dress and handmade Nepali recycled silver twisted sphere earring from the Spring 2017 collection at the 13th annual CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York. #pgworld #pgmuse #beautywithsubstance #modernglamour #femininitywithabite #karliekloss #cvff”