I support the right idols!!!

if you don’t cuss between best friends, how sad is your life?

besides why are dumb netizens pressed when the video was for starlights on their personal youtube channel? we cool with it, actually won’t have jaehwan an other way, I love my kenjumma who’s relatable than a fake angel pretending prick and if you disagree feel free to FUCK OFF! we cuss in this fandom!



나는 로빅이다. 데뷔 5주년을 맞아 더욱 특별한 #엔 요원과 함께하는 별빛요원들과의 추억 여행! #VIXXTV2 제70화 #별빛에게. 잠시 후 9시에 만나자! #빅스티비🎥 Coming Soon.

I am Rovix. For the 5th anniversary, a special trip down memory lane with #Starlights agents with Agent #N! #VIXXXTV2 Episode 70 for #Starlight. Coming soon at 9 p.m!

trans: @hakyeon-go-go