Changjo found a way to get lower lmao


well since they are famous of their knife-like choreography :DD


931123 ♡ happy birthday teen top’s l.joe

dear byunghun, today is november 23rd. in western culture, you are 23 years old. we have a special name for the birthday in which your age matches your birth date; it’s called your champagne birthday, and it only happens once.

champagne is a special thing. you too are a very special thing. and in a lot of other ways, you’re just like champagne. you’re bubbly, sweet, and you make people feel good. you make people feel warm, like they’re floating on air. you’re intoxicating in the best way possible. i would know; i’ve had the pleasure of loving you for over five years, and i promise i won’t ever stop.

thank you for loving every single one of your fans back with so much gratitude. most idols don’t do that, you know. they don’t show their fans as much love and appreciation as you do, and that has always been my favorite part of being your fan. thank you for always giving us your best, your brightest, and your strongest. i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, from the songs you’ve written to the acting roles you’ve landed. promise me that you’ll never stop reaching for the stars, okay? i hope you have an amazing birthday, my love. i am forever grateful for your beautiful presence in my life, and in this world.