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A Star Trek Alternative Original Series (Kelvin Timeline) fanfic that is currently in process, takes place during the 2009 movie.


Spock didn’t hesitate to keep his parents close to him, especially his mother. He knew he was breaking cultural taboos by keeping a hand on her arm or her back at all times, but this was not the time for social sensitivity. Spending several years on Earth had given him time to explore some aspects of his human half, finding that at times, he needed physical contact. Over the last five years, he found he held to a lessened boundary, allowing very platonic touch between himself and close friends when in private. Additionally, and much more logically, he knew that within the insignia badge he wore was a tracker that would help the Enterprise to lock on his signature faster; that meant keeping his parents as close to his side as possible to ensure their safety.

The crack of rock startled him, and he barked a status update to Chekov. The young man didn’t grace him with a reply. The prodigy was working hard, tuning out all distractions. Sand shifted beneath his feet, and he wrapped an arm around his mother’s waist, fingers gripping hard enough that he hoped he wouldn’t bruise his human parent. He backed up two large steps towards the Elders behind him.

“Don’t move!” Chekov barked over the communicator.

And then the ground gave way.


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ZHOUMI Zhoumi_What’s Your Number?_Music Video Teaser The trailer for the new MV is out,  I appreciate the support ! The second solo album’s Music Video came out! Thank you for the support!

ZHOUMI Zhoumi_What’s Your Number?_Music Video Teaser L’avant première pour le nouveau Clip est sorti, j’apprécie le soutoent ! Le Clip du second solo album est sorti! Merci pour le soutient!

«“I could get used to that,” the Doctor said quietly, planting one final kiss on Rose’s forehead as he enveloped her in a hug. “Wanted to do that for ages. Kiss you, I mean.”

“You have?” Rose asked, flabbergasted at how freely her often emotionally stunted Time Lord was sharing his feelings. “I’ve wanted to, too. For ages. And ages.”

“Since when?” he asked quizzically.

“Guess!” Rose giggled, tightening her arms around him, planning on never moving from this hug.

“Krop Tor?”


“New Earth!”


“Satellite Five?”

“You should think a little bit closer to home, Doctor,” Rose laughed as the Doctor groaned. “Give up? Well, it was the day after we met in the shop basement, yeah? You tracked the arm of the living plastic mannequin back to my flat, rapped your knuckles on my forehead to make sure I wasn’t plastic too.”

“You wanted to kiss me because I knocked you on the head?” he asked skeptically. “Maybe I hit you a little too hard.”

“Hey!” Rose scolded, running her fingers along his ribs as punishment, smiling as he squirmed. “It was right before then. You just gave me this… this look. Made everything freeze, like time was standing still. Was that the moment for you, or…?”

“Nah,” he replied, and Rose could feel one of his hands leave her back to pull at his ear. “Before then, actually.”

“How much before?” she laughed incredulously. “We’d just met!”

“Well, yeah, that’s about right,” the Doctor replied, somewhat sheepishly. “I’ve felt like this since we met. Since you took my hand.”

“Oh,” Rose said dumbly, at a loss for words thinking of how much time they’d wasted not being together like this. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was the knowledge that their time was limited that finally gave him the courage to act on his feelings.

“We’re a bit daft, aren’t we?” he laughed as Rose nuzzled into his neck.

“Yeah,” she said happily, pushing those thoughts aside for now. “A bit.”»

- Time Not Yet Lost, by @thebadddestwolf (Chap.5)


The First ‘Trainspotting 2′ Teaser Trailer Is Here



So we’re having some subtitle and encoding issues with the “50 people knockout challenge”. We’re trying to fix it but to cheer you up we have a new episode subbed and ready to be proofread and encoded! Received this hilarious episode back from our translator “Jose” yesterday. Awesome job! I’m going to try and see if I can get the knockout challenge episode up before this one though.

Stay tuned!

What the episode is about:

This one is a bit more casual and it’s nice to see the cast’s personal sides while out in public. So the point of this segment is that they first split up and then have to find each other again using only 1 common keyword (A place in Tokyo). Whatever it is they’re thinking of they have to go there by car hoping that one of the others thought of the same thing. When the timer is out, they phone each other and ask where everybody else went and get super annoyed by each other that they didn’t pick the same location. Most keywords are things like “Big parking lot” or “Big billboard” something very generic which makes the challenge even harder. In this teaser they call each other after all of them failed to meet up following the first keyword. I have done some editing to the original episode because I wanted to show you a very funny moment when Tanaka tells the others where he went and they can’t believe his stupid choice. Haha.


Note: As always, since proofreading and typesetting check is not done, bare in mind that what you see might not be finished material.

«“For a minute, I thought…” The Doctor’s voice startled her from her thoughts, quietly slicing through the tense silence of the room before breaking off in frustration.

Rose turned to see him tugging on his ear and almost grimacing as he struggled to find the words. Her heart lurched as she realized how her actions must seem from his perspective – that he must think she’s upset with him. She quickly walked over to him and took his hand, squeezing it as he looked up at her and gave a tentative smile.

“You thought what?” she asked.

“Earlier, in the tree, I thought-” he fought on, dragging the words from his throat. “I thought that might have been it, that might have been the end. And I couldn’t get to you in time, I-”

He broke off again, shaking his head in frustration at the difficulty of expressing how he felt. Rose realized it was the first time he was admitting that he feared they may not be able to change her foretold future, too.

“But nothing happened,” she said gently, cradling his face with her free hand. “Barely even got a scrape – and even those are gone now, thanks to you.”

The Doctor gave a small shrug and looked over Rose’s shoulder, appearing to studying whatever was beyond the window.

Realizing she needed another approach, Rose decided to voice a thought that had been niggling at her all day.

“You know Doctor, after all that’s happened over these last couple of weeks, after you told me about the damn Storage Room, I think these Unknowings have it figured out,” she said, taking in a shaky breath at the cocktail of pain and relief that coursed through her body – it was difficult to address her looming fate head on, but it was something she needed to do. “It’s worse, I think, knowing what’s going to happen.”

Rose’s tears welled as the Doctor finally met her eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but she shook her head to stop the words – she knew that, despite his own doubts, he would try to reassure her, and she couldn’t bear to play along anymore. Not after what the little girl told her at the fair.

The Doctor looped his arms around Rose’s waist and she stepped closer, straddling his legs and sitting lightly on his lap.

“I didn’t want you to find out about the room,” he said, quietly, his face unreadable.

“You left a trail of jam,” Rose giggled, resting her arms on his shoulders as a quick smile flashed across his lips. “I’m glad you told me, Doctor. I wouldn’t want you to carry the weight of that on your own.”

She began to slide his jacket off his shoulders, and he let her, momentarily removing his hands from her waist so the coat could slip free.

“S’just,” she began as she slowly loosened his tie, studying the smooth fabric between her fingers –  it was silk like the streamers. “Sometimes, I think, you can get lost in the future. But the present – it’s all we really have, isn’t it?”»

- Time Not Yet Lost, by @thebadddestwolf (Chap.8)