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Kagami-chan again... If you ever have the time and wants to... Could I request a first time with Kagami, where the girl is insecure because she isn't exactly small or skinny but more curvy maybe? .... I kinda want to see what he would be like. OMG! Im dying just by writing this. *dies from nosebleed*

I’m just gonna say, body type doesn’t matter but here goes nothing.

It definitely wasn’t like the movies. Just trying to instigate your first time led to a lot of steamy make-outs ending with cuddles. Eventually, you both decided to do it. The night of was tense, much like the first date.

You found yourself too embarrassed to sit close to Kagami. Your place at the edge of the bed felt small under the pressure. You had thought wearing lacy underwear would make you more confident, but it didn’t. You thought back to the magazines that gave you tips, surely the slender beauties never had this problem.

“W-we can’t do anything with you over there” Kagami fumbled his words as he tried to be smooth. He coughed into his hand as he looked away. “You know, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be…” he trailed of sliding closer to you. You gave a small smile before sliding over to him too. “I know,” you said quietly. “You want to be here with me right?” Kagami asked turning in your direction but avoiding your eyes. “I do” you answered a bit louder, mimicking his actions.

“So, what are we waiting for?” his face was close enough to kiss you with just a dip in the mattress. Your fingers were touching his just slightly, aching to interlock with his. “This” you leant closer, allowing your lips to press to his. Kagami pressed back, bringing his other hand to your face to keep you close.

Amidst your hot make-out, your hand fisted the front of his shirt. This brought you practically into his lap. Kagami brought his hands to your shoulders as he let them run down your body. He slipped his hands under your shirt, sliding the material upward and over your chest. You broke the kiss to breathe and allow him to pull your shirt over your head.

Your arms tried to cover your torso on reflex. “You don’t have to do that,” Kagami said softly as his hand came down on your arms, ushering them apart. You felt tears prick at the edge of your eyes as you revealed yourself to him. Kagami placed kisses on your cheeks as the tears came down. “Don’t cry” “I don’t mind” “I like you this way” his words pushed away the dark clouds in your mind.

You allowed your arms to relax to your sides. Begging for him to kiss you again. Kagami complied and began another heated make-out. This time, your hands moved to his shirt and ran over his toned chest. Your fingers grazed his nipples, causing him to shiver mid-make-out. You pulled back and released a small giggle as his face heated up. “I’m kinda sensitive there…” he mumbled grabbing your wrists. “Kinda?” you teased, he shot you a quick glare before releasing you.

You lifted his shirt over his head and through his arms. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from him. “H-hey, are you okay?” Kagami began, it was his turn to feel embarrassed by your gaze. “Yeah…” you sighed out as you leant forward onto him. Your head rested on his chest, allowing you to hear his erratic heart beats. “I’m here for you” Kagami ran his hand down your slightly bear back as you rested on him.

You stayed that way for a few minutes before he pushed you back. “Can I remove that?” he indicated to your lacy bra. You nodded and stayed still while he fumbled with the hooks. When the bra unlatched, you didn’t feel the urge to cover up again. This made Kagami smile as he let the material slide off your shoulders. Your nipples felt hard against the new cold air.

“Can I?” Kagami asked raising a hand over your chest. You gave a small nod and he pressed his hand to one of your breasts. You released a small moan and leant into his touch. “They are so soft…” Kagami said in amazement. You hummed in agreement before bringing his other hand up to your other breast. He massaged your chest slowly, enjoying how soft your skin felt.

His hands travelled down to your curves and squeezed the flesh there. “Your soft down here too…” he said in a breathy voice. You flushed as he continued lower, edging closer to your warmth. “Your thighs are so soft” he squeezed the inner part of your thighs, ushering them apart. You found yourself lying back on the bed and Kagami positioning himself between your legs.

“Can I keep going?” he whispered as his eyes locked onto yours.



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♡ 160821 |  [TEASER] NU'EST The 5th Mini Album ‘CANVAS’ ART FILM ARON ver.

…Can I help you?

Hmm? Oh, ah, no. I’m just looking around the school, I’m Scholar.

Tegan… I-I’m from the Pure and Applied Sciences department.”


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