Sharpening Tutorial

first of all sharpening anything (be it a gif, edit or a graphic) should always be the last thing to do, mainly because some colorings tend to sharpen the work them self.. here’s a look of a gif with different settings.

 ← without sharpening… I think it actually looks ok but needs a little sharpening.

 ← with smart sharpen.. it looks great, but over-sharpened in my book.

 ← with smart sharpen + reduce noise.. the way I like it.

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medicsassistant said: You could practice dynamic poses by drawing a fighting scene? Maybe use some tf2 characters in it? (Or tf2 snuggles would be cute haahah 

It is a combination of the two! Dynamic snuggle tf2 scene, omfg. As a result everything looks weird but my eyes do not work anymore so I don’t give a crap. I literally just got eye-cancer or something. Good night.

Side-note: Dynamic poses are my kryptonite so as long as it is not a front pose it counts.