she has galaxies inside of her,
a whole universe contained within herself,
self-sufficient and transcendentally graceful.

hands worn away by too hard of work,
eyes glowing with the joy of beauty,
nothing can touch her until she lets it.

you have never met someone,
so in love with the very poetry of the world,
with the simple beauty of life.

she adores art in every form,
bright pastel paintings and clear voices raised into loving notes,
words spread out like dancers on a page.

the scorpion zodiac,
a passionate bravery inside of her,
railing against the system.

her heart is golden inside of her,
stars running through her veins,
pulsing in her body.

she is art herself.

—  art; l.m.
MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU: The Signs as Star Wars Characters

Aries: Han Solo
Taurus: Yoda
Gemini: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Cancer: Chewbacca
Leo: Lando Calrissian
Virgo: Queen Amidala
Libra: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Scorpio: Darth Maul
Sagittarius: Wicket W. Warrick
Capricorn: Luke & Leia Skywalker
Aquarius: R2D2
Pisces: Admiral Ackbar

Preference #304: His teenage child breaks you up

Niall: All along you knew that Niall’s son did not like you dating his dad. You were not blind to his dislike of you, from the moment Niall introduced you. You tried to change his mind though, and did everything you could to make his opinion of you better. It would never work though. It was not about you at all, it was that you were not his mother. After coming to that conclusion, you could only think of one solution. “Maybe one day he’ll be okay with you dating someone else,” you slowly told Niall, holding back tears as you did, “But for now, he’s not ready. He’s trying to tear us apart, and I have to say he’s winning. I don’t want to come between you.” Niall wanted to fight for you. To tell you not to go. What you were saying was the truth though. If he stayed with you, it could hurt his relationship with his son. “I love you [Y/N]. I really do love you, but you’re right.” You nodded sadly, still holding back the river of tears fighting to fall from your eyes. “I know.”

Liam: “She hates me,” you told Liam, after yet another date was sabotaged by his teenage daughter. This was the 5th time in a month she’d found a way to ruin your plans. This time she called in the middle of dinner, saying something was wrong at home. You were at Liam’s now though, and miraculously she ‘forgot’ what it was. Liam was angry, but you were just sad. “She doesn’t, she’s just not used to me dating,” Liam tried to reason with you. You knew he was wrong though. This was not about him dating anyone, this was about him dating you. She just did not like you, for a reason you did not know. “No Liam, you know that’s not it. She does not like me, and I don’t think that will ever change.” Liam shook his head, “it will. She can’t control if we date each other or not. It’s not up to her.” He meant what he was saying. He would keep dating you, even if it made her angry. You couldn’t do that though. “I just can’t date you, knowing it hurts your daughter. I know how close you two are, and I won’t hurt that. I’m sorry.” “You’re breaking up with me?” Liam needed to hear it more directly. He didn’t want to believe it. “I have to end this, and one day you’ll realize I was right.”

Harry: His son did not tell you his dislike for you, In fact you did not know at all that there was anything wrong. He informed Harry though, how much he hated you, and how as long as Harry was dating you, he did not want be around him. There was no true reason for this, nothing about you at least, but that did not change what he said or thought. “He won’t even talk to me if I’m seeing you,” Harry said, still stunned over what was happening. This was not like his son at all. He was always kind to everyone, and never like this. Harry couldn’t explain it, but he also refused to lose his son. “Why? What did I do to make him hate me?” “I don’t know,” Harry truthfully said, “And this isn’t like him at all, and that’s probably why I’m listening. This must really matter to him. I don’t know why though.” A part of you understood why Harry felt he had no choice. This was his child, of course his opinion mattered. If you were the one who had a child upset over the relationship, you would probably do the same thing. Another part of you didn’t get it though. You were in love. How could his son destroy that? Why? “I love you Harry. I really, really love you.” Harry hated this. “I love you too. I’m so sorry.”

Louis: You tried to ignore how strongly she disliked you. You really did try to ignore all the ways she would make it clear to you how much she did not want you dating her father. You loved Louis, and wanted to be happy with him. Finally though, after months of trying to ignore this, you no longer could. The entire time you tried to fix things, she was trying to rip you apart; telling Louis lie after lie to hurt what you had. “Louis, no matter what I do, she hates me. I’ve tried, I really have. Louis, think about it, we could never get married, we could never be happy. Not when your daughter, the most important person to you, hates me, and will tell you anything to make you have that same opinion.” “She’ll change her mind,” Louis argued, not wanting to lose you, “She’ll realize how much you mean to me, and see how amazing you are also.” You shook your head, while tears brimmed in your eyes, “Louis, she won’t. And even if that could happen, when? A year from now? Ten? How long do I have to wait? This won’t work if she doesn’t support it, and you know that. Her opinion matters. No one else could break us up, but she can.”

Zayn: All you heard about was how amazing his daughter was. Zayn was a proud father, who told you over and over again how great his daughter was. So when it came time for you too meet her, after almost an entire year of dating, you were excited. In your mind it was going to go perfectly. How could it not? Zayn was the best man you’d ever known, and you were sure his daughter would be everything he said. You were not prepared for her to spend less than two hours with the two of you, before having formed the opinion you were not right for her father. “She knows you better than anyone else, and hates me for you,” you mumbled, as Zayn tried to talk to you about what happened. “She hates me Zayn. You must have talked about me a lot, haven’t you? She knows what I mean to you, and yet still formed that opinion so quickly.” Zayn nodded in response to that. “So you’ve told her what I mean to you. Can this even work if she hates me? I know she’s your world.” “Well she is, but I love you too. She’ll come around,” Zayn tried to say, but already he knew this was not true. She was stubborn, and for whatever reason decided she did not like you. “She won’t,” you shook your head. You knew she was stubborn as well, it was a fact Zayn had informed you of. “And we can’t be together if she doesn’t like me. We could try, but what’s the point?”