@soraruru: こねえよ! RT @cheapworks よーしよしよしよし RT @yasu_1488 きたこれRT @suzumun そらる踊ってみたきたこれ

Suzumu: Soraru odottemita kitakore (is here)

Yasu: kitakore (it’s here)

Cheap: Yeees yesyesyesyes

Soraru: It won’t come!

@soraruru: なんで何もいってないのにフォロワー数増えてるの( ^ω^)なんでなの( ^ω^)

Soraru: Why is is that even though I haven’t said anything, my number of followers is increasing ( ^ω^) Why ( ^ω^)

@soraruru: はいフォロワー10万いきました!ありがとうございます!これからもがんばります!今日ソロアルバム発売したんでみんな10枚ずつ買ってください!

Soraru: Okay, I’ve reached 100k followers! Thank you very much! I’ll work hard from now on, too! Today’s the release of my solo album, so everyones, please each buy 10 copies!

@suzumun: シーッ RT @mrlive2: そらるさんのフォロワーの7割がスズムさんの副アカだったとは

LiveP: If 70% of Soraru-san’s followers are Suzumu-san’s sub-accounts, then …

Suzumu: Shhh–


【のぶなが】グリーンストレート うたってみた (via 249point51)


@pokotaegamyer:  とろろそばたべるぉ(∩^ω^∩)

Pokota: Eating tororo (grated yam) soba ~ (∩^ω^∩)

@pokotaegamyer: ごめんなさいwwwwww RT @mrlive2: こんな時間にとろろ食べてるのは誰だ・・・・

LiveP: Who’s the one eating tororo at this hour …

Pokota: I’m sorry wwwwww

【UTAU Cover】「Cold Hand」【Kasane Teto】 
- Original Voicer: Kagamine Rin 
- Author: LiveP 
- ust by: Umbrellaguns

So well; while I was under my usual insomniac status I was bored… and I was thinking “I need to do something interesting for UTAU…” and then Kyaami commented about Kasane Teto’s K and T combos being small… so I decided to unzip my copy of Kasane Teto into UTAU.

And then my idea to kill boredom appeared “LET’S REOTO KASANE TETO!” and I started doing just because we all love Teto.

I am in the process of adjusting and everything, but at least I have the ones for this song done. When I am done with the VCV oto I will share it with everyone, since TwinDrill ToS permits the distribution of oto.ini.

Any feedback about certain notes sounding weird, please leave a comment on the place where you think it’s slurry or so. I have to say I didn’t touch the CV bank inside the VCV that works for the opening samples “- CV”. Since the CV part lacks of enough silence in the front of the samples, it will be hard to oto in the method I use.

Please enjoy! :D

Made with SoundCloud
Watch on

Name: Don’t Mylist Me!

Vocaloid: Rin Kagamine

Producer: Live-P

Nico Upload Date: April 19, 2010


I like the fact that I can roll those R’s.