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I Need You~Jay Park Angst/Fluff

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Requested Prompt; Jay was also requested to have a scenario based on the song Your Love by Elo ft The Quiett.


Jay and you have been dating for about three years now. For those three years most of your relationship was amazing, but every couple has their faults. Jay was known to flirt with other girls while the two of you were dating. Even when you guys would be together, his eyes would wander to other girls that were around. It made you always second guess yourself, and question whether or not he actually loved you. 

 Every time you brought your concerns up with him, he would either wave them off as you being paranoid, or he would get upset and the two of you would get into an argument. Which lead to one of you leaving the apartment so both of you could cool down. You didn’t know how to approach him about how you feel, and it was causing you to pull away from him. 

The relationship you once knew was slowly falling apart right before you, and you didn’t know how to fix it, because you didn’t know how you could approach Jay. 

 You looked down at your coffee as you thought about what to do about your relationship. You really wanted things to work out between Jay and you, because you loved him with all your heart. But your heart could only take so much. Maybe it was time to start seeing other people. 

 Your heart hurt at the thought of seeing someone other than Jay, but maybe it really was for the best. You sighed as you got up from the table to dumb your now cold coffee down the sink. You didn’t want to be thinking like this, you loved Jay.

 Maybe a night out away from Jay could help you come to a clear decision. You looked at your clock, you still had about three hours left before any of your friends were off of work. You bit your lip in thought of what you could do for those three hours. “Maybe I could go out for lunch?” You thought to yourself. “It could pass a lot of time.” You decided. 

 You walked to your bedroom to change into something a little more presentable. You looked through your closet before deciding on a pair of dark blue jeans and a cute long sleeve shirt. Then walking to your mirror in your bedroom you started to do your makeup. After about twenty minutes, you were satisfied with how you looked. Smiling to yourself you stood up heading towards the front door. You grabbed a jacket, your keys and slipped on some vans. 

 You locked your apartment door, and headed towards your car. You got into your car and drove in the direction of your favourite restaurant. It was one of the first restaurants that Jay took you too. It was a family orientated restaurant, and that’s what you loved about it. It felt like home. You got there in about fifteen minutes. Turning the ignition off, you got out of your car. 

As you walked into the restaurant a little bell rang signaling that someone had entered. You found a booth that was near the front of the store and sat down. As you waited for your waiter, all of these memories of you and Jay came back to your mind. “Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea.” You laughed at yourself. 

 You smiled as a waiter came to your table. You couldn’t deny that he was pretty cute. 

“Hello my name is Joon, I’ll be your server today. Can I get you something to drink to start off?” He asked you. 

 You bit your lip in thought. “Um I’ll have just some orange juice please.” You said as you smiled back at him. 

“Sure thing! I’ll be back with your drink.” He said as walked away. 

 You couldn’t help but stare at him. He really was cute, but he still didn’t really compare to Jay. “Maybe nobody can compare to him.” You sighed. 

 As Joon came back with your drink, the bell rang again. Unconsciously you turned at the sound, and your heart sunk at what you saw. It was Jay, and a girl. 

As you kept staring the rest of AOMG came through the door, but that didn’t really register with you. All you could think about was Jay and the really pretty girl at his side. You quickly turned so your back was facing them. Just as you were about to leave Joon came back to your table. 

“Here you go! Are you ready to order?” He asked you. 

 You looked up at him, and gave him a small smile. “I-I don’t really know if I’ll be staying anymore. I just saw something that I really didn’t want to see.” You told him softly. 

 Joon looked at you with a worried expression. “Are you okay?” He asked you. 

You looked down at the table. “I-I don’t know.” You mumbled. 

 Joon quickly sat down on the other side of the booth. “What’s wrong err sorry I don’t know your name.” He said sheepishly. 

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “My name is y/n.” You told him. 

 Joon smiled. “That’s a really pretty name. Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” He asked you. 

You looked up at him and bit your lip. “The people that just walked in, well one of them is my boyfriend, and he’s with a girl. We’ve been having problems lately, and I guess he’s finally had enough of me.” You told him as you gave a soft laugh. 

Joon looked over at the group of people that just walked through the door, to find someone staring right back at him. “Is your boyfriend covered in tattoos, and have really piercing eyes?” He asked you. 

You slowly nodded. “Yes? Why?" 

 Joon looked over at you and smiled. "Well he’s kind of shooting daggers at me right now.” He told you. 

 Your eyes widened. “What?” You asked as you turned to look at Jay. True to Joon’s word, Jay was glaring at him really intensely. As you looked over at Jay, both of your eyes met. 

 Jay frowned at you in confusion. Probably wondering why you were sitting with some random guy, at the restaurant you two loved. 

You looked away, and sighed. “I’m so sorry Joon, I didn’t mean for you to get involved. I’m just going to head back home, but I really enjoyed talking to you.” You told him as you stood up. 

 You smiled at him once again before making your way to the front door. As you were heading out of the door, a hand grabbed your wrist. You turned to see who it was, and it was Joon. 

He shoved a piece of paper into your hand. “It’s my number. Don’t worry, I’m not hitting on you or anything, but if you need to talk call me okay?” He told you as he squeezed your hand. “Besides, I don’t really go for girls.” He whispered as he winked at you. 

 You laughed. “Thank you Joon. I’ll be sure to call you!” You told him as you pulled away, and left the restaurant. 

 You quickly walked to your car and got in. Just as you were going to start the car, someone knocked on your window.  You jumped in surprise. You turned to look out your window, and it was none other than your boyfriend Jay. 

 "Y/N we need to talk.“ He told you as he went to open your door, but you quickly locked it. That didn’t amuse Jay too much. "Y/N I’m serious, we need to talk.” He said as he tried to open your door again. 

 You looked at him. “Why were you with her?” You asked him. Jay looked a little taken aback by your question. 

“Y/N she’s part of AOMG. All of us were going out for lunch, and it was my turn to choose where we go. I couldn’t think of any other place except here.” He told you as he tried your door again. “Please y/n just open the door so we can talk. Please.” He begged. 

You bit your lip as you stared at your lap. You slowly unlocked your door. When Jay heard the click of the lock he immediately opened your door. He gently grabbed your face causing you to look at him. 

“Y/N I would never betray you like that.” He told you. “I-I know we haven’t really been in a great place lately.” He sighed. “You know I can tell when you have something you want to talk about. I should’ve just talked with you about your worries, but I was scared about what you wanted to talk about.” He said truthfully. “I was scared you wanted to break up.” He mumbled. 

 Your eyes widened slightly. In a way he had the same worries as you. “I-I thought you didn’t want me anymore since you were always looking at other girls.” You told him. 

 Jay quickly shook his head. “Babe no, that’s not true. I love you. Only you. I know I’ve been a shit boyfriend, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. Just please don’t end things between us.” He said as he gently rubbed your cheek. 

 You smiled. “Jay I love you.” You told him softly causing him to smile. 

He leaned in and gave you a kiss. “I love you to baby.” He mumbled against your lips. He pulled back slightly. “So can we talk about this guy at the restaurant?” He asked you. 

 You laughed. “He’s just a friend. Trust me I’m not his type.” You told Jay as you smiled at him. 

Jay looked confused. “You’d be anyone’s type.” He told you as he winked at you. You rolled your eyes, and playfully pushed him away. “Whatever.” You said as you stuck your tongue out at him. 

 Jay laughed, leaned in and kissed you. “I love you y/n never forget that. I need you in my life.” He whispered to you. 

 "I need you in mine too Jay.“ You whispered back against his lips. 

 Both of you needed each other to be happy in your lives.

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Positive Mind

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Artist: Jay Park

Word count: 1.1K

You were currently in Jays studio trying to get him out of it for a little while and have a break but he wouldn’t listen or agree to any of your suggestion, even a nice relaxing movie night. 

“Baby come on, it won’t be for long, we’ll just go to the café down the street” you told him. 

“I can’t, I have to finish this song” he said 

“It won’t be long and it’s my treat” you said trying to bribe him jokingly. 

“I really can’t” he said in a serious tone and you got his point. A pout formed on your lips but you quickly smiled at him not wanting him to feel bad or anything but that didn’t go unnoticed with Jay. And he did feel bad because you guys haven’t hung out for a while now. 

“Okay fine, I’ll just leave you to your work” you said pretending to be mad in a joking way but Jay knew you too well, he knew how you were feeling and he felt shitty that he didn’t even take an hour of his time for you when you did that for him all the time. 

“I’ll just see you later on” you told him, gave him a kiss and left not wanting to bother his work any longer.

You were going to a café on your way home since you were already out and you didn’t feel like going home just yet, so a stop at the coffee shop sounded nice to you. When you were about to enter it you noticed that you didn’t have your wallet on you, you didn’t freak out because you thought you had just forgotten it at home.

But suddenly you got a call from Jay, you were wondering why he was calling you when he told you he was busy working on his song. 

“Hey babe” you said after you answered 

“Hey, where are you” he asked rushing you

“Well I was about to go get coffee but silly me forget her wallet at home” you said and chucked at your act. 

“Lets meet at the cafe shop you said you wanted to go to” he said

“Babe, its fine, you don’t have to go or anything I know your busy” you told him

“Its fine, a little break won’t hurt” he said

“Okay, sounds good, I’ll meet you there, love you” he said 

“Love you more” you said and hung up the phone.

It was pretty weird because you knew how much of a workaholic Jay can be, and he’s the type to finish his work and then go out, so it was super odd that he actually wanted to take a break, but you weren’t complaining since you got to see him and he got to take a break.

You were waiting for Jay until he came just scrolling through your phone trying to pass time when suddenly you heard the chair across from you move. 

“Hey, long time no see” you said jokingly once Jay sat down and he just chuckled at your lame joke. 

“You didn’t order anything” he asked once he didn’t see any drink in front of you. 

“I told you, I forgot my wallet at home” you said and that reminded Jay of the whole reason why he came out. 

After you left Jay had noticed something on the floor next to his chair which didn’t look so familiar. He picked it up and noticed that it was actually your wallet, only you would lose your wallet and not notice right away he thought. He opened to see your ID picture since you always hid it from him because you hated it but he thought it was totally cute with your chubby cheeks. Suddenly all the content fell from it since he was holding it upside down. He went to pick up the pictures you had in it and money when he noticed how little money you had on you. 

“Oh you reminded me, I found your wallet on the floor in my studio” he said and pulled it out to give it to you. 

“Oh thank you, and here I thought I forgot it at home” you said and took it from him. 

“Baby you wanted to treat me out when you barely had anything” he said jokingly to you. 

“I know, thats why I’ve been saving up to treat you to something” you said very seriously with no hints of joking or being offended because you knew Jay said it in a joke, Jay was confused because he thought you were joking but you said it so seriously it got him thinking.

“Babe you didn’t have to come out if your really busy, you know we could always hang out when your done with work” you told him

“I know, but really needed a little break from the studio”

“Well you made a good choice” you said. You guys were sitting and talking when Jay asked what has been on his mind.

“Babe is everything okay with you” he asked

“Yeah everything is fine, why do you ask” you asked confused with his question.

“It’s just… look I didn’t mean to look in your wallet or anything, but when I picked it up the contents fell and I know you didn’t have much money” he said slowly so he doesn’t offend you in any way

“Well yeah I don’t really have that much money because I don’t make that much, and the money I made I paid bills and rent and all that stuff so usually at the end I just have little money her and there” you explained

“If you’re struggling why didn’t you tell me baby” he said

“But babe I don’t feel like I’m struggling, I have everything I need, I have enough money for food everyday. I may not have thousands in my bank account but to me that’s fine” you said trying to reassure him, you were also trying to save up for Jays birthday gift.

You were always trying to be positive even when the situation are very stressful, and stuff like that keep proving to Jay positive you and how lucky he was to be with someone that could affect his life in a really good way, you were always supporting him despite his long busy schedules.

“Ugh your so amazing I love you so much” he said suddenly which made you chuckle at his cheesiness.

“I love you too” you said and squeezed his hand in an loving way still giggling at his cuteness.

“I just want you to know baby that no matter what, if you need help or a little hand I’m always here for you okay” he asked

“I know, thank you baby” you nodded and said.

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