40th story : HAPPY BARODAY

This is B1A4′s fanclub representative. 

Today is Baro’s 24th birthday.
★Congratulations HAPPYBARODAY★
Baroday that only occurs once a year has returned!!!
BANA~ You’ve waited long, right?
So we’ve prepared this 2015 BARO Special diary!

Let’s dive in right now ↗↗↗ Let’s gogo!!

BANA is love ♥

Between boy and man  @JacketPhotoshootLocation

Baro whose smile is the kind that seems to be there right when you turn your head! 

:) Are you unknowingly smiling with him?

BANA~ This is where we should go next

Dark-haired era Baro. He’s in front of BANA right now! @@

Would you like a glass with me?

Where is Baro looking??

Checking the q-seat

His natural-looking slightly closed eyes from the sunlight is the point! 

Even his thinking pose is special! 

It’s definitely a photo of him drinking water… but you’re falling for himmmmm

It’s BANA! Hi BANA!!!

BARO CHU~ (Plus option. Wink)

Baro focused during ‘Sweet Girl’ music video filming.

Unfortunately this year’s Special ends here~ 
BUT! There is BARODAY next year so let’s all meet again next year! 

Thank you.

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Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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[TRANS] Quotes from Happy Baro Day (V-App)


JY: Hello we’re B1A4! One person is missing.
GC: Why aren’t they here?
JY: Why aren’t they here~?
GC: They’re the main person
JY: Today, yes, it is Baro’s birthday! So we are going to surprise him.
CNU: 50 minutes passed since Baro’s birthday. So Baro… is… a bit frustrated?
SD: He said this to me, as I was coming up. “Hey, you don’t even say happy birthday?” I was surprised so I said, “Oh it’s past 12?” (laughs)
(Staff walks in, they all go silent and turn around)
SD: Ahh I was surprised!

Before the surprise

(Setting the cake)

JY: 24…
CNU: Baro is 24?
SD: He’s the same age as me.
CNU: He’s the same age as you? ^~^
GC: Yes man~
CNU: The timing is uncertain.
SD: It’s too uncertain… what do we do??? (makes weird noises)
(Hear footsteps in the hallway, but no one comes)
All: AHH.
SD: This is a problem, this is hard.

The surprise

JY: Everyone, right now it’s a nerve-wracking time. Will we be able to surprise Baro without getting caught?
CNU: At night we went to find a cake…
(GC comes running into the room)
SD: Quiet, quiet!! (Quickly lights the candles, SD/CNU frantically muttering and making weird sounds, GC is squirming)

(Door opens and Baro comes)

All: *Sing happy birthday with incredible harmonization*
Baro: Wahhh… I’m so touched.
CNU: Baro-ya, make a wish. (Baro making a wish) Baro why aren’t you crying?
Baro: Please let us succeed~ (SD: Fighting!, JY: 1, 2, 3!) (blows out candles)

Make-up time

CNU: We tried to buy this cake late at night. We went all the way to Gwangju. 
Baro: This is live? I’m bare-faced. 
GC: How handsome~
SD: It’s ok~
JY: Should I touch the filter? 
GC: Handsome~~ I should put some make-up on for you Baro Hyung.
SD: *Struggles with Baro as he tries to put icing on his face*
(Meanwhile GC restraining Baro)
JY: *succeeds*

Baro: AHHH really!! 
GC: Since you’re bare faced we should put make-up on you 
Baro: Ah really! Okay I’ll stay still!

Baro’s thoughts

JY: Your final thoughts?
Baro: I thought I’d go home and sleep. And tomorrow at our schedule, I thought maybe we’d have a cake with staff. If we don’t I’d be a bit disappointed but… we never did not have one right? 
SD: Were you so disappointed before?
Baro: I can say it though!
SD: When it was 12:00, I thought, should I say it or not?
Baro: If you said it, it wouldn’t have been as obvious. (SD: No… really?) Of course, it was past 12:00 and no one said happy birthday. 
CNU: Were you suspicious?
Baro: There’s something here…
SD: I said we should say it!
Baro: Usually you’d say happy birthday, happy birthday! Don’t we need a cake? 
JY: You know why? Because we knew if nobody said anything you’d be suspicious ^^;
Baro: But ah I really didn’t know.
CNU: Baro-ya, you’re thankful right? 
Baro: Yes. As expected, my members. Ah man!! 


Baro: Even at the fansign, our fans suddenly made me touched. And now my fellow members. I’ve been surprised, in a row. I’m so thankful. Moving forward, I’ll become a Baro who is kinder and works harder. Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday. I wish for good things to happen for all of you. 
JY: Have a good night.
All: Bye~
CNU: (sings) Sleep well~ good night~

Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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[TRANS/INTERVIEW] Baro's thoughts on his 24th birthday

There is a day that is special yet it brings up feelings of loneliness. For B1A4′s Baro (Cha Sun Woo), the 5th is that day. The 5th is the day that he was born. His birthday is September 5th, 1992.

In contrast to the past, Baro doesn’t put too much focus on his birthday. But when his birthday comes around, he greatly misses the faces of his parents who gave birth to him and raised him.

“Even until a few years ago I put great meaning into my birthday, but nowadays I think it’s the best when I can just have a meal with people I like. But still, since it’s my birthday I think about my parents a lot. I can’t remember when I last spent my birthday with my parents, but on this birthday I miss my parents’ faces the most.”

However, with his birthday on the 5th, Baro has to attend schedules rather than go home. It could be an upsetting situation, but for him it seems that he is looking forward to the “greatest birthday”. Baro stated, “We have schedules to attend, but my B1A4 members congratulated me and I am able to be with BANA (B1A4’s fanclub name), so I think I’ll have the greatest birthday this year as well,” as he envisioned this happy moment.

On his birthday three years ago, Baro expressed regret about passing 20 years of age at an interview. Now having tackled acting and entertainment, and having spread his name, perhaps he is looking forward to something again. In response to this question, Baro stated that 30 is the age he is looking forward to. 

“I heard that for men, 30 is the beginning. Perhaps because of this, now I look forward to my image when I enter my thirties. What events will unfold in my life, I’m excited even when I think about it now.”

For Baro, his fellow members are more than colleagues; they are now his family and his brothers. This is his fifth birthday while being with B1A4. Though he must have received countless gifts during that time, the most special gift has been his members’ truths/honesty. 

For his most special birthday present he choose “letters from my members”. Baro stated, “after that, the gifts I remember are similar to letters, but I remember the lengthy text messages I got from my fellow members. I felt their honesty, so I was really thankful. Because I have my members I always feel supported and I’m able to gain strength,” showing us their strong teamwork.

However, when asked what gift he would like to receive in the future, he shared his inner thoughts. The birthday gift he wishes to receive is a ‘vacation’. But the reason is not simply because he wants to rest. 

“I want to embark on many travels in my twenties, but I still haven’t been able to travel by myself. I want to travel once on my own. If given the opportunity, I want to go somewhere unfamiliar. I think it’ll become a new stimulus for me. Now thinking about it, it would be great to go on my own, but it would be even better if I can be with one of my best friends.” 

Toward himself he wishes to “grow/mature as much as he ages”. In response to a question about maturity he stated, “as I age I feel like I’m becoming less mature,” and as if he was embarrassed, he burst into laughter. As well he stated, “But still, I’ve experienced and learned a lot. Moving forward, as I continue like this, I wish to let myself grow through many experiences and challenges.” 

To conclude, Baro shared his feelings of thanks toward BANA who have celebrated his birthdays with him since his debut. 

“Our BANA. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It’s already the fifth birthday we’re spending together. Throughout all that time, thank you for being so good to me, and in the future I wish to be better towards you. I will eat Miyeokguk (T/N: seaweed soup traditionally eaten on birthdays) so don’t worry too much.” 

Source: FocusNews
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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Mom, Dad thank you for giving birth to me! I’ll repay you 💛 Fans, members, company employees, family, friends, everyone thank you very much. I can’t go to sleep because I’m too happy. I’ll go to sleep dreaming a beautiful dream. Everyone goodnight 🌙