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speaking of shinwoo's abs.. I think he might have lost them? I mean, from the pictures/videos I've seen on instagram it looks like it, just type instragram(.)com before these: /p/BTOq_2Ol6JK/ and /p/BTRDH8DBvKp/ granted, the lighting is shit, but in the phone picture that he showed he looks so ripped that idk? and in the vlive+ he said he was sad because something happened to his phone and he lost all the pictures and he was (cont)

specially sad about that one?? and he kept repeating that he wouldn’t be able to show us his abs at the fan meeting? so yeah, idk, i’m confused, but I got to see his happy trail so I’m happy lmao. and, about hamblet, I saw a video on instagram (can’t remember who uploaded it but it was some cnu fan acc) from an old hamlet musical and the guy takes off his shirt COMPLETELY and they where wondering if he will do the same… I die a little every time I think about it.

OK, no, I definitely thought that too! (I didn’t want to point it out because of course it doesn’t matter, we all love him!! But at the same time I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed) The lighting may be a slight part of it, but he’s definitely not as ‘ripped’ as he was in the pics he was teasing us with. There’s also this vid as well (basically the same as what you linked, just a little different angle lol)

I didn’t know he said that about his phone either! Aw, poor bear 😕  I watched the vlive+ where he showed up on Sandeul’s mukbang, did he say it there and I just missed it? Or was it a different one? But yeah, he seemed really proud showing off that picture, and that sucks he lost it along with whatever other information he had on his phone. And of course knowing him, he probably was worried that fans would be like ‘oh that’s not what you looked like in the pic’ and its like NO!! You’re perfect!! Stop!! We love you! ugh ok anyways. (and yes the happy trail killed me about ten times over)

The only thing that’s confusing to me I guess is why he lost the muscle? Because the way I view him and from what he’s told and let known to us, he seems to take his health quite seriously (not that he’s unhealthy now by ANY means lol) and he’s also pretty regimented and strict with himself. So to me, I’m thinking.. did something just happen to make him stop working out? Something in his life where he just went ‘screw it, idc’. Whatever the reasoning was, my point is I hope it wasn’t something too negative or personal. Because time-wise, the only thing we know is that picture was taken before he dyed his hair, to me it look like from last summer at least based on his hair cut. So something happened between then and now possibly. Or I could just be being overdramatic.


I couldn’t even think of what I do. Probably ACTUALLY die. 


“The source of my strength is my fellow members and the group called B1A4. Thank you for allowing me to always trust you and lean on you. I love where we are, so moving forward, let’s stay healthy and stay together.”

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