Why You Need to Support Pristin

Pristin is under Pledis, which is Seventeen’s company, or what it used to be most known for, Afterschool’s company. They also house Nu east. Pledis has been facing alot of financial troubles, for the past after school hasn’t had a comeback since 2013 because to simply put, Pledis was too broke to promote them. They instead did orange caramel promotions, but it’s still been a while since that. Seventeen and Pledis Girls were/are kinda Pledis’s do or die groups. If these groups don’t do well, the company was pretty much gonna shut down from debt. Luckily, Seventeen has done pretty well, and has helped Pledis recover a good amount of debt. Though I’m not sure if Pledis is completely recovered from their debt they’re still in trouble. 

Because Seventeen can’t work non stop they need another group to provide steady income. This is why Pristin is important. Pristin has the potential to make a good debut and become a top rookie this year, and them doing that also determines the fate of groups like after school. Because There are no plans for after school or orange caramel to come back this year, I have a feeling it’s heavily dependent on the performance of Pristin and Seventeen. Once it is shown that Pristin and Seventeen can bring a steady income, Pledis can go and focus on rebooting their original groups. Like afterschool.

Seventeen alone can’t dig Pledis out of this mess, without the Seventeen members becoming overworked. So no matter who you are, especially if you’re an after school or Seventeen fan, please support Pristin and their debut. These girls are actually really talented and I hope they get big this year.


Some sketches and some tiny Credence with my own setting.

My own setting: If Newt found Credence on the boat that back to England and he tried to keep him safe and help him form back to human… But sth is happened, Credence only can form to a kid. After Newt has been taking care of Cre for a while, he was completely trusted by little Cre who is willing to expresses his emotion now.
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