Sunday came charged with the best hangover brunch hosted by Cynthia Vincent and blogger Jenny Bernheim of Margo and Me. Floral on floral on floral felt appropriate for the ideal post Coachella serenity. Cynthia was a sweetheart, the food was delicious and day-drinking felt appropriate. My sunglasses stayed on the entire time (for obvious reasons) and we all walked away with awesome tech accessories by Cynthia Vincent.

Following the brunch we headed to the dFm House for the Sabo Springs pool party presented by Sabo Skirt. This is the only pool party that actually involved getting into a pool. The weather was just right for it too. After the party it was back to our house to dry up and change before hitting the festival for Florence and the Machine and Drake. I’ve been a fan of Florence and the Machine for years but this was the first opportunity I had to see her live. And she did not dissappoint. She had us take an article of clothing off and swing it over our heads…it was so liberating. One of the new songs she performed was ‘Ship to Wreck’ which is quickly becoming one of my favorites and has been on heavy rotation ever since.

What I’m wearing: Johnny IV floral set, Lacoste shoes, Flower Gypsies floral crown