Ah, he was back again. The blonde gypsy did not need to turn to even see him– the tiny gypsy could feel his serious aura. A tiny smile crossed the gypsy’s lips. What would the other need this time? Turning around, he tilted his head slightly.

“Yes? What do you need this time, Serious?”

|| Closed RP with cv02seriousaccord || Gypsy Breaks Down

It was very late at night. Too late for Serious to go back to the mansion– so he would stay with Gypsy. Serious was already asleep, and Gypsy was just cleaning up the dishes and such from dinner. Carrying a pitcher of water and two glasses into the tiny bedroom, he sat down and thought for a second. Without warning, he started to twich.

Not again. Screaming out, he grabbed a glass and shattered it against the wall, cutting his hand. It most likely woke the sleeping APPEND up. But this was worse than the other’s. Gypsy twitched on the ground, gripping his head.