cv is character voice i think

[4/4] Enstars: B’s-Log December 2015

Unit Song CD Vol. 2: Knights Cast Interview

Comment from Mr. Kuwabara, the music director:

Voice of sword: It’s a unit that can dance the best, so I kept in mind to set the tempo suitable for dancing. Another point is that it can also be used to battle against UNDEAD.

Check mate Knights: I remember I said “Please let me do ballad, no matter what!” (laugh) I will be happy if you can pay attention to the beautiful melody and the lyrics that are typical of Knights.

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Just leaving this here...

From Spoon2di interview

Interviewer: What kind of instruction**** did you give to Miyano-san (CV of Fushimi Saruhiko)

Director Suzuki: I said to him “Fushimi only sees things related to Yata, therefore please only think of Yata (while voicing Fushimi).” In my opinion, I think Miyano-san’s ad-lib really shows the character. He is amazing.

**** The original text is direction but I translate it as instruction for a closer meaning to “giving advice/instruction to someone”

Mekakucity Actors feature in spoon. 2Di magazine (Vol.50) - Pt.1

Started translation for the Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors feature in the latest issue of the spoon magazine! Many thanks to yatsugare for sharing the scans.

In this post you’ll find translations of Jin’s commentary on each of the main characters appearing in the anime, and interviews with Kana Asumi (Ene), Takuma Terashima (Shintaro), and Yuki Yase (director).

I plan on doing the Jin interview about the project and anime in general, and about the 5th novel, too, but probably at a slightly later date.

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In case anyone was wondering what it said; I’m not the best translator but I gave its a shot, I think it came out somewhat decent…(=゚ω゚)ノ

(CV;水樹 奈々)
『名家·日向一族の出にて白眼の使い手。 忍者学 校の頃からすっとナルトに想いを寄せる。

Hyuuga Hinata
(CV;Mizuki Nana)
『Meika· hyuga ichizoku no shutsu nite byakugan no tsukaite. Ninja-gaku-kō no koro kara sutto naruto ni omoi o yoseru.』

Hinata Hyuuga
(Character Voice;Nana Mizuki)
The Noble Family · Member of the Hyuuga clan in the Mastery of Byakugan. She quickly gathered feelings/love/affection for Naruto during their time in the Ninja academy.