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Adventures on Rift #6 : who’s feed now?

Let me explain, I played with 2 of my friends (Hecarim and Akali), Hecarim was dominating the game, and Akali was kinda behind, but… then mid game started…

I was taking mid tower with morgana (which was one of the best supports I ever had in solo qq, he/she/it was so nice!!)…then… I notice Lucian was going bot, our Bot tower was kinda low, so I had to go, Hecarim told me he would take care and out of nowhere Akali was like “hey, wanna see a magic trick?” and the lucian was gone in less than a second… that poor boy didn’t knew what hit him…

And about the Blue buff comment…my friend (hecarim) don’t share buffs… like never… and the Akali always manage to take it, all the game was like that “Why u have my blue?!” “who took blue?””IS2G if u take that blue I will…SON OF A B…!!” it was hilarious XD

PS:I wanted to test some new things, like the font (not handwriting) and the effects…what u think?


Hail yeah…new extended trailer for the Mercyful Fate tribute book in comics form I’m in with a hellish collection of other great artists I’m proud to represent with.  Check it out.  SATAN IS ALIVE!