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Code:Realize ~ Shukufuku no Mirai (Side: Arsene Lupin) Preview Translations Pt.1 
CV:  前野智昭 (Maeno Tomoaki)

*Van is Van Hellsing, Fran is Victor Frankenstein,San is Saint Germain
*Cut into 2 parts because I’m currently stuck in a place where it’s hard to translate stuff qvq
JPN Script Credit @deathbyturtles1234

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CV Secret Santa: 1/2 LoS fics for bernhard-castle-dracula

@bernhard-castle-dracula: Happy Christmas!

Thank you so much for your patience. I was really, really intrigued by your request for a piece where Laura survived—though this did end up a ghost story. I love Laura so much, and I really wanted to write this piece for you—but I could not for the life of me make it ‘happy’. I’m so sorry! This is why I’m writing two pieces: this piece and another that is actually about happiness. This one is done, but the second one is not yet. I just had a milestone birthday, and I had less time during my winter break than I thought I would. I expect to be finished with that one later this weekend, but I think posting this now will satisfy CVSanta’s deadline. Please forgive me for asking for your patience again! D8

I really hope you like this, even if it is not what you asked for. I really enjoyed writing it. Though Laura can be such a pistol, I love writing her. Again, I’m sorry it is not happy! (I redrafted twice, and Laura was just not having the happy stuff.) The second one will be much happier and more in line with the prompt, I promise.

Not beta-read; my apologies for any errors (and please PM me if you catch something). Trigger warnings for body horror, vampirism, existential crisis, impending doom, and Laura not being very nice.

The Delicate Child (2,445 words; rated T)

It seemed too easy—just dying. I might have known! But I wanted it. I dearly wanted it. After all this time—where ‘centuries’ seem too small—I wanted to be nothing. I had thought I would be by now, but I am still here!

And so is he.

It is hot where he is—where we must be.

And where the Forgotten One is dead.

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