30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge

Self-Portrait - Introduce yourself

I actually did it. LOL

This is what my face looks like, basically. People usually comment about the size of my eyes [I actually think they may be bigger than depicted here XD] 

I go by the name CuzzaCurry in some form for everything. I was born and raised in Canada. My parents are from the West Indies; the islands Jamaica and Barbados. I’m 5 foot 2 inches. I have a twin sister as well.

Aside from art, Web Development, Graphic Design and Track and Field are my passions [pfft stereotypical for a Jamaican, I know.]  I took all of my studies [K-12] in the French language and I am bilingual.

My favourite music is House, Electronic, Drum n’ Bass and Dance. Honestly, I enjoy anything that has a good beat to it. I am currently a college student, but I will be a graduate soon!

That’s it for now :D

Inks for Caliburn’s commission.

I was listening to SF Alpha 3’s ost because we were talking about it LOOOL

My art will now be tagged as cuzzacurryart because it was getting mixed with my inspirational posts XD