I’ve just been hit with a serious case of the early morning feels cuz

I was going through the events of the force awakens and I realised the moment Leia and Rey hug? That’s the first time they ever meet in the film.

Because we first see Leia after Kylo Ren has already captured Rey, and we know she doesn’t get off starkiller base until after it’s been destroyed.

And just. The moment when they hug is such an emotional one and they’re essentially complete strangers, so Leia must have run over to where the falcon was docking, knowing only that Han is dead, killed by their own son and she sees the boy, the ex stormtrooper, being carried off on a fucking stretcher and behind him is this shell-shocked looking girl holding a lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber and all she really knows about this girl is that Han had soft spot for her and that she somehow faced off Kylo Ren in a one on one fight and came out alive. And Leia is just like “fuck it this kid needs a hug” and god I’m still tearing up over that scene a year later no one fucking look at me. 

Goblin Ep 13

I think I’m in denial after watching Goblin E13. I’m not letting myself breakdown cause I’m holding onto that last shred of hope that they will meet again and it’ll be a happy ending for ALL of the characters. Cause they truly deserve it. My babies suffered so much, let them be happy!! Every single one of them. Except the aunt & the cuzies, let them burn.

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I really do love this triangle and his little cuz

i don’t think Y.V can have family since he’s a gun god and whatnot so i like to think he found Cuz while he was out and about…or maybe i just needed an excuse to draw these two

(Y.V wouldn’t slam dunk cuz, that was just one time, Y.V doesn’t know how to family)

liek why does nt he ever msg me latr atnight liek i do to him ? ehy doesnt she msg me over fb why am i always msging her? its cuzi do those things but i cant expect Everyone to be as clingy and overbearing ad i am lol. i wsih they would be thho

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  • The Best
  • Joey Caine

“The Best” - Joey Caine

frustrated with being the same
as everyone else playing this game
just made it trying to stay in my lane
staying up late trying to get in my name

getting this work I push product for scumbags
worthwhile to get unpacked
worth something to somebody
worth packing in more bodies
worth stacking that’s no problem
torque low in the two door
cooped up I got no clue
clued up I got no truce
with whatever I go strong,
I got juice
bring answers in my song
bringing subjects up they can’t take
take-downs, UFC
you will see I can take it all
win it by decision
when I decide with precision

so tired of these
no talent fakers
pace so fast
like the showtime lakers
for goodness sake cuz
I’m trying to beat the best
and I can’t rest
I’m trying to be the best

inside my mind there’s a schism
inside my heart there’s a dream
inside this world that’s a prison
inspired all of my schemes

I’ve taken all I could take
like fat men at buffets
I’d trade it all for a chance
at being the best in my trade

and me I work with my words
but I could work with my hands
but I handle these letters
like a smith forges a sword

I cut sharp with a phrase
as I cut up the page
staging the tip of my pen
atop the lines in a craze

try to ignore what I want
the waves die down for a jaunt
then a swell comes and scends them
so they come back like a pendulum