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Hi! New witch here. I was just wondering, what's the difference between a grimoire and a book of shadows? I thought the terms were interchangeable, but they don't actually seem to be. Thanks!

Personally I use them interchangeably because the specific terms aren’t really something that I find important for my craft, but from what I understand~

Grimoire=reference for spells/rituals/etc

Book of Shadows=all of that but more focused on personal reflection

It’s obvs different for everyone, but most witches I know keep their BOS and grimoire in the same book. Like, personally I find it a bit overkill to use both but u do u

(I may or may not have got them mixed up it’s early :/)

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Hunk and Keith/Lance relationship?

Lance and Hunk-

  • Lance and Hunk are buddies, there is no doubt about that. And now that the two are in space and away from their families they are even closer than before. 
  • Lance is clingy with Hunk, the lanky boy draping himself over the other teenager and always touching him in some way. 
  • It might just be a hand on his Hunk’s arm, our a chin digging into his shoulder, but Lance is always a grounding weight for him.
  • Hunk is happy to return the cuddling, he has always been a touchy-feely guy so he’s just glad that he has someone he can hug and cling to when he needs it. 
  • Hunk is really good at reading Lance. To the point that Lance is positive that his best friend has some secret super powers that he isn’t telling Lance about. 
  • So Hunk knows when Lance needs to spar to get out some jitters, and when he needs to just cuddle under some blankets and look out at the stars. 
  • Lance thinks that he is getting better at knowing what Hunk needs. But the problem is that Hunk isn’t always vocal when he wants something. 
  • So a lot of the time Lance just end up staring intently at Hunk trying to read him. 
  • And Hunk gets so creeped out by the staring he just tells Lance, because- 
    “Please stop looking at me like that Lance.”
    “Like what?”
    “Like your trying to read my mind.”
    “But I am trying to read your mind.”

Keith and Hunk-

  • Some people think that Hunk is a push over. He’s a big cuddly guy, he’s soft spoken, and he doesn’t look like he could take charge. 
  • Keith learns that this is not true whatsoever. If Hunk wants you to do something, then you will do it…
  • And unfortunately, for Keith, Hunk sets his sights on him when he senses that the other boy is overworking himself. 
  • “How long have you been awake Keith?”
    “Um. A few hours.”
    “What is a ‘few’?”
    “I don’t know…Like 20, maybe more?
    “Wait, Hunk! What are you doing?!”
    “You are going to bed right now.”
    “I will get Shiro, do not fight me.”
  • (Pidge laughs at Keith when he tells her that Hunk keeps finding him and forcing him to eat and sleep) 
  • “Oh thank god, he’ll finally leave me alone then.”
    “This isn’t funny Pidge! He keeps interrupting my training! If this continues I’m going to be useless in combat against the Galra!”
    “I highly doubt that Keith.”
  • Hunk starts grabbing Keith randomly when he needs ‘help’ in the kitchen.
  • Keith is a horrible cook, just horrible. 
  • But Hunk doesn’t care he’ll give Keith ‘easy’ jobs in the kitchen while they try out new recipes.  
  • It’s a good activity for them to share because, 
  • 1. it gets Keith out of the training room, 
  • and 2. it gets him to eat a bit more. 
  • (That boy is skin and bones Hunk is determined to fix that)
  • At first, Keith is uncertain, but after a while, he becomes more comfortable with the arrangement and even comes to the kitchen without prompting from Hunk. 

Lance, Keith, and Hunk-

  • Lance starts to join them in the kitchen. 
  • He’ll just lay across the counter and watch the other two as they work. 
  • Hunk asks one night, while the two are having a sleepover-
    “Are you jealous of me and Keith hanging out dude?”
    Ppphhh, jealous of mullet and you cooking together? Never.”
    “Mmm, well cuze I was going to say, that if you were jealous, there is nothing to worry about, you’re still my best friend, man. And it will stay that way.”
    “Tsk, I know Hunk…”
    “…Do you need a hug?”
  • After that Lance starts helping to cook, he isn’t half bad either, (not as good as Hunk, but better than Keith)
  • Lance makes fun of Keith for being so horrible at cooking one day after Keith burnt some cookies.
  • That line of teasing ends with a food fight, and an irritated and slightly amused Allura scolding the teenagers…
  • Lance starts to help Hunk to make Keith relax and take it easy every once and a while so he can recharge. 
  • Because- dude! The mullet man doesn’t even know what the word rest means! It’s not even in his vocabulary!
  • The three are finishing up cooking in the middle of the night one day when Keith starts to leave and Lance grabs him and says-
    “Nope, not tonight.”
  • Keith was confused, having no idea what Lance was talking about. 
    “No what? I was just going to my room.”
    “Nope, you are gonna come hang out with me and Hunk.”
    “But we were just hanging out.”
    “Yeah, but this is like, you and Hunk’s thing that I just crash sometimes. Now you get to come crash one of Hunk and my things.”
  • The three end up going to an observation room, the stars zooming by as the ship flew through space. 
  • Keith was still confused about what was going on until Lance came in with a bunch of pillow and blankets. 
  • Then Lance and Hunk began to make a nest in front of the large window leading out to space. 
  • Then Lance took out Pidge’s laptop and pulled up a movie that Pidge had downloaded while back on earth, and declared a movie night. 
  •  The three ended up falling asleep after the first movie, and Coran had found them the next morning at took their picture…
  • Keith has vowed to destroy the photo…
  • Hunk asked for a copy. 
  • Lance denies that such a photo exists…Because he would never in his life have a sleepover with Keith…
  • Pidge never lets them live it down…(How dare they not invite her!?)

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Yes YEs YES I love this so much!! And Yuri would totally think that Beka has a thing for JJ and vice versa cuze he notices the weird tension. He'd be like... I think you've made a bad choice but you are my first friend so he tries to set up situations where JJ and Beka are together, and they're just like why tf does Yuri keep inviting you and not telling me wtf?! Viktor would be so unhappy but he'd probably think that his precious son was safe since he's so oblivious and once they got 1/2

together he’d be like but!!! Playboy!!! Motorcycle punk!!! NOOOOO! They’re too old!! (Wtf Viktor me and JJ are the same age difference as you and katsudon) I challenge you to a battle! Stay away from my son! (I’M NOT YOUR SON) and I feel like Yuuri would low key support this like, oh no Viktor don’t do that but his eyes say “crush them” 2/2


The battle between the Living Legend against the King and the Hero for the Fairy’s hand, sounds right up my alley ❤️


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that moment when you have a regular blog (with people you know irl following) and a whump blog and everytime you reblog something you check like six times to make sure it's to the right one cuze yiKES

I don’t let IRL people know I’m on Tumblr, personally. But that’s just my extreme fear of them finding LMALW or this blog. Good luck, my dear.

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So I was wondering, I see tons of spells with candles, do the candles have to be a certain size? Because I can buy 50 tea lights for like 5$ at a dollar store and I was wondering if that was ok.

Good question! Unless the spell is super specific about it, size doesn’t really matter. Personally I like big candles cuze they’re cool and I feel badass, but due to my living situation I end up using those cheap tiny fake ones lol. I’ve also heard of some budget witches using birthday candles!

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I just can't stop thinking about Fushimi waking up in Domyoji's body and wanting to end his life right then and there. Like he just pushes himself up on Domyoji's bed, catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror across the room (cuze wow. when's the last time I've had 20/20 vision? oh yeah when I got swapped with Hidaka last week. damn strains.) and just flops down on the bed and wonders if he'll suffocate in the pillow if he tries hard enough. Domyoji will love playing with Fushimi-san's body xD

Imagine Fushimi waking up, blearily getting out of bed and feeling like something’s a little off. He wanders into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and after a moment his brain catches up to what he’s seeing and he’s just like ‘Fuck my life.’ Just to make things worse a moment later the door opens and in bounces his own body looking possibly the happiest Fushimi Saruhiko has ever looked in his entire life cheerily announcing ‘Fushimi-san, guess what happened?’ Fushimi glares at him, Doumyoji’s just all happy and excited about this fun new development. Then Hidaka innocently walks in and greets 'Doumyoji’ with a slap on the back only to be given a glare of certain death. A second later he notices the happy smiling Fushimi and is like ’..Body switch Strain again?’ 'Body switch Strain again.’

Doumyoji is enjoying this whole body switch thing way too much, like first he’s all 'hey, if I’m Fushimi-san doesn’t this mean I get to be in charge now?’ and Fushimi’s like not on your life. Then Doumyoji notices that ooh I’m covered in cool knives and starts playing with them. Fushimi takes them away after Doumyoji almost stabs himself. Maybe Munakata gives them both the day off since it’s hard to do your duties bodyswitched and besides, it’s distracting the squad (opinions are mixed as to which is weirder, happy smiling Fushimi or angry grumbling Doumyoji). Doumyoji decides to go change out of his uniform and comes back having forced Fushimi’s body to wear the most hideous outfit ever. It doesn’t quite fit Fushimi’s body but it works well enough and is an eyesore of clashing colors and patterns, Fushimi is so mortified at the sight of himself. Then Doumyoji decides he needs a snack because Fushimi’s body is so skinny and malnourished, Fushimi walks into the dining hall to find Doumyoji filling his body with all kinds of super sweet sugary crap. When their bodies switch back Doumyoji’s a little sad but oh hey, look I’ve still got a couple cool knives in my pocket. Fushimi’s like 'screw this let the idiot stab himself’ and storms off to go change into normal clothes.