cuzco school

Mary, Jesus and Joseph (La Familia?), 17th Century, Cuzco School (based in Cusco, Peru, former capital of the Inca Empire).

The Cusqueña paintings of the period (16th-18th Centuries) were created for moral and instructional purposes in the Roman Catholic artistic tradition of the Cuzco School. Objects depicting the native flora and fauna were often incorporated in the milieu. Most of the paintings were created anonymously due to the Pre-Columbian tradition that “art” was communal, although there were a few exceptions, namely, Diego Quispe Tito and Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallao.

{The Martyrs of Nagasaki - Twenty-six Christians were executed by crucifixion on February 5, 1597. They were canonized on June 8, 1862 by Pope Pius IX. - oil on canvas - The recollect Franciscan church, Cuzco}

La Defensa de la Eucaristía - Anonymous painting from the ‘Escuela Cuzqueña’ displaying Charles II of Spain and St. Rose of Mary. Probably painted after St. Rose’s canonization in 1671.