“I’ve known Lucy since I was 15. Our story is really creepy. We met on myspace. We messaged each other because we had mutual friends, and we just started talking everyday. And when Lucy told me she was moving to L.A., I invited her to my friend’s birthday party at Disneyland. We decided to meet ther for the first time ever. But I didn’t tell my mom I met her on myspace and she didn’t tell her mom either. And we just clicked and from that day, we were best friends.” - Ashley Benson about her friendship with Lucy Hale


Voting ends June 6. Vote through the link (once a day) or by tweeting his name with #TheBacklotHot100 (unlimited times).
Matt was #3 last year but we can make him #1 this year! (I don’t know if you can nominate him 10 times but that’s what I did haha).

ok wow everyone’s stories on snapchat are like of them chilling with people and having fun and mine are always like.. my cats.. or complaining about studying.. or dressing up at home to not going out..


Me as Dave Strider and My boyfriend as Bro. As the last day of Anime Boston, this day was by far my favorite! If anyone knows the John and Dad in the 5th and 6th pictures, PLEASE tag them or send me a note if they have tumblrs cuz i’d love to meet up with them again at another con!

before i end this post i wanna say thank you so much to my boyfriend for doing this with me. I had a phenomenal time and i couldnt have asked for a better person to be my Bro. :3 ur the best hun.


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of course only if you guys want to, nobody’s gonna make ya :P

In season 6 of Shameless I want Ian on his meds, going to work and doing his best to keep himself stable. Mickey ended up in the hospital after Sammi’s shooting, he’s fine and just recovering but Ian hasn’t visited him because he doesn’t know what he’d say. So every morning Ian wakes up and by his bed side he has his pills with this folded piece of paper that says “shut the fuck and take your pills bitch” then he unfolds it to reveal a picture of Mickey and then he takes his pills. And he does that every morning cuz when Mickey gets out of the hospital he wants to be better so he can go pick him up and fix things between them cuz he has realized that Mickey is the only who will take care of him and the only one who has and he uses Mickey as a reason to get better. Cuz he wants to be better so Mickey won’t worry so much about him

My story:

When I’m sad or I have nothing to do, I scroll through my Instagram pictures, until I’m at the bottom. I will click on the first picture, stare at it. Go to see who liked it, while in the meantime, a smile crept on my face. I will find Taylor’s the third first liker. I will push in her name, so it go to her account. I will sit and smile widely at my phone in minutes. Smile cuz it’s real, smile cuz she saw my picture, smile cuz I’m so lucky, smile cuz it’s the best thing there ever happen to me.

I will remember that day. That day, when I was in the car with my family. Remembering me screaming “She liked! Taylor liked! Omg! She liked!” To my sister. Who didn’t have a clue in the world, what I was talking about. Soon enough she realised what I was talking about, and it wasn´t a joke. I was so happy and I didn´t knew what to do. I even forget to take a screenshot (stupid me). I remember me crying more than I ever have done, I remember my sister hugging me. Remembering her say “congratulation.” I remember my parents didn’t understand why I was crying. I will remember everything. I remember it all too well. I will always have that moment, in the back of my mind. I will remember that special day, that changed my life. I’m so so so extremely thankful and grateful for this moment, taylorswift. Thank you, for making me smile again, when I’m sad, just by looking at one picture. It´s unbelievable that  a things there take no time, can do. My life wouldn´t be the same. Thank you, I will never be able to say that enough. I will never be able to show how thankful I am. I love you so so extremely much, thank you for always being there for me. It means the world to me. I love you more than anything.


Thank you for reading my story, it Means a lot to me.

So I know this picture is too much and stuff and that it’s bad. But I liked it cuz it shows the wonderful hair dye job my best friend did got me

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I literally love you and the Ophelia pictures are the best thing ever <3 I wish I knew you in rl cuz no one I know shares my love for spiders:{. But at least I have your tumblr! <3

Awe, that’s sweet! Thank you :)


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Using the songs from 1 artist answer these questions: I choose escape the fate cuz they’re life
Artist: Escape the fate 
Gender: Good girls like bad GUYS
Describe yourself: Picture perfect 
How do you feel: Insane 
Describe where you currently live: The aftermath 
Your favorite form of transportation: When I go outside I wanna go out on a chariot of fire
If you could go anywhere where would you go: My apocalypse 
Your best friend is: Ashley 
You and your beats are: Friends and Alibis 
Favorite time of the day: Gorgeous Nightmare 
If your life was a TV show what would it be: The day I left the womb 
What is life to you: Massacre 
Your relationship: It’s just me
Your fear: Liars and monsters
And I’m tagging slowpolaroid officialfaust

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It doesn't look like them in black light, because in the trailer their faces look pitch black, just like the setting. The picture just looks like it's drawing them as black people and the background is white, not dark like there is a black light. The artist might not have intended that, but it looks like it, and given the harmful history of blackface in general (and in kpop), it could definitely be hurtful to your followers, so it would be best to take it down.

oh…sighs… thank you for letting me know anon. yeah the artist (possibly a chinese-australian) never meant any harm either. the art is pretty well-liked on weibo, cuz in China they never have such issues or implication. it’s just simple and cute. but i respect your point :)


Day 01: Your First Character. 

This is Marikit an Elin warrior, my first ever TERA EU character. (Yes! I started at TERA EU because my country was IP Blocked in NA) I deleted her after me being such a nab and couldn’t kill Vekas (the tree mob). I created Maius a Castanic priest next and it’s my very first level 60 character :D

I’ll also add here my first character in Tera NA (3rd and 4th picture), She’s Aeruu a Castanic priest but i race changed to Elin cuz more costumes xD (when i heard the news that EME lifted the ban for some SEAn countries I immediately downloaded TERA NA *u* best decision ever!

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8. Describe your crush 42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? 70. What turns you on? 75. What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you? 76. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

14. My crush is someone that I shouldn’t have feelings for multiple reasons but I like him anyways. He’s sweet, kind, and cute. He can’t sing well but every time I see his picture it makes me smile.
42. I can keep my hands off a person for a long time just being touched makes me want to stay like that forever.
70. Cuddling, neck kisses, moaning, seeing the guy’s face as he cums (TMI), dirty talk, foreplay, making out and also slow sensual but at times rough and fast.
75. The sweetest thing would have to be my best friend giving me a stuff bear on my birthday cuz it’s the first real gift that I got from a friend and because he knew that I didn’t like my birthday so he got it to cheer me up.
76. The sweetest thing I ever did was walk out of class to be with my best friend and also giving him a Christmas present cuz he thought it would just be another empty promise from a friend.

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All da symbols :D

meme | accepting

❤ - Any tumblr senpais - So many.
❣ - An unpopular opinion I have - I don’t mind BruceTasha
⋆ - A ship I have with my character - MockingHawk
❧ - A ship I have with your character - Skimmons
✗ - A ship I can’t stand - IDK if people ship this but since it’s somewhat canon on the show, Sansa/Joffrey. Mainly cuz I don’t like either of them.
☒ - A fact about the mun- I turn 16 this year.
☑ - A fact about the character - He wanted to be a firefighter when he was 3.
✾ - Why I chose my character - My best friend told me to.
◎ - Relationship status - In a relationship
❂ - Post a picture of myself:

☄ - My opinion of you: You’re an absolute sweetheart, breathtakingly funny and also, you’re awesome at IC CAH!

colinmorgain replied to your post “buzzfeed does in fact have videos of people from other cultures trying…”

It’s how a lot of media works, they probably put what gets views. And yes not all Americans are closed minded, you can’t judge a whole country from a few people. I wouldn’t mind trying food from other countries and I think I’d enjoy them.

exactly my point. i think my problem is more with the fact that these videos are popular, not with americans hahah i think i was clear on that. I live in the UK and ive been to america and i have family there and stuff so I’m literally trying to say that the picture Buzzfeed paints with these videos on Americans is very untrue and isn’t the best one and that isn’t fair to Americans, or to anyone trying to learn about them, cuz I agree with you and everyone else :)

Gig challenge!

I felt like doing one, so here goes!
Use every 3rd gif in your gif folder.

1. your parents reaction when they first saw you:

2. how you acted when they took your first picture:

3. what you did on your first birthday:

4. your first day of school

5. your second day of school

6. your first teenage heartbreak

7. when you tried to cook your first meal

8. how your family responded when you came out (cuz this is a queer blog):

9. how your friends responded:

10. when you found your best friend for life:

11. when you went to the concert of your favourite band:

12. your first otp:

13. what you will do/tell your parents when you move out:

14. when you meet your biggest idol:

15. what most of your selfies look like:

16. when you find out you’re gonna have a baby:

17. you’re reaction when the kid is there:

18. how you respond when they come out to you:

19. what you and your spouse/best friend always do when you’re together:

20. how you will die:

21. your very last words:

22. how people respond to your death:

23. your heaven:

24. what kind of ghost you will be:

25. how you forever will be remembered:

I swear I didn’t cheat!
omg, some really don’t make sense!

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