OK BUCKLE UP KIDS..YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! i was visiting Philly and  I was waiting in line to get my coffee and suddenly i see a girl with a paddys pub shirt and im like omg!! she must be one of us so i pass by her and whisper “macdennis” and let me tell u kids we immediately connected ???she was like “no way!!” and im like “newsflash asshole theyve been in love  the entire  GODDAMN time!” and then she asked me my url and we then connected even more over being glunk fuckers (how cute???) and then we went to a bar at did tequila shots(see the refernce;) ) and then we went to the bathroom to fuck and she was wanna roleplay?? and im like let me get my tools!!! BEST.NIGHT.EVER


idk how to put this, I spent nearly 2 weeks to watch Initial D (cuz fucking memes) and I just finished the final stage today! Luckily today is first day of October,  Inktober has alr started. So I decided to draw this cuz I srsly want to contribute something to this fandom atm.

side note: I wont able to participate Inktober this year, I have final at the end of this month //sob but I will try my best to draw as many as I could! 

more on the ‘klance adopts an galra baby!au’ (well its more like a toddler and this would tech be pre-klance but all the same)

coran is good with kids but seeing as he has some particularly big issues with galra so he’s still pretty awkward with the child, thus most of the kiddy duties tend to fall to lance (who’s own issues arent quite as large) 

so lance is constantly toting the kid around and doing whatever it is that lance does, which includes never shutting up. but see, the kid is actually totally enamored with that and like hangs off of lances every word. lance, being the attention whore he is, absolutely loves it. the kid laughs at all of his jokes and silly faces and just. is a little giggle monster with lance. 

they also accept lances physical affection like hugs, hair ruffles, and so on. but not only does it fill his attention quotas, it also gives someone for him to just. ramble away about earth and his family. he even starts taking the child to the lil observatory and pulls up earth to show them, all while telling little stories. the kid is a great listener, ok. they’re absolutely adorable together and it starts to get the others to relax around the kid.

also, overtime the kiddo seems to really zone in on keith, watching him curiously. like they know something. which, lol, they totally do ok. they can tell that keith is like them somehow, and thus is somewhat soothing to them. they get upset if they dont see keith enough which just baffles this poor desert boy, who we should mention has no idea how to handle a toddler, so its not like he can be left alone with precious-needs-a-name-galra-baby, so play-dates a plenty start up with lance, keith, and baby. which leads to keiths favorite activity, bonding!

thegnosticgospelofjulio  asked:

ok VAMPIRE AU CONTINUATION. maybe damen invites laurent to go out clubbing/dancing with him but laurent, being laurent, gently turns him down. damen is like ok thats fine. he and Nik go clubbin. girls be always tryna dance up on damen cuz like srsly i would lol and then he looks across the crowded room and BAM theres his vampire babe and then dirty dancing with so much sexual tension and then.... some backseat smutty times. Laurent admits he had fun. (love from DisraeliGears <3)

Damen threw back his fourth shot that night, feeling the whiskey burn down his throat as he slid the empty glass across the bar, towards the waiting hands of Kashel. She tipped the bottle towards Damen in question, setting it on the glass shelf behind her when he waved it away. He could already feel the liquor coursing through his veins, making him feel even hotter in the tight, sweat cramped club.

“Where’s this hot boyfriend Lazar has told me so much about?” Kashel asked, wiping the surface of the bar down in circles.

Damen frowned, one of his hands gripping the edge. “Lazar said he was hot?” He could hear his voice despite the pounding music in his ears which told Damen that he was probably feeling the alcohol more than he realized.

Kashel laughed, leaning forward on her elbows. ”Relax. I’ve seen the types you’ve brought here.”

“Laurent isn’t like anyone i’ve been with before.”

“I’m sure,” she grinned. “Well? where is he?”

“He didn’t want to come.”

“Just come out with us,” Damen had said, running his knuckle down Laurent’s shoulder blade. They had been on their sides, Laurent’s neck still flushed as he pushed the hair out of his eyes. Laurent was getting better at trussing himself with lingering next to Damen after sex, but he still insisted on a few inches between their bodies. It was all very excessive and over-precocious to Damen, but all he could do was wait for Laurent to trust himself as much as Damen did.

Laurent had shaken his head, lifting a hand to grab Damen’s wrist. “I can’t.”

“It’s not that bad,” Damen insisted. “Nik is getting over this thing and he just likes to let loose after. We can drink a little, we’ll dance, thats it. I’ve been to this place a lot. You’ll like it.”

“It’s not-” Laurent puled Damen’s hand away, closed his eyes. He exhaled roughly, pushing himself up in bed so the sheet fell off his chest and pooled at his hips. “The bodies,” he said, voice unsteady in a way that he didn’t often let Damen hear. “All the sweat. I-”

“Okay,” Damen said, sitting up beside him. “Okay. I told you i wouldn’t push you, Laurent. Only whatever you think you can handle.”

Laurent had opened his eyes, breathing out another slow, concentrated breath. He’d turned to look at Damen, his hair still mussed, the lines of his veins not yet entirely faded from his face.

”So,” he said, his voice a bit less strangled. “How skilled can you move?”

Damen had grabbed his hand, using the hold to pull Laurent into him. Laurent’s eyes widened a fraction at the ease with which Damen took his weight, his lips pressing together when Damen ran his palms down his back.

“You know exactly how I move,” he said into his ear, nipping at the skin below it.

And then everything turned, Laurent flipping them in that rapid, effortless way that had Laurent on his back and Damen hovering above him in the blink of an eye. Damen heard the groan that pulled out of him, his body once again spurred on by the sight of Laurent splayed out beneath him again.

“Will you dance with anyone else?” Laurent had asked, his mouth on Damen’s collarbone.

Damen paused, his hand stilled on Laurent’s hip. Laurent smiled when he felt it, taking the hand and lifting it to his lips.

“I don’t care.” He kissed his palm. “I know I‘m the only person you’re coming home to.”

That was how Damen found himself in the center of Dice, his shirt clinging to his body as he ran his hands through his hair, Nikandros nowhere in sight. Damen had frequented this club often when he had been in college and on many nights with the guys when he got out of work. He usually recognized a lot of the usual patrons, namely the two girls he was currently plastered between. Vannes and Talik were both beautiful, a fun time, and very much not interested in men.

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Skye Rocket | All Time Low - Backseat Serenade ⭐💤
I covered Backseat Serenade by All Time Low as a bedroom anthem~

Share it with your friends if you like it! cuz srsly it helps a lot lmao

@thedragonisaprincess replied to your post: anyone know how to deal with severe dehydration…

Bruh. If you can’t get yourself to a medical facility (because that’s immediately my first response, cuz you srsly need fluids in you asap)… Try to nibble on some kind of crackers (Ritz or a butter cracker) while you take sips of water. Something that will be absorbent and your body can then process the fluids out from it if you can keep it down long enough to be digested.

all ive got are oyster crackers, and even the thought of eating a single one almost pushes me to retch, but ill give it a try, thank you

I went through an uncomfortable experience today at lunch. I was sitting there with like 8 or 9 people laughing and whatever other shit we do at lunch and suddenly they all started hating on someone who I think is funny and I would consider my friend. It’s been happening more and more lately. The worst part? Some things that people said I didn’t totally disagree with. Me being the awkward little shit I am, I didn’t say anything, just kind of sat there like please end. Anyone who’s been through that before have any advice? Cuz srsly I need help.

what did you make of the experience @loveislove2112