RWBY RELATIONSHIP WEEK: Day One (Jaune Arc x Pyrrha Nikos)

no one can save me / the damage is done

P sure the Elric bros spent most of the series walking around in the same farm, picking up random rocks and screaming “PHILOSOPHER’S STONE????" 

So, Uchi was asked to reveal something about Carlos that wasn’t in game and…yes.  

Since Carlos didn’t have anyone to take to prom, he took his cat. God help us, he’s worse than Sigma (in the best way possible what a cinnamon roll). Was he actually an adorably awkward and unpopular teenager despite his jock-like looks? Did he simply prefer to bring the cat because he was shy, and/or preferred the cat’s company over any human’s, not giving a damn what anyone else thought? Most importantly, did he slow dance with the cat??? 

Well, anyways, Carlos is pure a cat person: confirmed. Let’s hope the topic of cats never is brought up whenever he and Sigma are in the same room, or there - hhem - may be a catastrophe 

Additional translated info about Carlos underneath the cut (spoilers?)~

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