more on the ‘klance adopts an galra baby!au’ (well its more like a toddler and this would tech be pre-klance but all the same)

coran is good with kids but seeing as he has some particularly big issues with galra so he’s still pretty awkward with the child, thus most of the kiddy duties tend to fall to lance (who’s own issues arent quite as large) 

so lance is constantly toting the kid around and doing whatever it is that lance does, which includes never shutting up. but see, the kid is actually totally enamored with that and like hangs off of lances every word. lance, being the attention whore he is, absolutely loves it. the kid laughs at all of his jokes and silly faces and just. is a little giggle monster with lance. 

they also accept lances physical affection like hugs, hair ruffles, and so on. but not only does it fill his attention quotas, it also gives someone for him to just. ramble away about earth and his family. he even starts taking the child to the lil observatory and pulls up earth to show them, all while telling little stories. the kid is a great listener, ok. they’re absolutely adorable together and it starts to get the others to relax around the kid.

also, overtime the kiddo seems to really zone in on keith, watching him curiously. like they know something. which, lol, they totally do ok. they can tell that keith is like them somehow, and thus is somewhat soothing to them. they get upset if they dont see keith enough which just baffles this poor desert boy, who we should mention has no idea how to handle a toddler, so its not like he can be left alone with precious-needs-a-name-galra-baby, so play-dates a plenty start up with lance, keith, and baby. which leads to keiths favorite activity, bonding!

Part 3/(?) of song inspired rp plots

“Back off, i’ll take you on. Headstrong i’ll take on anyone. I know that you are wrong. Headstrong, we’re headstrong.”

Muse a has always been a fighter. Throughout highschool, fights litered their record, landing them in detention, suspension, and even jail a few times. Anger wasn’t just a part of them, it defined who they were. Without any sort of future in their mind, they waste their time with boxing matches, and amateur fighting. Quickly, they rose to the top. Almost undefeated, with the edge of anger always egging them on. But after getting kicked out of the league for illicit shots, they don’t know which way to turn.

Muse b is an entrepreneur of sorts. The kind of sorts that is illegal. Their money is spread over sketchy bank accounts and filthy with drugs, dirty politics, casinos, and all that is inbetween. Their next venture, fights. The underground fighting ring has it’s promises to more than double the money they put into a fighter. But the problem is finding a fighter. It’s just by luck that the news of an amateur ufc fighter being expelled from the ring reaches their ears. 

Muse a is the perfect candidate. Young, angry, and ruthless. In a way, very much like muse b themselves. So muse b approaches them, offering to pay their way into the underground ring, supplies, training, and even living arrangements. In exchange for a large cut of the winnings. But muse a isn’t one to trust easily, or at all. And they aren’t one to accept help. But between a rock and a hard place, they accept muse a’s offers. After many training sessions that muse a oversees, living in the apartment that muse a owns, and constant supervision, sparks fly that no one could ever forsee. Muse b doesn’t want to admit that they see muse a as anything other than money, but you can’t always lie to yourself. 


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Psst, they’re transparent, mostly cuz it’s fun to make transparent arts for some reason.

why do people have the misconception that harry doesn’t know/understand anything about sports?

that means he KNOWS A LOT ABOUT FOOTBALL and that’s why he’s surprised he’s not better at it.