Growing Up Ugly

Getting asked out and literally, out loud, saying “are you being serious”


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fic rec: some other way (to tell you you’re okay) 

A carefree one night stand leaves Bonnie pregnant. Breaking a thousand year old curse isn’t everything Klaus imagined it would be. When Bonnie agrees to leave town with the hybrid in exchange for her friends’ safety, what begins as a coerced alliance has a chance to become a different kind of family.

reminder that all this doesn’t change the fact that eyewitness will possibly be renewed. limited series don’t just get one season, that’s not the case at all. it just means that usa network will make a harder decision than usual about the show’s future. they have to see potential in the show if they want to renew it.

which is why we have to keep fighting for it. please don’t stop tweeting usa network with how badly you want season 2 and how important it is. we got nominated for a fucking glaad award, what can’t we do if we try hard enough? keep up the good work everyone, this is only positive news.


RWBY RELATIONSHIP WEEK: Day One (Jaune Arc x Pyrrha Nikos)

no one can save me / the damage is done

more on the ‘klance adopts an galra baby!au’ (well its more like a toddler and this would tech be pre-klance but all the same)

coran is good with kids but seeing as he has some particularly big issues with galra so he’s still pretty awkward with the child, thus most of the kiddy duties tend to fall to lance (who’s own issues arent quite as large) 

so lance is constantly toting the kid around and doing whatever it is that lance does, which includes never shutting up. but see, the kid is actually totally enamored with that and like hangs off of lances every word. lance, being the attention whore he is, absolutely loves it. the kid laughs at all of his jokes and silly faces and just. is a little giggle monster with lance. 

they also accept lances physical affection like hugs, hair ruffles, and so on. but not only does it fill his attention quotas, it also gives someone for him to just. ramble away about earth and his family. he even starts taking the child to the lil observatory and pulls up earth to show them, all while telling little stories. the kid is a great listener, ok. they’re absolutely adorable together and it starts to get the others to relax around the kid.

also, overtime the kiddo seems to really zone in on keith, watching him curiously. like they know something. which, lol, they totally do ok. they can tell that keith is like them somehow, and thus is somewhat soothing to them. they get upset if they dont see keith enough which just baffles this poor desert boy, who we should mention has no idea how to handle a toddler, so its not like he can be left alone with precious-needs-a-name-galra-baby, so play-dates a plenty start up with lance, keith, and baby. which leads to keiths favorite activity, bonding!

So, Uchi was asked to reveal something about Carlos that wasn’t in game and…yes.  

Since Carlos didn’t have anyone to take to prom, he took his cat. God help us, he’s worse than Sigma (in the best way possible what a cinnamon roll). Was he actually an adorably awkward and unpopular teenager despite his jock-like looks? Did he simply prefer to bring the cat because he was shy, and/or preferred the cat’s company over any human’s, not giving a damn what anyone else thought? Most importantly, did he slow dance with the cat??? 

Well, anyways, Carlos is pure a cat person: confirmed. Let’s hope the topic of cats never is brought up whenever he and Sigma are in the same room, or there - hhem - may be a catastrophe 

Additional translated info about Carlos underneath the cut (spoilers?)~

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A fusion between Aizen Sosuke & Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

because i have no chill. Honestly all belongs to Aizen, except eye color and markings and the eyebrows and well the clothing. I wanted to draw Aizen for you ila / @deusuprema but then I accidentally drew over his eyes the eyebrows from Grimmjow and then well … fuck it. Also I want that you wake up to something weird B’)