He might press her close now till the muscles knotted on his arms […] There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.”

I can see that you’re getting weary from fighting what feels like has been too many battles. You struggle with this because you’re a good person and you don’t understand why so much fucked up shit keeps happening to you and the thought keeps entering your mind that “I must deserve this.”, well I’m here to tell you that you need to distance yourself from those thoughts because you do not deserve the pain that you’re going through. Your hardships are not thrust upon you because you deserve it, they happen because YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE STRONG. it’s fucked up right? Yeah I know, it took me a while to see things this way instead of blaming myself and others. But humor me here for another minute before you write this off… your struggles have made you tougher, more intuitive, resilient, smarter, and resourceful than anyone who’s had an easy sheltered life. Think about it… when something bad happens to spoonfed mufuckers, what happens? They’re DEVASTATED. What about when difficult situations arise? They’re DISCOURAGED because they’ve had everything handed to them in life, so they’re AFRAID OF FAILURE. Now, WTF is the result of when the same happens to warriors like You and I? We fuckin face the pain and figure out WTF needs to be done in order to RISE. You stare failure in the face and say “Fuck you bitch, Not today!” Cuz that shit don’t phase you. To be strong is your fate. This is the ballad of a tortured soul, this is your life. Accept and learn from it, why complain? Cuz shit ain’t gonna change.

serious question.

for people interested in makeup and games: would you watch a video of an overwatch character inspired makeup look/tutorial? not cosplay, just inspired by the character? or game inspired makeup in general?

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even tho they’re jewish i can totally see them making (increasingly ridiculous) christmas cards for a laugh.

“come on it’s cold!” jon complained.

“why are we doing this anyway?” bran asked

“this is how goyim show they’re a happy family,” arya said.  she tucked a set of antlers she’d bought at target onto bran’s head and chucked the santa hat into jon’s face.  then she handed the rudolph nose to sansa before donning her own.

“they’re going to think we’re making fun of them,” sansa said wryly, putting the nose on her face.  “does this clash with my hair?”

“you look lovely,” beamed bran.

“we’re not making fun of them.  we’re having fun,” arya said cheerfully.

“can we hurry up?  it’s cold,” jon complained again.  

arya jumped up and jon caught her and she grinned at the camera.  “on the count of three say happy hannukah!”

My copy of the last yoi DVD arrived at my friend’s house in Japan *-* After sending a notice telling they wouldn’t include the bonus manga anymore and having me cursing for months, CDJapan included it anyway. I’m so confused, but happy and grateful to the universe (???)