cuz you have my heart



Two things I learned while playing KH: COM with headphones on:
  • Halloweentown has the most UNSETTLING fucking ambient noise I’ve ever heard
  • David Gallagher wasn’t exaggerating about Riku’s sexy voice…

“You should smile more, Kin-chan!”

At-chan wanted a pic together (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Edit: Precious fic by @freezingdreamer ! <33


Anna Torv according to Tumblr tags (insp.)


“I wanna express my heart to you if I can, ‘cuz women have done a lot for me and I’m hurting…Women are smart and beautiful. You guys are smarter than men. Most men wouldn’t agree, but I know. Mentally and physically you’re stronger than us, too. And why? Simply because you do more. You’ve always got a book in your hand. You carry babies for nine months, or longer. You teach men how to satisfy your needs. And on your way to work in the morning, you refuse to let the escalator ride you, ‘cuz you can walk on it while it’s moving. Your minds are always racing, continually on the go. The only rest you guys take is at bedtime. You go to bed at night after a hard day’s work that’s never done, you get up the next morning, you start the whole day all over again without any complaints. You are the most powerful, and I have to repeat that phrase, you guys are the most powerful human beings on the planet that God has ever created. So I have to ask you, Stephanie, and all women: Can men do all that? Well, I don’t think so…This is just a healthy message to remind you that you’re worth every bit of being here, and then some…”


“Parallel is about the seemingly impossible moment when two people fall in love.  I say ‘seemingly impossible’ because every moment in time and every act, decision and moment of chance has to occur just right for two people to meet and fall in love.  Parallel is that moment when everything aligns just right." 

     ALL his love songs, practically, have this element that something, some unnamed THING, is impeding the course of true love.  Walls have to be broken down, obstacles have to be overcome, the other person has to break through his defenses, stars have to align-and then there’s the other side of the coin: once he’s got love, it needs to be protected, walls have to be built around it so others don’t come along and ruin it or end it.  Is there any other way to interpret what could keep a good-looking, gentle, loving, successful guy from having an easy time of finding and having love? 

      And if that answer I quoted doesn’t sound like him and Logan meeting at the party, getting cast not only on the same TV show but in a project that threw them onto a bus and allowed them to constantly travel together, and then having to be willing to risk so much more than just their friendship if they lit up their hearts with each other…