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Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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Why is everybody leaving Seth? :(

There’s rumors floating around that Roman and The New Day might be heading over to team blue…


Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌

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How did your obsession of Haikyuu!! began?

I saw a shitton of posts on it here on tumblr but avoided it because after watching Free! I was like “nah sports animes are boring”

but it was just so consistent and then I saw a gifset of KENMA KOZUME (when he first meets Hinata) and Kenma was so beautiful PLUS I could easily tell he was relatable to me haha 

and it was late at night and I was bored so I was like “imma watch this show so I can see this beautiful boy” AND THATS WHY I WATCHED IT lmao

ALSO that one post about Tanaka’s and Noya’s friendship makes me laugh every time so I knew there was some humor in there at least. 

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Host: Give it up, or Maven-iac and Cal CALOOOOOORE!

Cal: You’re a bitch!

You’re a liar!

You should admit that you can’t even hold ya fire!

You’re alone,

So I’ll be crude,

I bet you know that I was first that Mare screwed!

Maven: Well maybe somethings you say are quite true,

But–to be frank–I am a better liar than you!

Now Mare’s crying cuz you left her alone,

Good luck with the crown now that you’re on your own!

Daddy can’t help you, are you so scared?

Without him behind you, you are impaired! *crosses arms*

Cal: What?

You think I’m not independent?

Yo mama was devastated cuz you were her descendant!

But I bet you’re happy now that they’re dead,

Your mind is free, so why are you filling with dread?

Everyone hates you!

The courts took you down!

I bet they wanted someone handsome for the crown! *gestures to himself*

Maven: Look at yo’self!

You think you should be so proud?


You’re even getting his receding hair-line!


Cal: Either way,

Mare liked it,

Cuz–guess what–I was the first she showed her cli…

Censoring: BEEEEEP!

Cal: I have the looks,

I hold the cards,

You thought she’d fall for you while she was held by prison-guards?!

Cuz you’re sad!

And you’re whiny!

Just cuz yo mama sometimes slapped you on your hiny!

Word. *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]


Marlee: “So, next weekend you’re finally getting married. How do you feel?”
Darren: “I’m excited! It’s been quite a while since our engagement but we just couldn’t find the time with these toddlers running around and work.. But it’s finally happening.”

NO I didn’t forget about the wedding… :”) The toddler update really messed up my timeline lol.. I already did the wedding the moment the toddler update came out and I really wanted to played with toddlers BUT I wanted to use the same screenies too :/ ANYWAY that didn’t work out anyway because I realized too late that Lumen got grey hair while she still had blonde hair at the wedding… So oopssss

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oh god Pia no more about hybrid augus, I don't know if my heart can take it. lovin' everyyyyyyything you say. so like, i will throw money at you for this. you should totally set up a button or something for if you ever write it just for fun because like that's awesome!

Ahaha, I’ve kept this message in my inbox so I don’t forget, which is cheating, but I know me, I’ll totally forget that the words ‘Gwyn and Augus kink series’ ever passed my lips like a numpty.

I’ve been thinking about it today a lot! Though I’m on my mandatory writing break atm. *shakes a fist* I can start writing again on April 2nd, which is tomorrow. But…between The Ice Plague and Blackwood and The Golden Age that Never Was it doesn’t give me a ton of free writing time, but I’m gonna start drafting my list of kinks for Augus and Gwyn that I either haven’t tackled yet, or want to tackle again.

Hey folks, anything you want to see me cover with these two?

For Better Or For Worse (Usnavi x Reader)

Author’s Note: So this is based off of @mercuryze‘s proposal headcanon which I love. Honestly, all credit goes to them. I just wanted to write it as a proper one-shot. Check them out, they’re really good. To @mercuryze, I hope you like this! 

Summary: Usnavi proposes to reader. So much fluff. Like, too much fluff. FLUFF.

Word Count: 1,595


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