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Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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Why is everybody leaving Seth? :(

There’s rumors floating around that Roman and The New Day might be heading over to team blue…


Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌



Host: Give it up, or Maven-iac and Cal CALOOOOOORE!

Cal: You’re a bitch!

You’re a liar!

You should admit that you can’t even hold ya fire!

You’re alone,

So I’ll be crude,

I bet you know that I was first that Mare screwed!

Maven: Well maybe somethings you say are quite true,

But–to be frank–I am a better liar than you!

Now Mare’s crying cuz you left her alone,

Good luck with the crown now that you’re on your own!

Daddy can’t help you, are you so scared?

Without him behind you, you are impaired! *crosses arms*

Cal: What?

You think I’m not independent?

Yo mama was devastated cuz you were her descendant!

But I bet you’re happy now that they’re dead,

Your mind is free, so why are you filling with dread?

Everyone hates you!

The courts took you down!

I bet they wanted someone handsome for the crown! *gestures to himself*

Maven: Look at yo’self!

You think you should be so proud?


You’re even getting his receding hair-line!


Cal: Either way,

Mare liked it,

Cuz–guess what–I was the first she showed her cli…

Censoring: BEEEEEP!

Cal: I have the looks,

I hold the cards,

You thought she’d fall for you while she was held by prison-guards?!

Cuz you’re sad!

And you’re whiny!

Just cuz yo mama sometimes slapped you on your hiny!

Word. *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]

yamicharm  asked:

How did your obsession of Haikyuu!! began?

I saw a shitton of posts on it here on tumblr but avoided it because after watching Free! I was like “nah sports animes are boring”

but it was just so consistent and then I saw a gifset of KENMA KOZUME (when he first meets Hinata) and Kenma was so beautiful PLUS I could easily tell he was relatable to me haha 

and it was late at night and I was bored so I was like “imma watch this show so I can see this beautiful boy” AND THATS WHY I WATCHED IT lmao

ALSO that one post about Tanaka’s and Noya’s friendship makes me laugh every time so I knew there was some humor in there at least. 

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careful, she bites

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**FAIR WARNING** and too many Fire/Burner puns to count oops

Host: Give it up for the ‘Lil Lightnin’ Girl and for mAVEN-IAC!

Maven: Let’s be honest, Mare, you can’t keep yo eyes off me.

Now when are you gonna find a hotter flame than me?

You know my story, I’m just the Shadow of the Flame,  [makes sad puppy eyes]

But you and I can call each other by other names.

I’ll be ‘Your Majesty’ and I’ll call you ‘Pet’ maybe.

Or you can even call me Mavey, too, baby.

Mare: May I call you asshole, or even pr * ck?

There are just so many options that I can’t pick!

Cuz you don’t deserve yo titles that’s fo shizzle,

Look at the Fire Boy and hear that sIZZLE!!!

Audience: OOH

Audience Member: She got you man!

Mare: The King of Norta brought its country to its ruin.

Not to mention the storm the Scarlet Guard is brewin’.

You tried to stop a war through marriage, now how’s that workin’ for ya?

Poor Iris had to save her husband, too, I doubt that she’ll adore ya.

You know we women have some standards in length you see.

The life of a country, and somethin’ that hurts when its hit with a knee.

Maven: Now look at tiny Mare going for the low blow

But I shouldn’t be surprised it’s the only blow she can go fo.

Could you remind me what it’s like down there, looking up?

Or if you want to reach above my d * ck then should I pick you up?

Mare: Ooh, you know Maven, you should step-back that one really hurt. [sarcastically]

Is brining pain to other people the only way you flirt?

Now, even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be your girlfriend.

Cuz based on yo history I already know how that ends.

‘His name was Thomas’ and I watched him die in the war,

Well did he know your heat was more than he could bargain for?

Now though, I admit your brother was a huge mistake,

At least being with him didn’t turn me into a slice o’ steak.

Audience: dAMNNNNNN!!

Maven: Yeah, when I love someone, I go over-board by just a smidge.

Sure, we’ve gone through stuff but that’s just water under a bridge.

You and your people can call me a monster, a killer, a fool.

But you and I both know it Mare, you are just as cruel.

Here’s a list of reasons why I had to tie you in chains:

The only thing you’re good at is en-trapin’ other people’s brains.

First you tricked my brother, and then you made him pick.

Shade Barrow, Lucas Samos, and my mother went quick.

We are both villains, bringing in some stormy weather.

All I’m asking is why can’t we be mis’rable together?

[silence from Mare]

Mare: You don’t dream Maven, but I can tell you I that do.

So I know I’ve had more nightmares, than you.

The diff’rence between us is that I don’t kill for fun.

I regret every moment using lightning or a gun.

Wellll not really, cuz I used it on your mother, too.

And you’re a poor excuse for a half Merandus, yeah it’s true.

Anyways, you know you should ask your brother Cal,

In bed I’m usually the top type of gal.

Face it boy, in this, too, I’ll can only end up on top,

So you know what you get? You get a mic drop!!

Mare: *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]

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