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Imo ther evasiveness of gay issues isnt cuz they wanted to portray love deeper than romance. Or cuz of Japanese indirectness cuz they aren't indirect with the het themes. It just seems like BS homophobic double standards imo. wat's ur opinion? (2)

Hi and sorry for the late reply! I’m finally trying to answer the questions I received. I’m glad that my note could help explain my point in a clearer way.

I am going to write about the topic of “depictions of homosexuality in Japanese fiction”.
Important note: Not being inside the creators’ mind, I cannot tell whether they actually think Victor and Yuuri are romantically in love or not, but I am explaining why in my opinion they wouldn’t explicitly portray that in the series even if they were in love.

Under the cut because it’s not directly translation-related.

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Aquatic Transformations (Part 1)

It’s late at night when you’re playing around on your computer. You’re playing games and blogging when, all of a sudden, you see a little advertisement in the corner or the screen. ‘Explore New Exotic Places for Free!’ Seems interesting enough. You click on it and find out that the information it wants is pretty basic. It’s not asking for anything too demanding, so you don’t mind filling it out. After you’ve finished the application, you mess around on the computer for another hour or two before closing up your laptop and deciding it’s time for bed. You peel off your bra and put your jammies on, then cuddle up in bed with your big pillow. Life was simple for you, but lonely since you were always by yourself. You couldn’t help but think about that little ad you had seen earlier. Would it be cool to go to new places? Of course! Would it ever happen? You highly doubted it. Before long you started to doze off and passed out.

All of a sudden, you woke up to find yourself in extreme pain. Looking around, you discovered that you weren’t in your room, but in a tube of water with things sticking to your body. You tried to breathe, but found your lungs filled with water. Were you drowning? No, you were breathing still somehow. Outside of the tube, you could see a figure standing near the tube, watching you. She had dark, chocolate skin and golden eyes, with a smile that made you feel sick to your stomach even through all the pain.

“You are the perfect test subject.You seem to be taking the transformation well.” She said, pressing her hand up against the glass and examining you further. This woman placed more hands on the tube. It turns out that she has two sets of arms. “So far, your body has been able to adapt well with the new genes. You will be the hope for a species far from your world.”

New genes? What did she mean? That’s when you looked down at yourself. You could understand why you were in so much pain now. Where you once had legs, you now had a long, fishy, scaly tail in shades of purple. You placed your hands against the glass, your head now spinning. What was all this? What was going on?! Before you could say anything, something changed in the water and you found yourself slipping out of consciousness.

When you awoke, you found yourself in a tank the size of a living room. You had been sleeping on something soft that you would compare to a pillow, but you were underwater so how could it be a pillow? You shook your head, trying to think of what happened to you. Sitting up, you could see your new lower half. Deep purples and blue scales started where your belly button once was, forming your new tail. You had two small fins on your hips, and two tiny flippers near the end of your tail. The upper half of your body seemed to be almost the same as before, except that you had gills on your neck and the sides of your ribs, and your ribcage stuck out more than before.

“Do you like your new body?” You heard from the ceiling. There were speakers in the corners of the tank. You grasped some of the pillows and covered your chest and tried to speak, but couldn’t. The voice seemed to laugh before the top of the tank started to open up. It was the woman from before. “Do not worry, little one. No one will bother you about your breasts. Now, try out your new fins and swim to the top.”

There was very little you could do in this situation. You set the pillow back down on the bottom of the tank and pushed yourself up into the water. It took you a few clumsy minutes, but you were finally able to make it to the top of the tank, where you coughed up water until your lungs filled with air, and what you saw amazed you.

The tank you were placed in was near several other tanks with strange fish-like creatures in them, but none to the mermaid state you were in. Further away, there was a large lake where you could see some jumping out of the water and lounging around. Up above you were metal ceilings and large lights, illuminating the area.

“You are on my ship.” Said the woman standing on an observation deck near you. “And you are also very lucky that your transformation was such a success. Others were not so lucky.” It was the same woman from before. You grit your teeth, staring at her. “Of course, you must have some questions. Please, feel free to ask me anything.” She said, moving to the edge of the deck and sitting down, placing her legs in the water.

Using your fins, you slowly made your way near her and placed your arms on the edge of the tank. “Wh… Where am I? And what happened?” You asked her, your voice shaky.

“As I said, you are on my intergalactic ship, soaring through space at velocities your kind haven’t managed to reach as of yet. And, well, do you not remember that you signed up for this?” She asked, looking at you curiously. “We had put up an advertisement on the internet and asked for volunteers who were willing to leave their homes.”

That’s when it clicked. You had seen a silly little advertisement and clicked on it. It had talked about wanting people to move to new, exotic places, and you thought it was fake, but still put in your personal info cuz, what the hell, it didn’t ask for much info. Your eyes widened as you placed your hands on your forehead. “I… I didn’t think it was going to be like this! I didn’t think it would be out of this world!” You sighed. “Are you fucking serious?” You asked, looking at her. “That silly little ad led to… to all this?!” You asked, gesturing to your lower half.

The mysterious woman seemed to giggle a little, placing a hand on your shoulder. “It isn’t as bad as it seems, young lady. In about a month’s time, we will be at Kashi, and you will begin your new life there.” She said, trying to soothe you. “We needed to transform you this way so you would fit in better with natives.” She gestured one of her free hands towards the lake. “The Kashians are a dying species. They asked me, a leading scientist from Vantu, to help them, and I couldn’t refuse them.”

You nodded, starting to get an understanding of the situation, but were still very confused. “And… What did you mean by I was the lucky one?” You asked, almost dreading the answer.

The woman sighed. “You were the only one we have who accepted the genes correctly. Everyone else either turned into more of a, what you call, ‘fish,’ rather than a Kashian.” She shook her head. “We only had about 20 other subjects, but only seven survived the testing, not including you.” She looked away, towards some of the other tanks. “All of you that were selected didn’t have close ties to any family, in case something went wrong. You all signed your lives away, and even though I am sad about that, I am grateful for all of you who survived. We have learned much about the way the Kashi genes react to your species’ genes, but I am afraid you are the only perfect creation we will ever make. I do not wish to torment any of you again.”

“Oh… okay then.” You said, watching her. “I’m not all that special. I don’t see how it was just me that made it.” Looking down, you swished your tail a little from side to side. “It’s pretty cool how you did this though. How did you get past the government and take us?” You asked, kinda curious now.

She just looked at you and smiled. “That is a story for another time. Right now, you need to get used to your new body and rest before you are moved into another tank with the others.”

“Others?” You asked quickly. “Oh, right. The other people who made it.” Looking over at another tank, you noticed a large fish-like creature staring at you. Once it noticed you saw it, it swam away quickly. “I… I hope they’re nice.”

The woman slowly got out of the water, starting to walk away. “You will have to find out tomorrow. By then, your vocal cords should be used to the water and you can communicate with them.” She looked back at you and waved. “Get some rest. Tomorrow’s a big day.” She started to walk away, but stopped. “You may call me Dr. Kriyan. I will have someone bring you food once you wake.” With that, she walked away, leaving wet footprints on the deck until she walked through a doorway a little ways away, it closing soon behind her.

Using your arms, you lifted yourself onto the deck and sat at the edge where the doctor once sat. This was all so strange. Only you and a couple others had survived? And when you first met the doctor, she seemed to be so creepy but now she’s nice? You shook your head, grasping it. Everything was confusing, but one thing you weren’t sure of was if your singing voice had changed.

Back home, singing was your passion. You loved making your own songs and singing by yourself or wherever you were. After warming up your voice for a moment, you started to sing, delighted that your voice was still the same. Some of the creatures in the tanks near you started to watch you, but they didn’t seem as scared as they once were. You were glad you could soothe them a little by singing. They must have been scared from everything going on.

What you didn’t realize, however, was that someone from the lake was watching you. They seemed to have fallen for you, and you were the only thing they desired now.


Hello, everyone! You can call me Bree, and this is my first time posting something like this. I have a page called @breedoesnsfw , and there will definitely be more parts to this! Also, there’s been a lot of mermaid stuff going on here so I joined the band wagon. Hope you all don’t mind! I should have some naughty bits in the next post. <3

My Opinion 10min after Binging Dear White People (kinda a rant)

so i just finished Dear White People

“But Khalifaziz, it premiers JUST TODAY”
Yes, I watched two episodes during breakfast, did my hair, and when I was done, there were only two episodes left. so I watched those during lunch and finished the entire season in a day.

Firstly: IT WAS AWESOME AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YOU NEED TO WATCH IT ASAP. Luke Cage got renewed about a WEEK after it premiered because we all binged it in high ass numbers, we need a repeat of that.  

Secondly, the question I know all of you are going to hit my inbox asking, “Is it woke enough?" 

The show is, in my opinion, like a blend between School Daze, A Different World, and that movie with the title no one can ever remember. You know, the one that was like School Daze but about Black students on a white campus and it ends with that one Neo-Nazi committing a mass shooting on the campus? With a small dash of Veronica Mars. 

That said, it only gets about a 3.85 on my own personal woke-o-meter (out of 5, btw). You’ll probably see me ranting about the reasons why for months to come but here are a few of the highlights: 

-This series inadvertently pointed out all my problems with even progressive interracial relationships. It’s doomed to fail if your partner is an irresponsible white person, and you’re too afraid of your peers to own up to the fact (and actually take time to analyze your partner to find out if they’re irresponsible or not) that you’re dating a white person. I never liked movie version of Gabe but was willing to ignore him. While the show makes his character SLIGHTLY better, that’s only on the surface. In actuality, he’s worse.
-Firstly, MAJOR trigger warning for Reggie’s story arc. No spoilers but if you’re the type that does’t like seeing police brutality videos, then I suggest prepping yourself for one episode in particular (message me for deets). If you’re not Black, this trigger warning doesn’t apply (sorry, your life is a trigger warning against this stuff).I LOVED Reggie’s character in a lot of ways…and I also hated him. I found myself relating to Reggie a lot, EXCEPT for his relationship with Sam. This dude was super possessive of a girl that he barely even had a flirtation-ship with. I appreciated it, cuz honestly it felt like a great commentary on how, often times, the Black dudes with the most to say about interracial relationships are the ones that see Black women as their inherent property, however because of the commentary, up until the aforementioned police brutality ark, I found it near impossible to empathize with him over….anything really.
-Idk how to feel about the fact that while they address colorism (and Sam’s implicit bias) they do so by having the most Stacy Dash character call her out. Honestly, there were only two Black females on the show that were super ‘woke’ (a term I often use loosely but feel is applicable for the context of this show), and one was Just Barely Passes the Paper Bag Test Sam, and her bff Jo (to explain Jo’s character, think of every Black girl supporting character in a White sitcom who ISN’T a massive stereotype and how they’re usually sidelined and ignored….that’s Jo). While Jo is the darkest girl on the show (arguably, depending on lighting), she is a sidelined character, and all the other darkskin girls (as well as literally every Black woman on the show except Nia Long) are portrayed as the typical…how do I put this delicately…all the Black women on the show are a cross between Whitley Gilbert and Robin Givens, and the odd hybrid is auditioning for the role of Caroline in a movie adaptation of Outkast’s song, Roses.
-I’m glad Nia Long is in this….but the fact that DWP refuses to use the word "bisexual” is, in my opinion, the whitest s*** ever (not really, though, biphobia in Black communities is real, we may all have an uncle named Peaches, but Peaches better be Gold Star to be accepted at a progressive Black church). Nia Long’s character reminds us that if it’s a guy and a female teacher, it’s not rape, reinforces the 'cheating bisexual’ stereotype, and is just one in a long line of characters that are heavily coded to be bisexual. keyword being 'coded’.
-Remember how, in the movie, Lionel was outed by his frat brothers, forced out of his house, and was ridiculed with the Predatory Gay dude trope? all of that’s gone. Except the Predatory Gay Man thing…the writers just BARELY cross that line. Like, they get close enough, but still keep enough distance that I can tell about ten people are going to argue that he doesn’t fulfill the trope. It’s dubious, sure, but that’s the point. It shouldn’t be dubious.
-The writers seemed to only want to show ONE type of interracial relationship on the show. and not, you know, the one from the movie that featured the white sorority girl with a BBC fetish.
-Now that I think about it, there was almost nothing about white women in this show other than Coco’s friends. They were all portrayed as either sorority girls or hardcore feminists. As sorority girls, their bigotry was both excused and casual, and as hardcore feminists, they never openly said anything about Intersectionality, working with the Black women on campus, or even addressing their own implicit bias. suspect….
-Colorism and hair hate are 100% a Black Woman’s issue. I understand that. However, the show indicated how they can also be issues for Black men as well, but did nothing. There’s one member of their group whom is LIGHTER than the main character (who’s supposed to be mixed race, mind you), but they never talk about any issues with colorism he has to face, and Lionel spends the first two episodes trying to resolve wanting a hair cut but not knowing how to take care of his hair and feeling uncomfortable in Black barbershops. and yet….nothing

I know it looks like I’m just complaining about the show: I’m not. I LOVED the show. It was funny and real af. But it also had some REAL flaws that we need to A; discuss and B; keep in mind while watching it.
I’m taking a nap now. wake me when season two comes out.

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I'm sending another prompt cuz this ship deserves more LOVE : “You and I were a fascinating narrative, and I’ve always liked to tell stories.”

Thank you, I love you! And you’re quotes are amazing, keep em coming.

Chapter 1: First Grade

The day I met Betty, I knew she was something special. This little girl with blond pigtails and big green eyes, who’s smile lit up the room the second she walked in. I noticed her because she noticed me. She bounced over to where I was sitting and said,

“Hi, I’m Betty Cooper, what’s your name?” I was a shy, awkward child with only one friend. Archie Andrews, a nice boy whom I had known my entire life. But Archie wasn’t in my class that year, so I spent most of the time keeping to myself. I barely knew how to respond to someone talking to me, especially in such a happy way.

“I’m Jughead…Jones, the third.” I finally responded. Betty let out a cute giggle and sat down across from me.

“That’s a funny name. I’m new, my family just moved here. I don’t have any friends, and since you are sitting alone I thought maybe you could use a friend too. Want to be friends?”

Betty asked me that in the blunt way that only a child could. I told her yes, mainly because I was so shocked that I don’t think I could’ve said anything other than what she wanted to here. Betty immediately took me under her wing. She was the new girl, but she fit in better at school then I ever had. Betty forced me out of my comfort zone. She dragged me to school and town events that I normally would’ve avoided like the plague.

Even as a first grader, I was aware that Betty was different from the others. She was both kind and strong. She never let anyone say a bad word about me. She once punched a kid who had tripped me on purpose.

Imagine this. A tiny, pretty, first grade girl punching the biggest, meanest kid in our grade. I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. 

Betty and I were walking home after school, minding our own business when a boy named Reggie stuck his foot out and tripped me. I went sprawling, the books in my arms flying everywhere. I heard Reggie and his pals laughing.

“Leave him alone!” A small voice rang out. I looked up to see Betty standing in front of Reggie, her little hands in fists by her side. She was at least a head shorter than Reggie, but she didn’t seem to notice or care.

“What are you going to do about it, new girl?” Reggie teased, sending another wave of laughter through his friends. Before anyone had time to react, Betty had swung her arm and punched Reggie right in the face. He stumbled backwards, holding his cheek and looking at her in shock. Betty simply tossed her ponytail, turned on her heel, and walked over to me. She stuck her hand out and helped me up.

“Let’s go Juggie” She said, taking my hand and pulling me away. I wish I could say that Reggie never bothered me again, but I can’t. What I can say was that he was always careful never to end up on the wrong side of Betty ever again.

“What are you writing Juggie?” Jughead looked up from his laptop in surprise to find none other than Betty sitting across from him.

“Betty? When did you get here?”

“A few minutes ago, you were really absorbed in your writing, it must be something good.”

“I think it will be.” Jughead leaned forward across the table to give her a kiss. “And hi.” He smiled sitting back down.

“Hi, so what are you writing?” She asked again

“A story”

“About…?” She quirked her eyebrows, obviously wondering why he was being so evasive.

“I’ll let you know when its finished.” Jughead answered, knowing that didn’t really satisfy her question. But she simply shrugged and pulled out a book from her backpack.

“Then you better get writing.”

Chapter 2: Archie Andrews

Archie and Betty hit it off immediately when I introduced the two of them. I knew they would, they were both energetic, kind people who always saw the best in everything.

To tell the truth, I was a bit nervous that they would become amazing friends and forget all about me, but that did not happen. Betty and Archie never once made me feel like an outsider, or like I was different from the two of them. Which let’s be honest, I was the odd one out. But with the two of them I never felt like that.

The summer after first grade was one of the best of my life. Archie, Betty and I did everything together. We called ourselves the Three Musketeers. We spent the entire summer roaming through Riverdale, finding secret spots and playing great adventure games.

Betty was the one who started calling us the Three Musketeers. She started it after Archie proposed a pirate game where I was a pirate who had kidnapped Betty and he was the brave captain sent to rescue her. Betty had put her hands on her hips and fixed Archie with a terrifying stare.

“Archie Andrews, I am not a damsel in distress. If you want to play something, how about we play the Three Musketeers, cause I can fight just as well as both of you.”

And so we had played the Three Musketeers and neither of us had ever suggested that Betty play the part of damsel in distress ever again.

Oh, how I wish that summer could’ve lasted forever, but like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Second grade was when thing really began to change. Betty and Archie were in the same class, I unfortunately was left the odd person out.

For a little while, it was like nothing had changed from the summer, but I began to notice small shifts in our friendship. Betty and Archie developed a closer bond because they were spending so much time together. They still included me, but I began to feel more like a third wheel than one of the musketeers.

Then Betty started tutoring Archie.

Then Archie asked Betty to marry him.

Suddenly, everything had changed. I’m not even sure if they realized it, but suddenly it became Archie and Betty…oh and Jughead. 

They were young, and experiencing their first major crush, and I don’t blame them for their actions, but it became all about how they felt about each other. This was something that unfortunately continued in the years to come. I watched Archie and Betty do an exasperating dance for years. They pushed down their feelings, too scared it would change their friendship. 

I watched Betty fall hard for Archie, who seemed to remain oblivious. I listened to her complain about a new girl he was with. I comforted her when Archie did something to hurt her feelings.

All the while, I waited. I waited for Betty to wake up one day and realize that while she had been crushing on Archie all of these years, I had been crushing on her.

“Jughead” Betty’s voice once again brought him from his writing. He looked up at her and raised his eyebrows, wondering why she had interrupted him. Jughead found Betty looking at him intently. They stared at each other for a few moments before Jughead gave in with a sigh.

“What is it Betty?”

“You were frowning. Quite intensely might I add. Trouble with your writing?”

“More like troubling subject matter.” Jughead replied, avoiding Betty’s eyes.

“Juggie…” He could feel Betty’s gaze on him. He finally looked up.

“Betty, I promise I will tell you, I’ll even let you read it. But you just need to wait until its finished.”

“Not even a hint?” Betty teased.

“It’s a fascinating narrative, just like all of the stories I love to write.” Jughead winked at her

“Juggie! That tells me nothing.”

“I know, and you won’t find out anything unless you let me get back to my writing.”

“Fine” Betty stuck her tongue out at Jughead.

Chapter 3: Changing Times

This pattern continued until the summer before our sophomore year. Everything changed that summer. Betty went away for an internship, Archie didn’t go away physically, but he still became distant.

I found myself alone in Riverdale for the first time since I met Archie.

I poured myself into my novel about Jason Blossom’s disappearance, trying to pretend that I didn’t notice the absence of my friends.

School felt like a foreign country without my Archie and Betty to help me navigate. I was avoiding Archie at all costs, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to see Betty yet. I knew she must have a lot on her mind, with what had happened to her sister. Plus she was usually surrounded by Kevin and the new girl, Veronica Lodge. 

I kept waiting to find Betty alone, but it never seemed to work out that way. So, I continued pouring myself into my novel and isolating myself into a booth at Pop’s. That is, until Archie came into Pop’s after a dance, looking for Betty.

That was the night when hope returned.

I found out that Betty had finally confessed her feelings and that Archie had told her that he didn’t feel the same.  I hated that Betty was hurting, but another part of me, and not a small part, was glad that she could finally move on.

She had been pining after Archie Andrews for too long. Archie was a great guy and my best friend, but he didn’t love Betty in the way that she deserved.

I am not good at expressing my emotions, but the moment I found out what happened, I wanted to run over to Betty’s and pour out my heart. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that Betty was still grieving over the loss of the idea of her and Archie. I knew I needed to give her time. Time to heal and time to move on.

So I waited. It killed me, but I waited.

Archie and I slowly made up. I was glad to have my friend back, but he and Betty were still awkward around one another so it was not quite like old times. I wasn’t sure if we would ever be able to get back to being the Three Musketeers.

Then, one night, Archie and I were walking into Pop’s for some burgers. Archie stopped dead right inside the door. I turned to follow his gaze and locked eyes with none other than Betty Cooper. She looked so beautiful it was like a punch to the gut. 

Both Archie and I waited to see what she was going to do. When she asked us to join her, it was like a weight had been lifted. I gladly agreed, hopping over the booth so I could sit across from Betty. She laughed and wagged her finger at me.

The four of us spent the night laughing and joking. It was almost like old times, just with a plus one. I knew that Archie and Betty were repairing their friendship and I had hope that things would soon be back to normal.

Well, normal between them at least. I wanted things between Betty and myself to be far from normal. I wanted something new. Of course, I was still waiting for a sign from her.

“Jughead!” Betty pratically yelled. Jughead jumped and looked up at her in annoyance.

“Why on earth are you yelling Betts?” 

“Because you didn’t respond the first three times I said your name.”

“Oh…” Jughead looked sheepish

“What I wanted to say is that it’s late and my mom imposed a curfew with what has been going on. So, I’ll leave you to your writing and see you tomorrow.” Betty said standing up.

“Wait!” Jughead quickly saved his document and closed his computer, jumping up next to Betty. “Let me walk you home.”

“Don’t be silly Juggie, you’re really into your writing, I can tell. It’s no problem, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She leaned in and kissed him lightly in the mouth and turned away, but Jughead wasn’t about to let that happen. He grabbed her hand and started walking out with her.

“You don’t be silly. It’s not safe out there, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t make sure you got home safe and sound?”

“The tortured, moody, writer kind.” She said, nudging her shoulder against his, but she was smiling brightly and Jughead could tell that she was grateful for his company.

Chapter 4: Blue and Gold

When Betty asked me to help out with reviving the school newspaper I pretended to consider it, even though I had known from the moment I stepped in the room what she wanted and that I would say yes.

I would do anything for Betty, especially when she flashed those puppy dog eyes at me.

But, I probably would’ve said yes even if I wasn’t crushing on her. Because Betty and I were both driven by the same thirst for the truth. I wanted truth for my novel, and she wanted it because she needed to figure out what happened to her sister, but our goals were still the same. Uncover the real story, find the liars, and get the truth out to everyone.

Betty and I spent a lot of long hours together in that dusty news room. Most of the time we were absorbed in our own stories, but occasionally we would bounce ideas off of one another. We had many long discussions about what could be happening and how to find the truth.

Betty told me everything she knew about Polly and Jason.

I told her everything I knew about Archie and Ms. Grundy.

As we uncovered more secrets, we grew closer and closer. We were each others confidants. We were the only ones that we were 100 percent sure that we could trust.

I wish it had been under better circumstances. I wish that a boy didn’t have to die, but I am thankful for what it led to.

One night, Betty and I heard pretty shocking information. When she turned to look at me, I saw a complex series of emotions flicker across her face. She asked me if I believed what we had heard. I told her that I did, scanning her face to see if she agreed. Her expressions were closed off, so I was forced to ask her if she believed.

What happened next was something that I had been waiting for. Betty reached up and put her hands on my neck. I could feel her thumb rubbing my cheek gently.

“I believe you Jughead.” Now her expression was open. Her eyes were so vulnerable, so full of trust. I could do nothing but stare at her for a few seconds, barely able to believe what was happening.

Then I kissed her.

It was everything that I had imagined and hoped it would be.

I kept my eyes closed for a few moments after the kiss, half afraid that I would open them up and find that it had all been a dream. But when I finally opened my eyes, I found Betty smiling at me.

Beautiful, sweet, caring, fierce, kind, strong, incredible Betty.

We had kissed and she was smiling at me like I was the most incredible thing she had ever seen. I have to imagine that I was looking at her the same way.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you walked into first grade with those god forsaken pigtails.” I confessed. I wanted to tell her everything, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her. So I settled with telling her about my long standing crush. Betty had giggled and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight. 

“I’ve wanted to do that since I first walked in and saw you scowling in a corner with that hat of yours askew on your head.” Betty had whispered.

We continued walking after that, but everything was different. Now, our fingers were intertwined and we walked so close together we kept bumping into one another.

Jughead walked up to Betty and kissed her as soon as he entered school. Betty looked up into his smiling face and couldn’t help but smile back.

“What are you so happy about this morning?” She asked.

“I finished what I was writing, or I finished up to present day at least.” Jughead spoke quickly out of excitement.

“Can I read it?”

“Yes, follow me.” Jughead pulled her into the newsroom where they could be alone. He pulled the printed copy of his story out of his bag. “Okay, I’ve been trying to think of a way to tell you all of this for a while now. I almost blabbed it the first time we kissed, and about a hundred times after that. But as you know, I am a lot better at words in the form of writing. So I wrote this, it’s our story Betty. At least what has happened so far. And I plan to fill a lot more pages with our adventures.” Having said his piece, Jughead handed Betty his story.

The Story of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones

Dedicated to Betty Cooper
“You and I were a fascinating narrative, and I’ve always liked to tell stories.” 

“Oh Juggie!” Betty exclaimed, running over to hug him. “This is the sweetest, most romantic thing anyone was ever done for me. Thank you.”

“You’ve only read the first page!” Jughead protested with a laugh, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

“And I already love it, now let go of me so I can read the rest”

God I love writing about Bughead! I will write about these two crazy kids until my fingers bleed.

Send me a Bughead prompt and I’ll write a drabble!  

like the ocean swells (we inhale, exhale)
rated g
word count: 2,136
ship: allura/lance (allurance)
prompt: how allura and lance started the spa date tradition

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Sometimes the best of friendships could be found in the most unlikely of places. This was a lesson Allura would learn in the most intimate of ways. It all began after yet another hard won battle against the Galra; they had liberated a small star system and were spending time on each of the three habitable planets. After some deliberation, the group had split off into pairs as a way to save time, instead of hopping from planet to planet. Shiro and Keith had left together to stay on the desert planet of Xiantho, while Coran had taken Pidge and Hunk to the tech metropolis of Xikanthu.

Somehow, Allura was left in charge of Lance on the ocean world of Xilintha.

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Well! I did it yall! I made it to 200!
This was about where I was before I accidentally lost everything. It was a hard blow to take, but the fact that most of everyone that was following me before followed me here makes me super fucking happy and super fucking blessed. 

I’m not good at these listing things, but I’m going to do my best to try and not leave people out.

So let me start with those special few that have pushed me here.

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Naruto Gaiden Rant

SO I’ve been quiet the last few months because I just had nothing to say about the disaster that is the New Era project. Until the new chapter came out. 

I’ll be honest, some of the shit in the newest chapter was pretty cool, most? Not so much. 

First of all, let’s start with Orochimaru and Kabuto’s love child 

Isn’t he precious? Moving on…(I know who I’m shipping now..)

In the next panel, Sarada is wondering what the hell does it mean to be a ninja now, I don’t blame her. Peace will do that to military power and it seems this generation is more concerned with besting their shitty parents than having actual goals. Um, scratch that. My bitterness is showing. 

This is just adorable, look at them, besties already. 

Sarada desperately wants a relationship with her father, it shows when she tries to tell Chou-chou to spend more time with her own father and it’s actually pretty heartbreaking. No matter how much I hate SasuSaku and feel it doesn’t make sense, I still feel like the poor fans were cheated out of proper development. And then Kishimoto throws this bomb of a chapter and it’s just…it tanks. 

Anyway, we then see Boruto and Naruto training and this actually melts my iced heart a little. Because Boruto doesn’t seem as upset as he was in chapter 700. He seems to acknowledge the fact that his dad is busy but Naruto is at least making an effort by training him, even if it is a kage-bunshin. I don’t condone child abandonment or neglect but it seems Kishimoto is righting SOME wrongs in this chapter. This was one of them, so I’m glad. Especially since Naruto clearly knows where his son is hiding (For God’s sake he can’t STILL be that dumb, he did this professionally when he was his son’s age…plus, Boruto’s feet were kinda showing from under the gap in the sign), but it seemed he was prolonging the inevitable just to spend more time with his son. 

That panel is from Naruto’s POV. 

Side note, was also happy to see Shikamaru being basically annoyed with himself for being that lazy. Loved the father/son interaction. 

Let’s get to the bomb Kishimoto dropped shall we? 

Okay, so many things wrong with this picture. Let’s first attack the obvious…no wedding picture. Hell, they don’t even have a normal picture TOGETHER. Then, poor Sarada states she never actually MET Sasuke and my heart just shatters. Kishimoto realizes how much SS DON’T work he can’t even write a proper storyline for them that would fit their characters. So instead, he writes the only thing that would make sense, Sasuke having a child (possibly with some other woman) and abandons her and his ‘wife’, whom we are also unsure if she is actually married to him. 

This is bad guys, I mean, it makes more sense for Sasuke, but it also makes NO sense for Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn’t just abandon his child, not after everything, not after vowing to break the curse of hatred. Either she isn’t his child, or Kishimoto is fucking up my baby even more. Now, I don’t know what to believe at this point. I don’t know if she is Karin’s child (I don’t really think she is though). I don’t know if Sasuke is in his right mind, I don’t even know if Karin is alive at this point. IF she is Sarada’s mother…then what? She died and Sakura out of the goodness of her heart is taking care of her lovechild? If so, why would she keep Karin’s pic? I feel so horrible for the SS fandom because the ship they love so much just isn’t sailing. This is terrible development, Sakura honestly seems heartbroken and Sasuke hasn’t even visited for the last 12 years. That. breaks. my. heart. This isn’t what I wanted for my babies. I am not pro-SS, but I am pro-Sakura. I don’t hate her, I hate what Kishimoto made her. I am 100% sure that Sasuke has a good reason for not being around for the last 12 years, or at least I hope Kishimoto can WRITE a good reason for child abandonment/neglect, but I know that nothing he writes will justify this. This is going beyond abuse. Sakura is clearly unhappy, her child is unhappy, her husband isn’t even around (are they even married????? I sure hope so cuz Sakura is wearing the Uchiha symbol on her back) 

Sarada basically states what the entire fandom (outside of SS) think about SS: 

To me, the relationship feels 100% obligatory. There is no shared love, Kishimoto can’t even lie about it the same way he did with NH because SS just do. not. fit. You can’t spend 15 years writing a story where two characters have developed independently of each other and then expect the fandom to accept when they’re just thrown together for some cheap ass ending. Sakura and Sasuke just don’t work. They will never work and I will never condone this abusive and harmful relationship. I don’t care how Kishimoto is going to justify it (as I expect he will attempt in the coming chapters) I can never accept it. The relationship BUTCHERS both Sasuke’s character AND Sakura’s. 

Sigh, moving on. I’ll admit, I laughed pretty hard at Sakura destroying her own house…but can someone please explain this to me????

Kishimoto knows he’s writing Sakura right…? Not Hinata…? I can’t seem to remember Sakura ever passing out except that one time during the bell exam. Even when she was beaten up pretty badly…she was still pretty damn awake during the Chuunin exam…Is Kishimoto drunk or something? Was he high while he wrote this? 

Man…so many continuity errors and horrible mistakes and twisted plotlines that don’t even make sense anymore. 

I can’t wait to see how he justifies this disaster of a project. LOL. 

Honestly, I just don’t give a flying fuck about what happens from now on. As far as I’m concerned, Naruto ended at 699.

P.S. Maybe Sasuke is outside the village having a super secret sex meeting with the love of his life…the 7th hokage. Maybe that’s where the real Naruto is…stuck in his office my ass.  

anonymous asked:

"Maybe we should closer at the hint given to us with the little mermaid link…" I'm intrigued cuz maybe Lydia has some mermaid blood in her, Mermaids or their cousins sirens: "were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island." which fits Lydia a bit

I got a similar ask a while back - but it was baked into a lot of other questions, so i’m just going to copy my answer to that one here - i’ve been thinking that most of the stuff the characters assume in TW seem to be wrong. So why not also Lydia’s label? Banshees predict death - but Lydia has several times screamed without anyone dying. Mermaids are often connected to disasters which might even fit her better. or perhaps she’s a cross between the two? Or JD is merging mythologies? what do i know.

Here are the ramblings from a few weeks back


Second, I was suddenly thinking about Lydia’s connection to The Little Mermaid, do you think it holds any significance? This was the “fairytale” season and although most people meta-d it as Sleeping Beauty it seems odd that Lydia placed such massive emphasis on TLM, could this be a nod to season five?

Several others have done great metas on the fairytale parallels especially in season 4, particuarly Sleeping beauty as you point out. And I agree with you, i think the link between Lydia and the Little Mermaid might be of significance. I’m betting there’re already amazing metas on this by someone far more qualified than me as well (please view this as an invitation to reblog with links and/or info:))

In TW 4x09:

Stiles: What did you read? 
Lydia: The Little Mermaid.
Stiles: You read that movie? 
Lydia: It was a book first. Hans Christian Andersen.

This little piece of dialogue tells me that it is important - and we’re supposed to look at the original fairytale by HC Andersen and not the Disney version. Why else give Stiles a very un-Stiles line? I mean “You read that movie?” is not something you’d expect from Stiles - he’s the one with the pop culture knowledge that rolls his eyes when others are ignorant - I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t know that it was a book first. Or maybe i’m projecting my Norwegian-ness here? HC Andersen is Danish and it’s very well-known fairytales here, we learn about it as kids and in school. Maybe it’s different in the US?

No matter - these four lines of dialogue still manage to hammer away the message that we should look at the fairytale. Here’s a handy Wikipedia-link

Basically it’s about a Mermaid that resides in the sea but longs for the human world, and can only become part of it at great costs and if certain events pan out. Unlike Disney-tales they don’t live happily ever after. The mermaid is offered a chance to return to the sea by killing the prince she didn’t get, but can’t do it. Instead she throws herself into the waves and turns to sea foam. But instead of ceasing to exist which is normal, she’s turned into a spirit - a daugher of air.

The elements are clearly important in Teen Wolf - they tie into seasons and also into color theory. And to make it even more baffling most of the meanings are also turned around but that is JD for you - he’s fond of inverting things and tropes. The two elements in that fairytale are water and air. And according to the color theory that athenadark has been working on it looks something like this:

  • S1 - Fire = Red = Empowerment
  • S2 - Water = Blue = Damnation
  • S3 - Earth = Gold = revelation
  • S4 - Air = White/Grey = secrets
  • S5 - Void = Black = ?

Water and Air means damnation and secrets. The Martin family history seems to be bathed in secrets and Lydia’s own banshee powers are still mostly a mystery to her. Damnation certainly fits her grandmother as well who was killed and who also lost her true love - on the lake! Lydia’s lakehouse, lydia wears a lot of blue, Lydia had her first banshee-moment after Peter bit her in the shower. This certainly fits.

I’m mostly rambling right now. I don’t have a consistent theory to offer, but i’m positive that water is important in the show - like the Sheriff says to Deaton “I’m beginning to think there’s something in the water.” And i have a gut feeling Lydia’s family is somehow very closely connected to it.

I’m not so sure we should immediately jump Ariel = Lydia and expect the stories to fit, I think it more speaks to the Martin family and Lydia’s heritage, but that is just a hunch. There are some connections between banshees and water as well according to wikipedia. For instance in scottish mythology banshees are called the bean nighe (Scottish Gaelic for “washer woman”) and as the “Washer at the Ford” she wanders near deserted streams where she washes the blood from the grave-clothes of those who are about to die.

Also on wikipedia we find some banshee/mermaid “crossover”

Banshees are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, often having long, pale hair which they brush with a silver comb, a detail scholar Patricia Lysaght attributes to confusion with local mermaid myths. This comb detail is also related to the centuries-old traditional romantic Irish story that, if you ever see a comb lying on the ground in Ireland, you must never pick it up, or the banshees (or mermaids – stories vary), having placed it there to lure unsuspecting humans, will spirit such gullible humans away. Other stories portray banshees as dressed in green, red, or black with a grey cloak

This silver comb thing is mentioned in the bestiary that was given out at SDCC last summer… and isn’t it curious how the illustrations on the page is all about ships and water….. hmmmmmm :)

And all this actually makes me wonder - is Lydia another person mislabeled? It was Jennifer that said Lydia was a banshee - what if she’s mistaken. What if Lydia is actually part mermaid or a cross between the two?

Wiki link

The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatistransformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings.

Grandma Martin’s lover Maddie died in a shipwreck. Lydia heard the voice of a young woman drowning her baby at the motel Glen Capri. Stiles knows a lot about how drowning feels like and he’s been extremely obsessed with Lydia for a long time - could it be a connection?

Mermaids appear in British folklore as unlucky omens, both foretelling disaster and provoking it.[15] Several variants of the ballad Sir Patrick Spens depict a mermaid speaking to the doomed ships. In some versions, she tells them they will never see land again; in others, she claims they are near shore, which they are wise enough to know means the same thing. Mermaids can also be a sign of approaching rough weather

The say that banshees scream when someone is about to die. Lydia has more than once screamed without the person dying. Mermaids can foretell disaster - Lydia does seem to be able to do both…

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Season 1-3 Brittana or Season 4-6 Brittana I know the answer may seem obvious but there were some mighty cute moments in season six -cough cough- THE WEDDING ! So there's the question even though there not two different ships there nature is a tad different

Ooh, go ahead and lay it on me haha

I don’t think I can choose tbh cuz both of those periods had some amazing moments. 

Season 1-3 was amazing because we saw their friendship evolve to best friends with benefits, to eventually falling in love with each other, and starting to really date. Seeing Santana struggle with her feelings, and newfound identity, was an incredible journey(Though definitely flawed in certain departments, like the White Privileged Male Hero syndrome the show has)  

We understood why she would sometimes be so mean, how she’d rather hurt herself and put up walls, then ever hurt her best friend and the girl she fell hopelessly in love with. 

Season 3 was amazing cuz we actually got to see them as girlfriends, all though the nonverbal Brittany during that period was pretty much the dumbest things the writers could’ve ever done. I say pretty much cuz they screwed them over even more in later seasons.

Season 4 was just weird. I understand breaking things off after graduating HS, but that was just ridiculous. I mean, wth does “This is not an official break-up” even mean?! I still don’t know or even get that line. 

I also would’ve been all for them developing themselves and trying to date others, were it not for the, once again, WPMS that this show has, by making Britt start to date Sam(Gross). That mostly ruined Sam’s character for me as a whole. 

I ain’t even gonna talk about Dani. 

Throughout season 4, whenever Santana visits Lima, you can clearly see the love and deep bond between them, They’d drop anything to help the other one out, which they have both done for the other even when not being together, if that isn’t love…

There have been so many moments that made the suffering almost worth it, almost.

Season 5… Britt was having a hard time at MIT, a few small talks with Santana set her ‘straight’ again. She found something to work for, something she wants more than anything; to have Santana back again. She was on a mission.

That whole scene where Britt delivers that awesome speech, and especially that kiss, def went far over my expectations(Like a smart person, I set the bar very very low, since ya know, it still was the Blam-chel show). I really only watched episodes with Brittana in them, and it was worth sitting through the other torturous scenes for.

Then finally comes season 6. That was like a dream come through. Them having fun, real talks, just being their amazing, happy, selves from just being around each other.

The proposal couldn’t have been more perfect(except for the Bitter Butt’s reaction). Nervous Santana has always been my fav, whether it was in the show or being written in amazing fanfics. That speech was everything I could’ve dreamed off and more. 

Wedding planning, more real talks, San’s struggle with her Abuela’s acceptance issues being brought up again, and Britt doing everything to try and get Alma to understand that love is just love. And that San is still the same awesome girl she has always been.

Also, Britt speaking Spanish? Thank you!

The wedding, that took a not so surprising turn since again, the creators and writers suffer from WPMS, was the highlight of the whole show pretty much. It was the cherry on top for a couple that has struggled so long, with themselves, trying to be together, to becoming their own selves and finally finding each other again.

Britt being a Bridezilla made it more perfect, since I think most of us expected San to turn out to be one, but instead she was the relaxed one. Abuela showing up and actually starting to accept that her granddaughter is still the same person she was, but now an even better version since she has the love of her life and is as happy as can be.

As you can tell by my long reply, or re-telling of their story, I really can’t pick between s1-3 Brittana and s4-6 Brittana since both time periods played such a crucial part of the individuals they became; to the couple they have become.

So… I hope that this is a good enough answer haha. Thanks for sending this :) 

Throwing the question back at you, or anyone that wants to answer as well, who is your fav? S1-3 Brittana or s4-6 Brittana and why?

Read this even if you don't like the kaisoo fandom

Hating on the people that constantly showed their love, support, and appreciation everyday for the work you made is unbelievable. It’s pathetic that these people feel the need to write about a popular otp that they lowkey hate just to live out their fantasies and then using the readers for their own benefits and popularity just to end up vocalizing that you hate them is extremely disrespectful just because you’re so insecure about your follower count… Smh and yall think WE go too far. If it’s not hard for yall to come up with fake rumours and sketch some fake shit on Microsoft paint and have the time to photoshop a couple together then it shouldn’t be so hard to write about them too. I get it, kaisoo is a popular couple but look how pathetic you ended up looking… And now after saying you hate your readers, yall are deactivating, deleting your stories and just making a damn fool out of yourselves. I hope the embarrassment was worth because i’m certainly laughing. ☕️🐸

Yall are constantly trying to destroy a large, strong and positive community of people that have so much love to give. Now because a few authors felt the need to call out their own audience, actually saying that they HATE the people who read their stories, you guys have ruined it for the hard working authors who actually write about kaisoo because they generally like the ship, the fans, and all the support their hard work gets them. Now new authors with so much potential wont ever have that trust from their audience because they don’t want to support people who are gonna end up using them.

The kaisoo fandom is full of people who love to support one another. It’s not US that is the problem, the problem is with the people who always try to ruin ships and say it’s wrong, or the people who think it’s okay to compare kaisoo to other ships because they are so insecure in their own beliefs, and the people who think they should write hate in our tags. I have witnessed so many of my friends and other accounts leave the fandom because the hate WE get is SO unnecessary and it hurts, I admit it. I’m known in the kaisoo fandom, along with many others, for always standing up for us against those who publicize their hate, and thats where some of the kaisoo fandom gets their “defensive reputation” from and I see that it can be annoying but you guys don’t seem to understand that this otp makes people happy, writing fanfics pull people out of a bad time, people here are popular because of their love for these two, this whole thing is SO fun, it’s so fun to be apart of cuz I have so much friends and amazing followers because of kaisoo.. so of course we get upset when someone comes out of no where to turn this positivity into negativity. If you’re one of the people who hate this fandom then stay away from us. It is really not that hard to be a mature person. Most of the kaisoo fandom has the respect, maturity and decency to make sure our posts don’t end up in other tags (by saying kxk or kaist**) so it really shouldn’t be that hard doing the same for us. You guys claim we’re so defensive but the only reason you have 70 anons in your ask right now is because of YOU sending your hate to OUR tag.

You don’t have to like us but respect goes a long way.

Pull your heads out of your asses and start living as a decent fucking person and just maybe you’ll notice that anon count turn from a 70 to a 0. This fandom is strong so you might as well get used to us or just completely ignore us. Go catch your L and have a nice day in your own fucking tags✌🏻️.

Fiend Follows FiveEver!!

There’s so many good feelings floating around, and even sickly I want to share to make anyone’s days a little brighter. :) (Although typing is a bit of a challenge, lol)

Let’s do this, shall we?

Can’t be that hard, can it?

(she said hopefully but with a withering, sinking feeling in her heart.)

This year has been pretty amazing. I’ve gained so many followers to my little corner of Dragon Age hell and I can’t even tell you how much you all mean to me, even the silent watchers like our lovely Scout Jim. :] I had…oh, I dunno, maybe 30 only a few months ago and suddenly I’m pushing 400. I was just writing for myself and suddenly I’ve got so many of you who hang on every word and it makes my little heart happy (I’m about to cry just typing this, no, Madison, stop!!).

To start this off properly, I must begin my thank yous where it all started.

Thank you to @eternalshiva, @fatally-procrastinating, @elfrooted, @carpe-cullen, @blustersquall, @eeveevie and @digital-goddess for inspiring me with their own fantastic fics to get me back into the writing game in the first place. :]

But an even bigger thank you to everyone who encouraged me to stay. :D

@demonicdivas You put up with my shit all the time and calm me down when Keram and Rylen just anger me to tears. It’s the least I can do to Beta for you. You deal with my shifting passions and general ranting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to throw ideas. One of two things always happens: 1) we get excited, or 2) we cry. Funny, right?

@scumbag-solas For being my very worst instigator and smut compadre! When it comes to Cullen, I know where to go. We can throw art at each other, and be ridiculous and god damn, I value that so much. Em and M after dark is probably my favorite tag. Shenanigans happen there, and here’s to many more!

@slothquisitor I feel like you’re my number one fan, and your enthusiasm keeps me going, oh my god. I love you so much ship mate, and I’m glad I’ve got someone I can go crazy about it to! (Rylen and Keram 4EVA, put that on my grave, lol). I imagine you with like a foam finger, honestly, and even if I wrote for no one else, I would keep writing stories just for you. <3

@thesecondsealwrites Good friend, rock appreciator, and heartbreaker (Cullen and Essa? Oh lordy, go read it!), you’ve been so encouraging both as a reblogger and just a blogger. I’ve said it several times, I think, but I need to, just once more, I strive to be a writer like you. Great story, great imagery, always good about updates. Guys, Pony Seal over here is the writer you deserve. Haha. If you aren’t already, go follow her, like seriously. She’s a gem.

And to everyone else that reblogs my fics and leave such wonderful messages for me! You make my heart so happy!

Okay, now to some nittier, grittier, thank yous.

First of all, a thank you to all the “normal friends” who put up with my Dragon Age shit. These are the guys I know irl and for some reason they haven’t unfollowed me even though I flood their dashes with pictures of Cullen’s stupid face. I raise my glass to you guys!

@theteddylupinexperience The bestest cuz a gal could ask for!

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@mckenna-corinne God, how many years has it been, Prongs? 15? 16??

@sir-alvin I see more of your stuff on Instagram, but I’m glad you’re doing so well! And with a beautiful fiance too! So happy for you. :D

@kikilicious-and-kitties She’s only here because she’s my brother’s girlfriend, but I try to give her fluffy cats to make the dash flooding better, lol.

@creepingdeath1992 I did in fact get your message, and I hope all is well. :]

A big thanks and I love yous to the Salt Squad Supreme, though nowadays we go by the Farquaad Star Squad. :D I love talking to you guys, and you give me a wonderful outlet to bitch about absolutely anything…or fangirl over art with Em, or SWTOR with Shau Shau. :]

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A shout out and thanks to lovely people:

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@kikiauske For supporting my madness and not kinkshaming what was likely the most shameful smut I’ve ever written. Haha. You made me feel better about it.

@burn1ngpag3s the new Star Wars friend Ahh? Ahhhh?? *wiggles eyebrows*

@artsyfartsybells For being the person that gave me confidence in my smut!! Ever since that message, oh man, it made my day, my life, my year, and I still remember it. I might’ve cut that stuff out if it wasn’t for you. :] So thank you, ever so much for your support.

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And now that I’ve finished, I feel light-headed and dizzy. Oh man…help…?

If I missed anyone I am so sorry! But I adore all my followers and all those I follow!! You are all so special.

I hope your holidays were lovely, and you all have a happy New Year!