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museum dates 🌼🎨 peter parker headcanon

requested: nah. idea popped up into my head randomly.

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- yo so i fucking am a god damn art geek myself, so why not write this? also, i am SO SORRY that it’s been so long since i’ve posted any fics. i’ve just had a lot going on personally, and also had a lot of job interviews (I GOT A JOB !!). not to mention i’m taking a college placement test this week so i’m just a mess. but, i digress. ENJOY THIS FIC! thanks for being patient, lovely humans. 

warnings: a shit ton of fluff and a reader who legit has NO CHILL and peter is such a soft, sweet human bean. 

summary: cute art headcanons with peter parker

- you grew up on art. always going to the local art galleries to discover new artists and collect some of their paintings and sculptures

- you’d always gush to peter about a new art piece you bought or a new artist you discovered

- “babe! oh, my god, look at this new Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun piece i got !!  isn’t it absolutely alluring?”

- you’d sometimes feel bad that you geeked out so much, but peter thought it was so adorable. you had so much passion in your eyes, voice, and physicality it made his heart go fucking wild.

- “keep going, pumpkin. tell me more please.”

-when he told you that he got the two of you ticket to the museum of modern art

- your heart busted a nut

- you literally smothered peter with a bunch of kisses, so happy and thankful  that he would do something like this for you. it wasn’t very cheap to visit museums these days.

- peter thought you geeking out was so cute

- he researched for hours and hours to find the best museum just for you

- when you got to the front entrance, you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face and you were jumping up and down like a little kid because, actual nerd

- “HOLY SHIT. peter, this place is so beautiful. the detail, the atmosphere, my heart is bursting right now you don’t even know how excited i am right now. this is the best day ever. ”

- peter would just be looking at you with heart !! eyes !! because you were so cute and this genuinely made you happy and excited.

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anonymous asked:

Hey could you do some headcannons for sodas fem!twin and dally having a crush on her


- you guys are known as the movie star twins
- you guys look so much alike it’s scary
- and y'all would be connected at the hip
- Dallas would literally do anything for you but in a tough cool guy way
- “You son of a bitch…”
- at first Dallas was like pfft ok sure ya I’ll leave her alone but after leaving the Curtis house he couldn’t help but feel the sore lump in his throats when he thought about what Soda said and how true it was
- Dallas isn’t one to give up so he starts shaping up…subtly
- let’s be real here he didnt think u noticed but you did and you were kinda rooting for the dork
- then one day he finally swallows his pride (and a few shots of liquid courage) and puts on the best clothes he owned and marched all the way to your house to talk to Soda (he knew Darry wouldn’t be a problem because Darry trusted soda and if soda was cool with it darry would understand)
- you just happened to be there to see what went down
- “What the fuck do you want Winston?”
- “I wanted to ask you if I could date your sister.”
- “Good one, buddy.”
- “Soda please what do I have to do to prove to you that I won’t hurt her?!”
- abort AboRt abORt ABORT
- Dallas ran out that house so fast
- they mustn’t know that I have emotions
- You followed him tho :-)
- “Were you telling the truth?”
- Dallas stopped in his tracks, he would know that voice anywhere
- he didn’t want to turn around to look at you
- with a crackly, raspy voice he responded with “Ya”
- you walked right up to that big dork and kissed him

- Soda was very reluctant at first
- he would glare at dally when ever he saw him
- you snapped him out of it tho and he slowly started to notice how dally was treating you and how much he actually cared
- Darry learns to accept it tho over time

I Wasn’t Jealous

Request:  can u do a MinhoxReader where he get really jealous when the reader hangs out with the new greenie (Thomas) cuz he hasn’t made any friends yet. Thank u sooooo much!!!!

Warnings: None 

You grumbled and rolled over in your hammock, trying to scoot away from your boyfriend, Minho’s, hands on your shoulders. “Come on, Y/n, please wake up so I can eat breakfast with you before I have to go into the maze,” he begged you, pressing a kiss to your cheek. You grumbled extra loudly and then reluctantly slid out of your hammock and straight into his waiting arms.

“You’re lucky I love you so much,” you said into his shoulder.

“That I am, Y/n, that I am,” he said with a grin as he took your hand and the two of you headed off to the kitchen. “Nice hair, by the way,” he smirked, gesturing to your wild bedhead. You just laughed and shoved his shoulder. Suddenly he got his signature mischievous twinkle in his eye and shouted, “Race ya to the kitchen!” He took off sprinting away, leaving you trying to catch up.

“Hey- Minho, that’s not even fair you dumb shank!” you hollered after him, rolling your eyes as you heard his shout of laughter from up ahead. I guess that’s what I get for dating a runner. When you finally caught up to him in the kitchens, he was smirking playfully at you.

“You lose! Again.”

“Oh, I lost to the keeper of the runners in a race, surprise, surprise,” you drawled, standing on your tiptoes to kiss him quickly.

“It’s greenie day,” you mentioned as you walked Minho to the doors, as was your custom.

“Really? I’d forgotten. Try to keep the greenie in line, then, yeah? Newt and Alby are too soft on ‘em,” he teased, wrapping his strong arms around you and pulling you against his chest as the doors opened.

“I always do,” you answered with a grin. “Be careful out there, okay? Come back to me safe and sound.”

He grinned widely and kissed you, never removing his arms from around your waist. “I always do.” And then he was gone, sprinting off into the maze. You sighed and headed back towards the homestead to get ready for another day of work as a track hoe. You couldn’t shake the worry you always felt when Minho was out there in the maze, no matter how many times he reassured you. Of course you were proud of him for risking his life everyday for the betterment of the glade, but you hated the exhaustion you saw on his face every day when he came home, and you constantly feared for his life.

“How’s it goin’, Y/n?” you heard Newt call out to you as you approached. “Ready for the new green bean today?”

“When is the last time I was not ready for something? Please, Newt, we all know that I’m the only reason we ever get anything done around here,” you laughed, elbowing him lightly in the side.

“You jest, and yet you’re totally right,” he insisted. “Come on, we’ve got some work to do before the box comes up. We’re almost out of supplies, thank goodness it’s today.”

It was an uneventful day of work, but you and Newt did your best to make the best of it, laughing and joking even while working hard. When the siren announcing the box rang through the glade, everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed to the box. You went slower with Newt, who was lagging behind due to his limp. He shot you a grateful look, which you returned with a smile. Once you arrived to the queue of boys surrounding the box, you elbowed your way the center, Newt following behind you, yelling, “Out of the way, shanks! Let us through!”

You hopped down into the box and surveyed its contents. Piles of all the supplies you needed, a couple crates of food, and one new greenie. He had dark hair, soft brown eyes, and a look of pure terror on his face. “Hiya, Greenie. You alright?” you asked, sticking out a hand to help him to his feet. He didn’t take it, but scrambled to his feet on his own.

“Wh-where am I?” he stammered, looking around wildly.

“Well, let’s get you out of this box and I’ll show you. Boys! Give me a hand,” you yelled up the gladers, who were all peering in the box. With a little help, you managed to hoist the Greenie and yourself out of the box, and into the middle of the glade. The greenie was staring around in awe, his mouth agape. “Welcome to the glade, Green bean. The name’s Y/n, what’s yours?”

You thought he was either going to answer or puke when he took off running towards the doors. “Oh, we got a runner!” Zart hollered as the other boys laughed and jeered. You rolled your eyes and sprinted after him. He was fast, but you’d had some practice racing Minho, so you overtook him fairly quickly, launching yourself at him and tackling him. You both went sprawling to the ground, rolling a few times before coming to a stop in the soft grass. You looked over at him with a wry grin. “Good try, Greenie, but I’d suggest just giving me your name. C’mon, we’re not gonna hurt you or anything,” you insisted, getting to your feet and brushing yourself off. You once again stuck your hand out to help him to his feet, and this time, he accepted it.

“My name’s Thomas,” he mumbled. You grinned and glanced behind you as Newt and Alby approached.

“Pleasure to meet you, Thomas. This is Alby, our fearless leader, and that’s Newt, second in command. And like I said, I’m Y/n, and I really run the show around here,” you joked with a wink.

“Yeah she does,” Newt laughed, playfully tossing an arm around your shoulders. “Alby here’ll give you the grand tour, Y/n and I’ve got new supplies to sort.”

“Tour? Wait- what’s going on? Why can’t she give me the tour?” he asked, pointing to you but not meeting your eyes.

Alby rolled his eyes and put a hand on his shoulder, steering Thomas away. “It’s like Newt told ya, shank. She’s helping Newt stock the new supplies. Come on, I won’t bite.”

“So the greenie seems to like ya, huh?” Newt chuckled as you hefted up a crate of food.

“Oh please, it’s probably only that I was the first one he saw, so he’s naturally going to gravitate towards me. It’s nothing,” you scoffed.

“Whatever you say, I’m just excited to see how Minho reacts when he gets back tonight.”

That evening, Minho exited the map room only just before dinner. As soon as he did, he sought you out and wrapped you in his arms, nuzzling his head into your shoulder. The two of you walked to dinner together, sitting at your usual table with Newt and a couple other runners. After a few minutes of filling one another in on all of your days, you noticed Thomas the greenie walk in with Chuck. He looked around uncomfortably, like he wasn’t sure where to go. With a grin, you waved him over to sit with you. He smiled gratefully and plopped down in the seat across from you.

“Hey, Y/n,” he greeted cordially. Your mouth was full, so you just gave a closed-lipped smile and nodded.

“Minho,” you began after swallowing your food. “This is the greenie, Thomas.” Minho looked up at the newcomer and smiled his teasing smile.

“Welcome to the glade, Greenie. I’m Minho- the biggest, baddest, and toughest in the whole glade,” he said with a fake scowl, hardly managing to hold back his laugh. You snorted and shoved his shoulder lightly.

“Ah, don’t ya listen to this shank, now. He thinks just ‘cause he’s keeper of the runners that he runs the show around here,” Newt cut in. “Besides, Greenie here proved earlier that he can run pretty shuckin’ fast. Y/n and he, in fact, had quite the wrestling match.”

Thomas’s face flushed red and you stomped on Newt’s foot under the table, making him wince and shoot you a dirty look. “Oh, shut up, Newt,” you snapped, then turned to Minho, who had an eyebrow cocked in surprise and interest. “He’s just being stupid. Thomas ran for it, and I had to keep him from heading into the maze. Took a little tumble is all,” you explained. As lighthearted as Minho could be, he could also get fiercely jealous. Minho just nodded in response, but you knew that what Newt had said would stick in his mind.

“You shuckface!” you hissed in Newt’s ear as you all made your way to the bonfire to welcome the new greenie. He just laughed and shrugged.

“What? I was just messing around-”

You groaned and stalked away to catch up with Minho as he went to get some of Gally’s drinks. You hung out with Minho and the other runners for a while, talking and laughing along with them, but you couldn’t help but notice that Thomas was sitting alone. Minho was occupied with his other friends anyway, so you grabbed your drink and headed over to sit beside Thomas.

“Havin’ fun yet, Greenie?” you asked as you settled in beside him and took a drink. He looked up at you, startled, but then smiled lightly.

“It’s kind of a lot to take in…”

“Yeah, I know how that feels. Try going through the same thing except being the only girl!” you gave a sharp laugh, “That was rough. Those poor shanks didn’t know what to do with me.”

Thomas laughed and shook his head. “Man, that sucks. It’s hard to imagine something worse than this,” he sighed. You gave him a sideways glance and put a hand on his arm.

“Hey now, I know it seems bad now, but once you start adjusting to things it gets better, I promise,” you assured him. Suddenly, there was a low voice speaking in your ear.

“Am I interrupting something?” it snapped. You jumped and looked behind you, to see Minho crouched down behind you and Thomas.

“Umm no,” you said, recoiling from Minho slightly. “I was just talking to Tho-”

“Can I speak to you for a moment, Y/n?” he requested tensely, the muscle in his jaw clenched.

“What is it?” you asked, standing up and walking a few feet away from Thomas, whose eyes were following you and Minho.

“Why are you spending so much time with the Greenie?” he growled. You stared at him in disbelief, putting your hands on your hips.

“Oh my gosh, Minho, you are not accusing me of flirting with the greenie.”

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head. “No, I’m not, but maybe I don’t like that you’re hanging out with him rather than me,” he snapped. “Does he even know we’re together?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Why don’t you tell him?” you suggested, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Or I could show him,” Minho said, grinning as he pulled you towards him and kissed you long and sweet. When you finally broke away, you rolled your eyes at him.

“Come talk to Thomas with me, I think you’d like him. And by the way, you’re cute when you’re jealous.” 
“I wasn’t jealous!” Minho argued, taking your hand and allowing you to lead him back to where Thomas was watching you both with a look of shock.  

MINHO - Reflex

Request: hey, i love your blog!! could u write a maze runner imagine where the reader is the new greenie and the only girl, and jumps out oft he box and starts running but someone (newt or something idm) grabs her but by instinct she hits him, then feels really guilty and sorry? sorry if this doesn’t make much sense , but i love ur writing and ur awesome!!!

(Thank you so very much! Anyway, I hope it’s alright with ya that I wrote Minho. It seemed to me that he would be the first to run after the crazy new greenie running cuz he’s a keeper of the runners =3 i hope this is to your liking!)


Sunlight hit your eyes and blinded your vision. The opening of the metal box had just creaked open and you now stood face to face with a crowd of boys looking down on you with uncertainty in their face. You cautiously stood up, never breaking eye contact.

“That’s not a boy,” someone had whispered, the silence amplifying the sound.

“A girl, that’s what they call it,” replied another.

Questions were already racing through your head but you shook them all off and pushed them away. You didn’t need those questions right now. You just wanted a way out. And you found it. Directly on top of you, a gap was in between the crowd of boys. Wide enough for you to scoot through if you ran fast enough. Where would you end up? Didn’t matter. You would figure that part out later.


Gritting your teeth, you leapt up and out of the box and sprinted as fast as your legs could carry you. Jeers from the boys arose. “We’ve got ourselves a runner here!”

Good, keep going. Keep running.

You looked everywhere around you, just green grass and four gray walls. Where exactly were you going?

Keep running, keep running.

The cheers from behind you had gotten louder and you didn’t care for the reason why. You didn’t know them, you didn’t know this place and there was no reason for you to look back at them.

You gotta get out, you gotta get out.

All of a sudden, an arm snaked around your waist and pulled you back. You shrieked at the sudden, unfamiliar and unwanted contact. “Let me go!” you yelled and elbowed the one who held you captive hard in the torso.  You heard the thud as he yelped in pain but your attempt to escape resulted in failure.

 “What did you do that for, shank?” he said as the other arm came around you and tackled you to the ground. With a groan, your back hit the cold grass and you felt your brain shake in your skull. Despite the pain, you found yourself staring into dark brown eyes of a tanned and black-haired boy, panting and trying to catch his breath. He had both your arms pinned to the side of your head while his strong build hovered over your fragile body and you didn’t know what to make of the situation.

Your chest heaved up and down as you panted but he seemed unfazed, his eyes still locked with yours. Truthfully, it felt like all of time had frozen.

But he was a stranger. You didn’t know him. You had every right to protest.

“Let me go,” you said through gritted teeth .

“Nope,” he smiled mischievously. “Not until Alby gets here.”


“I’ll say it again,” you muttered harshly. “Let. Me. Go.” You tried to strain your wrists with the hope of being able to slip past his grip.

“Stop trying, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

“Let me go!” you yelled as you struck your knee against his thigh.

“Didn’t hurt, nice try,” he chuckled.

“Minho, easy,” another voice said. This Minho boy looked up and so did you, a very authoritative looking man greeting your sight. “I’ll take it from here.”

Minho stood up but still held you by one wrist in case you tried to make a run for it again. “All yours, Alby.”


The Glade. Gladers. You didn’t know your name but you were one of them now. You stared into the fire as lunch was being prepared by the person who had introduced himself to you as Frypan. You sat alone, too afraid to talk to anyone and everyone else seemed too busy in their own conversations to talk to you anyway. Every inch of your new environment threatened you in every away despite all of what Alby had said. You didn’t want to be here.

Lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice someone sit beside you until his knee accidentally brushed against his yours. Surprised, you flinched in your seat as you heard a familiar chuckle.

“Name’s Minho,” he smiled

Oh. The boy who pinned you down.

“I know,” you mumbled. Slightly happy at the thought of company yet still afraid and wondering why he had even bothered to sit next you.

“Guessing you can’t tell me your name yet,” he casually replied as he took a swig of something that had a terrible stench which shot straight up through your nose.

“Right,” you wrinkled your nose then pinched the bridge, unwilling to smell more of what it was he was drinking. “What is that? That smells disgusting.”

“Frypan’s brew. Goes down like liquid fire but you get quite used to it,” he laughed as he took another swig.

“I liked how you ran,” he added.

“You liked how I ran? I elbowed you and struck you with my knee,” you began. “Oh, right, I’m really sorry for that!” you added as you shook your head in disapproval of your demeanor earlier on. You really did feel quite guilty.

He chuckled. “It’s alright, greenie. Reflexes, we all have them. And you’ve got ‘em pretty good.”

You felt an uncontrollable smile claim your lips and it was honestly the most secure you’ve ever felt since the moment you bolted from that box.

“Thanks,” you shyly responded as heat crept up to your cheeks.

“You’re gonna fit in just fine,” he said as he chuckled again and his low chuckle this time made you feel something very different but very likeable. Unfamiliar, yet pleasing.

He turned to look at you and electricity connected between your eyes. You knew because you felt your skin shiver and currents run through your veins.

“I already like you,” he mumbled as he immediately shut himself up with the last mouthful of brew. 


it's a shame i'm a dream (narry)

Note: before you guys read this I just need to tell you idk what happened i was just in the shower and then this came up in my head 

Summary: Harry was the type of beautiful that belonged in magazines, the type of beauty that everybody should see. But Niall didn’t mind being the only one witnessing it at the moment. 

Niall’s an Ed Sheeran-esque singer and Harry is the lovely boy he meets at a venue, they hit it off. 

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Honey, I'm fine (Luke Hemmings Imagine, Part 2)

OMG guys! You are so, so awesome, I can not even express how grateful I feel :) You made me so happy. The first part got almost 200 notes and it is so far the most popular post on my blog <3 Most of us aren’t on Derpcon right now, so I hope I can cheer you up a little with this part 2, since a lot of you requested it :) ENJOY!

ALSO, do any of you guys have Twitter? I would like to get to know some of you, and no one uses Twitter where I live so I get really bored on there. If you want to be friends, just message me here, or on my Twitter here

PART 1 / PART 3 / PART 4


“I said WHAT?” Luke looked baffled. “No wonder she isn’t answering my calls, ugh.” He tried calling you one more time, but you were determined not to give in so quickly. Luke was your best friend and of course you would forgive him in no time, but you though, why not have a little fun with it while you’re at it.

‘(Y/N), I’m so sorrrrrrrry. Pls answer meeee :((( ‘He texted you after you weren’t answering his calls.

‘Pleaaaaase, I need my bestie. I feel like shit and I need you to come and take care of me :(‘ He texted again. You decided to text him back, just so he knew that you were still mad at him.

‘…’ That was all that you texted him. The response came almost immediately.

‘OMG, thank god youre speaking to meee.’

‘Now will you come and take care of me?’


He texted you several messages, clearly full of anticipation.

‘You made your bed, now lay in it. ;) ‘

‘Soo, I take this you’re still mad at me, huh?’

‘Ya think??’

 He called you again, so you decided to pick up the phone this time.

“(Y/N)…”  He sighed. “I know, that you said that I shouldn’t go and I know that this is all my fault now, but don’t you think you’re overreacting a little here? ”

“Oh, my, God Luke, that is so not the point. I don’t care if you went or not. That’s your thing. But…”

“Exactly, it’s my thing. Then why did you have to embarrass me in front of all of my friends by giving me a lecture?

He interjected you and at this point, you were fuming.

Are you freaking kidding me? I embarrassed YOU?”  You screamed a little. “I was just looking out for you, not giving you a lecture! “

“Well I’m sorry for having a good time.” He interrupted again.

“Yea, well I’m sorry for trying to be a good friend.”

“Oh c’mon, honey…”

“Stop calling me honey…”  You said frustrated and hung up on him. You didn’t know this would turn out to be such a big deal, but you were furious at this point. I embarrassed him? You thought to yourself. Your phone screen lit up with picture of the two of you, as he was calling you again, but you declined while mumbling some curse words intentioned for Luke.


You still haven’t made amends with Luke after your petty fight and tonight was their concert. Their very big and important concert. The concert, that you were supposed to attend as the boys’ mental support in the backstage. But you didn’t feel like facing Luke just yet, so when Calum called you about the backstage passes; you just politely declined. But that only resulted at Luke getting mad at you.

‘Are you freaking kiddin ME? Why aren’t you going?’

‘Cuz I don’t feel like it. ;)’ You texted him back. He called you in matter of seconds.

“What?” You asked annoyed.

“I can’t believe you! You are so selfish!…” You were taken back with his words and didn’t say anything so Luke continued with his rage.

And just because you’re mad at me for some stupid little shit and you’re too self-centered or too proud to forgive me. (Y/N), the guys really wanted you there! I…” You cut him off. You hung up on him and immediately call another number.

“Hey Caleb, any chance you wanna go to a concert with me?”

At the concert

Caleb was the guy you went on one date with, but never really went on another, because Luke didn’t like him, for some reason. You didn’t really think anything about it, since you would do this a lot to each other. Give one another advice on each other’s love life and such. But since you were really angry at Luke currently, you thought, well, why not add a little bit of fuel to the fire. When you two arrived at the venue, you drank some shots and then you made your way to the very front of the audience and waited for the boys to start.

When they started, you even somehow managed to forget about the fact that your best friend, that you were currently mad at, was on the stage right in front of you. You were having such a great time with Caleb. You caught a glimpse of Calum and received a confused look from him, but didn’t really think much about it. Maybe it was due to the amount of alcohol running through your body, or the fact that you couldn’t really concentrate on anything else than grinding on your hot date. Either way, you didn’t noticed Calum speaking to Luke while Ashton was talking to the audience. You didn’t notice Luke glaring at you the whole time. But you did noticed your phone vibrating in your pocket with new text from Luke.

‘I thought I told u to stay away from him..’ You grinned to yourself. At first you just wanted to tease him, because you knew he didn’t approve of him, but now that you were having such a great time with Caleb, you decided to take it up a notch, so you texted Luke ‘Honey, I’m fine ;)’, then turned around and slowly started to make out with Caleb.


It’s been awhile. I know…you’ve missed these…LOL

It did not surprise her that he was behaving like a baby.

She thought it was pretty frickin adorable, actually.

So she didn’t mind playing his nursemaid, because if anyone deserved some babying, some needed TLC - it was her man.

Even though she did tell him that this was going to be the likely result of not getting the flu shot this year.

But alas. Maks was sick with the flu, & while Larisa came & went, it was Meryl he wanted. Meryl he needed.

And wasn’t that just fucking great.

She had just reheated some of Larisa’s chicken soup. It was an old Ukranian recipe, and it was delicious. The older woman had demanded that Meryl have some as well when she had prepared it in Maks’ kitchen, declaring that “you don’t have to be sick to have some soup.”

She had added, “And he won’t eat it until he sees you eating it. My Maks is stubborn, & won’t admit to being sick & needing some soup.”

Truer words had never been spoken.

He had suffered through intensifying coughs & sneezes before he even admitted he felt off-kilter. It took him nearly passing out at a business meeting with his father & Alex before he even admitted that he wasn’t a hundred percent. Meryl had been in the U of M library when she got the frantic call from Alex, telling her that Maks needed her.

She was on the next flight out.

Maks had almost tore Alex a new one when he found out that he had called Meryl, furious that Alex made Meryl fly out for a “trumped up cold.” He was threatening to make Alex pay for Meryl’s flight when Meryl had had it.

“Maks! He called me because he loves you. And at least he had the decency to tell me that you haven’t been feeling well for almost two weeks! And you almost pass out in a business meeting - how can you ignore all the signs?!?!? And Alex will not be paying for my flight, Maksim! If anything, you will be paying for my flight, because this wouldn’t have happened if you had just listened to me & gotten that stupid flu shot!”

She would’ve continued to rag on him…if Alex hadn’t cleared his throat.

She whirled around, temper flairing, “What, Alex?”

He smirked. “Um, thanks for the defense, Mer…but. Um. Maks is passed out.”

She whirled back around towards the bed, to find out, that Maks had indeed, passed out.

She sighed in defeat.

"Don’t be pissed at him.”

She looked at Alex, eyebrows arched. “He just chewed you out. And you don’t want me to be mad at him?”

Alex smiled, rocked back on his heels. “I would’ve done it, ya know. Pay for your flight.”

She looked at him, bemused. “Yeah?”

He nodded. “Anything to get you over here. You have no idea, how scared shitless we all were. We were going over ideas…and he just keeled over.” He drew a deep breath. “He was burning up. Thank frickin God for Nicole. She was the only one who remembered that he complained about fighting off a cold a couple of weeks ago. We had called the paramedics, cuz Maks was just…passed out. He was already coming to when the ambulance came. He had a fever of almost a hundred & two…& still wanted to continue the meeting.” He chuckled. “Larisa & Sasha were almost out of their minds with worry, & they both blew up at him for not taking caring of himself. That car ride back to Jersey was fun.”

And now, here she was, 2 days later, ladling soup into a bowl for her very sick man.

She loved it.

She placed the bowl of soup on the tray she had prepared, complete with orange juice and a roll. She was hoping that she could convince him to eat more than 4 spoonfuls of soup today.

She went up the stairs, being careful not to spill any of the soup or the orange juice. She walked into his bedroom. She found him sitting up against the headboard, looking miserable.

And absolutely gorgeous.

Her heart literally pinged with love for him.

He looked over at her as she walked in with the tray, his eyes never leaving her form as she placed the tray on the nightstand. She was wearing his clothes, and even though they were a thousand times too big on her, he thought she never looked sexier.

Stupid frickin flu.

“Time to eat, Maks,” she said softly.

“I’m not hungry,” he replied petulantly, a frown marring his perfect features.

He’s adorable, she thought.

“C’mon, Maks. Do you want me to get in trouble with you mother? Cuz she’ll tear me a new one if she sees I can’t get you eating…”

"No,” he corrected. “She will not, in fact, tear you a new one. She will, on the other hand, tear me a new one for not eating & giving you trouble.”

"She wouldn’t! You’re sick!” Meryl exclaimed.

“Oh yes, she would,” he muttered darkly. “Sick or not. Congratulations, princess. You’re the new favorite.”

She shushed him, though he could tell she was secretly pleased. Maks knew that his family - blood & extended - could be intimidating. The fact that they not only welcomed Meryl, but also loved her (though not ever as much as he did, thankyouverymuch) was a gift. She filled all the empty spaces, all those open crevices that he always thought would remain empty.

Until her.

He watched as she swirled the soup with a spoon, blowing softly on the hot liquid. They had not slept in the same bed together since she got to Jersey. Even though she had gotten that damned flu shot (which he could now admit was probably a fucking great idea), they both (though more him than her, truth be told) didn’t want to risk her getting sick.

But…he missed her. Missed holding her in his arms, even though he was still weak and utterly miserable from this stupid flu.

“You got your flu shot, right?” he asked gruffly.

She looked up at him. “Y-yeah.”

“So there’s no chance of you getting sick? Being here with me?”

Her face clouded with confusion. “I-I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think so.”

He grabbed one of her hands, started rubbing the knuckles. “I miss you, Meryl,” he said softly.

And she understood.

It always amazed him how she always seemed to.

Her face softened, and she turned her hand so their finger entertwined. “How about we make a deal?” She started rocking from side to side, tilting her head to the side. “You eat half of this bowl, and I’ll stay here with you.”

All night?”

His voice…though joking, held…something.

She cupped his face in her hands, rubbed his red nose with her pale one. “Forever.”

He smiled for what felt like the first time in months, and kissed her forehead. “Done,” he whispered.

She giggled softly, and turned to grab the bowl. “C’mon then, baby. I’ll even feed you…”