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✿  I…I drew more /)///////////////(\ 
[Part one]

Finished lots of work this week, and since I started craving for MizuSei again, decided to draw something from my blind&mute Sei AU _(:3_)TL 

This part is…I dunno, I just wanted Mizuki to act sweet and silly again ;u; There’s lots of such moments in that AU because Mizuki is still recovering after all, so his scrapped brain doesn’t function with the same IQ it used to omg he’s a bit silly and slow at realizing certain things, so Sei always uses any opportunity he gets to tease him (^ψψ^) //sry but troll-Sei makes me the happiest pffff<333 

Something that Mizuki doesn’t know btw is that Sei isn’t looking outside the window. He’s facing that way so that his ear’s directed at the door, eagerly waiting to hear whenever a certain someone (Mizuki) comes in (so he can have more fun lmao). It’s good Mizuki doesn’t know haha 

Also, I got the weird idea that Dry Juice members would send a bouquet of red roses with a single white rose to their leader (cuz it’s like symbolizing Mizuki’s red hair and his white teardrop tattoo ´7`). 

Since Sei is temporarily blind, he can focus more on his hearing and sense of smell. Red and white roses, and generally almost all types of roses have all their own distingtive aroma. The white rose here is called a “New Dawn”. They’re pinkish white, one of the most disease resistant roses, and smell delicious *q*  

ps: I cant draw straight panel lines help Φ-Φ

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thesoursugarcube-blog  asked:

If you had to write a Trolls crossover fanfic, what would it be?

Oh wow, that’s a hard question. I don’t I never actually write a real crossover, cuz I’d be too afraid of fucking up both worlds I guess. I mean I know I pitch a lot of AUs but mainly cuz I think it’s fun to think about and draw them. But I guess if I had to try to pick one and try and make it work, maybe Inuyasha (but I wouldn’t know what to do about Kikyo or Sesshomaru, unless Kikyo also looks like Poppy). Though realistically I’d probably end up doing an all werewolf AU or something like underworld but they’re still trolls not humans, if I ever do something like that.

Now that the boyfriend’s finished reading the first Harry Potter book, we’ve decided to watch the first movie...

Read his thoughts on book 1 here, here, and here

***during the movie***

Him: “Wait, we’re already at the zoo? Like, we’re five minutes in, and we’re at the zoo?”

Me: “Yep.”

Him: “Didn’t Dudley have a friend that went with them? Where’s he?”

Me: *makes disappearing poof gesture* 

Him: “And why does Harry look pleased with himself? Did he mean to sick the snake on Dudley or something? I thought he didn’t know that was going to happen?”

Me: *shrugs*

Him: “Dudley’s dad looks a lot classier than I thought he would, I thought he’d look a lot more stupid.”

Him: “And why didn’t Harry just open the letter in the hallway?”

Me: “If you remember, he wonders the same thing in the book.”

Him: “Oh yeah…”

Him: “Look at all those fucking letters on the floor! Why doesn’t he just pick up one of those instead of trying to catch one?”

Me: *scoffs* “And you were ‘like 80% sure’ that Harry was going to be in Ravenclaw.”

Him: “You’re never going to let me forget that, are you?”

Me: “Nope.”

Him: “Wait, he and Hagrid are leaving now? But it’s the middle of the night! I thought they left the next morning?”

Me: “Again, *makes disappearing poof gesture*”

Him: *scoffing* “Yeah, because there’s nothing weird about a giant hairy dude wandering around the city in the middle of the night with a kid in his pajamas.”

Him: “Wait, so if they can have owls, why’s Ron got a rat? I mean, can you imagine how lame it would have been if Harry had gotten a rat instead of Hedwig? Like he would never get any mail, because all of the owls would bring the letters like no problem, but the fucking rat would just be inching along the ground and dragging the letter like that stupid subway rat with the pizza.”

Me: “Only owls deliver the mail. If you don’t have one, you can borrow a school owl. Rats don’t deliver anything.”

Him: “Oh, well that’s good, because Ron’s rat just sleeps all the time, except for that time he bit Goyle.”

Me: “Yeah, he’s pretty worthless.”

Him: “Damn, Diagon Alley looks smaller and more crowded than I thought it would.”

Him: “If they don’t show the cart scene in Gringotts…Okay, good, there it is…wait, what? That was it? They’re already there? Where’s the part about Hagrid getting sick?”

Me: *starts to make disappearing poof sound, but*

Him: *annoyed* “Yeah, yeah, I get it, poof.” 

Him: “Well, at least he still gets Hedwig.” 

Him: “Wait, they’re at the train station already? Did Harry not go back at all?”

Me: “I don’t know?”

Him: “Well that’s stupid. Oh, great, and now Hagrid’s gone, like couldn’t he have stuck around for like a few more minutes?” 

[A few minutes later he sees me grinning like an eleven year old as the Hogwarts Express is shown]

Him: “What?”

Me: “Nothing, nothing…”

Him: “Ron seems a lot more talkative than he did in the books.”

Him: “Hah, his fucking rat has a box stuck on its head.”

Me: “Fucking rat.”

Him: “Right?” 

Him: “Wow, Hermione’s really stuck up.”

Him: “Wait, where’s the scene where the rat bites Goyle? That was like his one shining moment!”

Me: “No kidding.”

Him: “Is there going to be a scene later on where Harry and Ron are sitting around, and Hedwig just sort of shows up and throws up a hairball with pieces of rat in it, and things are going to be really uncomfortable between them?”

Me: “That’d be interesting.” 

Him: “Oh yeah, I forgot about Malfoy.” 

Him: “Wait, shouldn’t they be getting sorted in alphabetical order? And that’s it, we only get to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Malfoy get sorted?”

Me: “And Susan Bones.”

Him: “Who the fuck is Susan Bones?”

Me: “The producer’s kid, I think.” 

Him: “Wow, Snape’s a dick. That Alan Rickman guy is really good as him, though.”

Him: “Who’s that kid that set his feather on fire? Isn’t he the same one that set his water on fire? I like him, he seems fun.”

Him: “Damn, Ron’s a dick.”

Him: “Hah, he finally got the spell right. Man, that troll looks stupid, I’ll give them that.”

Him: “Come on, Harry, what the fuck do you think’s in the package? Is it shaped like a fucking piano? ‘Oh, whoa, it’s a broomstick’, well no shit!”

Him: “I still say they should all be wearing helmets.”

Him: “Man, Hermione’s kind of a pyro, isn’t she? Do she and that other fire kid eventually have a thing? Cuz I feel like they’d get along well.”

Him: “Wait, it’s Christmas already?”

Him: “Is Dumbledore Harry’s grandpa or something?”

Me: “What?”

Him: “Because he had the cloak, I mean, and that would explain why he likes Harry so much.”

Him: “Didn’t this scene with Snape and Quirrell happen earlier?”

Him: “And now it’s spring, apparently?!”

Him: “Man, this whole part with Norbert is rushed.”

Him: “Oh yeah, let’s just send a bunch of eleven-year-olds into the Forbidden Forest at night with a guy that’s not even allowed to do magic, that makes sense.”

Him: “Wasn’t there something about Mars being bright that’s being left out here? Is that important to the plot?”

Him: “Poor Neville, Malfoy’s such a dick.”

Him: “And they’re just going to leave him there with his legs like that? Didn’t someone help him out in the book?”

Him: “Didn’t Harry have a flute in the book?” 

Him: “And didn’t Hermione set that thing on fire?”

Him: “And wasn’t there a scene with Hermione and potions or something?” 

Him: “Quirrell seems a lot angrier here than in the book, more shouty and less calm.”

Me: “You’ll notice that from time to time in the movies.” 

Him: “Why is Harry still conscious?”

Him: “Oh, there it is.”

Him: “Wait, where’s the part where Hagrid gives Harry the photo album with his parents? They left that out? That was my favorite part!”

Him: “Aaand now it’s time for Slytherin to get screwed over.”

Him: “Seriously, sixty points for saving everyone? Didn’t he lose fifty just for being out of bed? Aren’t there any sort of guidelines on how much certain things are worth?” 

Him: “Oh, now he gets the photo album. Well, better late than never.” 

Him: *scoffing* “Only a nerd would call their school their house.”

Me: “It’s not his house, it’s his home.”

Him: “Nerrrrrd.”

***after the movie***

Me: “So, overall thoughts?”

Him: “I don’t know, I mean, I don’t want to be that guy, but I think I liked the book a whole lot better than the movie.”

Me: “You’re not that guy, we are that fandom.”

Him: “I mean, I get it, it’s Hollywood, you have to cut things, but some of the stuff they cut, I mean, really? And then at the end, why did Hagrid tell Harry to scare Dudley? Like why did they have to give him that line? Harry thinks it in the book, right? Is that why Hagrid got expelled, he was doing magic outside of school?”

Me: “No, that’s not why. You’ll find out in Chamber of Secrets, though.” 

Him: “I mean, there’s just so much in the book that makes you smile and go, 'Ha, that’s a great line’ that they just left out of the movie. And I’m not going to be able to read Snape without hearing that Rickman guy’s voice. Dude was fucking perfect, like all dark and moody and whatnot.”