cuz this is also a band


Nobody asked, but in case you ever wanted close ups of my engagement ring headcanons for eremin~

  • The band is made of Eren’s cut and smoothed Titan armor; its kinda like a gold colored quartz crystal which is why it’s translucent and sparkles all throughout 8); he worked his ass off to make these for Armin lmao; the armor makes the ring very much a part of himself❤️ 
  • The stone in the center is a slightly off pink very iridescent saltwater pearl cuz they’re Armin’s favorite (since he adores the sea lol); Eren also specifically loves that pearls are beautiful gems formed in layers from years and years of growth inside an oyster (hopefully that symbolism goes without say lol); Eren made sure he found the 2 prettiest ones possible for their rings (which match btw) 
  • The 2 side stones are precious opals, Armin’s second favorite gemstone cuz they’re freakin gorgeous. But Eren also specifically chose opals because Armin explained that they form where fossils of dead things decay, and it’s to remind Armin that even when Eren is long gone from the titan curse, his life, his love, and his dreams with Armin are still there with him, so Armin should continue to live on. 
  • The stones are set in gold, and, again, a LOT of work went into making them, as you can imagine, even with assistance.

And of course Armin ADORED THEM, through and through, he couldn’t believe his eyes❤️❤️❤️ (and when Eren explained all the thought behind them, he bawled his big blue eyes out hehe ;w;)


i traced these so i could get the hair measurements and style right (and also i’m lazy) but, like

prompto and ignis have really long hair (iggy’s bangs alone are around 5 inches high, and prompto’s swoop is PART of his bangs, it’s just hard to tell cuz, like, they’re swooped up)

so, like

have a reject emo band member and a cute hipster barista i guess?

Legend Debunkers

@awesomecat42 on Fan…demon:
I’m not really that into bands or anything, but if you replaced BABBA with, say, the Mythbusters or something, this is exactly how I would react! Mythbusters… OMG SWEET GRUNKLE OF ALCOR YES YES YES!!!
What if the TAU had it’s own version of the Mythbusters and after the Transendence they also started busting myths about real supernatural things and magic and stuff cuz that stuff was real now and what if one time they summoned Alcor for a myth and you just know that adorable little nerd would totally geek out over the whole thing and everyone would just be like what even and this needs to be a thing and I really want to write this now but I can’t write worth crap and please write this fic please please please I’LL GIVE YOU MY BLOOD!!!

Every so often, I manage to deliver. Goals for 2017: deliver on random fic requests.

On AO3 // On

Legend Debunkers had been on for years. It had a dedicated following and over three hundred episodes to its name, alongside a cemented, permanent spot in pop culture.

They’d moved on from urban legends a few seasons back, focusing on movie myths and viewer submissions for the most part, though occasionally returning to their roots. They were more than enough to keep the show going, even after the Transcendence hit and everything had changed, as people began to adjust.

But the viewer requests were changing, and there was a cry for help in most of them.

The world had changed, and suddenly many of the myths, the ones that were supposed to be superstitions or stories, were true. And people didn’t know how to deal with that.

And while the hosts, Aaron and Jared, might not have known anything about magic, they did know science, and get enough of that and you could figure out just about anything.

Finding volunteers to help test some of them were going to be difficult. Neither host particularly wanted to do the myths that might end in someone getting hurt, even if said someone was supernatural. They and the build team might have taken stupid risks now and again in the heat of the moment, but keeping everyone involved safe was still important.

So no myths about ‘does x hurt y’ or 'will x part of y supernatural creature really do z’, though they were considering testing ones like 'can vampires cross running water’.

It was a balancing act – which myths would help people, which would hurt people if it were common knowledge, and which ones would lead to Aaron and Jared being able to make things explode.

Plus, think of all the things they could blow up now that they had magic!

Of course, it took awhile to get all of it going. The production team had to find experts in the area of magic, and those weren’t exactly thick on the ground just yet. Despite everything, some things really just couldn’t be tested without an expert around, and magic wasn’t understood enough yet to mess with.

With magic so new to the rest of the world, most of the people who knew anything about magic had been the weirdos in the old world, witches or freaks or crackpots, and some of them were still bitter enough about how they’d been treated to refuse to share their knowledge with others yet.

Of course, there were others, eager to spread the word, but there were also people out there spreading false information to further their own agendas, make people afraid of this new world and try to change it back.

Well, Legend Debunkers wasn’t going to stand by that if they could help it. They’d helped people before, with their episodes on what to do if you were in a sinking car or myths about holiday trees, so they could do it now. No way they were just going to stand by while people spread around false information if they could help it.

And blow things up in the meantime, but just as a bonus. These explosions were sparkly, now that they had magic!

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anonymous asked:

(Stopping by to thank you for posting Topp Dogg stuff. They're so good and so underrated and I get so happy when I see them pop up on my dash cuz like hey! Someone else loves them too. Ok bye ~~~)

thank you and i love them too i started this account to not only praise and laugh all the bands i know and love but also to spread the love for bands that also deserve some recognition (like topp dogg, 100%, cross gene etc) and im glad that people enjoy it!!

Hi Can u make a long Luke one where he overhears you calling him vanilla, and he punishes you ?? Spanking and rough sex ?

AN ah! My first luke smut! Im excited for this one ahhhhhh! Screaming rn nbd. Also no one has house phones anymore, do they? Oh well I’m pretending you do in your house okay? Ok. Also I’m keeping Luke kinda true to his character? Like I’m trying to keep him pretty awkward cuz let’s face it the kid has the grace of one small walnut.

Kinks: dom!luke

Your POV

“I don’t know, Maggie, he’s just not like that,” I told my friend I was talking on the house phone with. She was asking me about my sex life, trying to get the details about my super hot boyfriend.

“What do you mean he’s not like that?” she asked me. “Luke is so hot he could make a pet rock look sexy if it was covering his dick.”

“That’s disgusting. Look, he’s just not kinky. He’s more vanilla than anything else.”

“That’s boring! If he doesn’t spice things up, you should tell him you’ll leave him.”

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I swear I wonder if Bangtan, as well as other groups, know what underwear is cuz they seem to free ball like 90% of the time. (That's an exaggeration but you know what I mean.) -Study Anon

I know what you mean holy shit they are disrespectful. there was that time when yoongi told the camera that he didn’t wear underwear under those pink pajamas and so they’re easy to get off and just ??? sir no

but then there are those pictures where you can see the band of their underwear and that is also offensive so I’m not sure what I want from them anymore maybe just go nude

*eyes emoji*

hey, anyone out there wondering if you should watch The Magicians on Netflix? 


every episode has at least one instance of bloody, painful death (usually for a side character/s and not Our Intrepid Band of Heroes) with particular suicide and (GRAPHIC) sexual assault trigger warnings on the last two episodes. Also, there’s a part with child porn/molestation, so trigger warning for that too.

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Let's Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay - embro - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 11/11
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne
Additional Tags: Crack, Model Louis, Jungle Man Harry, Eventual Smut, Banana smut, i hope y'all have a basic understanding of the nature nurture debate cuz i go into psychology a bit, totally unrealistic portrayal of the fashion world dont hate on me about it i know its wrong, this is crack remember??, but also a tiny bit angsty :///, Bottom Harry, Bottom Louis, Rimming, Fingering, Anal Sex, A LOT of showering, and shower sex activities, but really there is loads of switching between who tops and bottoms, also i know at the start i said it was a george of the jungle au, but there are loads of tarzan elements too, soooo really i’d call it a jungle man au tbh

A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

Rules: Answer the questions, then tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better.

I was tagged by the wonderful and talented @iiarchangel​  <333

Name: Leo but the boys call me daddy ;)
Gender: Male
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′3
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Quetzal
Current time: 10:45pm
Cats or Dogs: Neither. BIRBS
Favorite Fictional Characters: Castiel, Lucifer, Yami Yugi, Yuri Katsuki, Constantine, et al.
Number of blankets i sleep under: 2, but during winter 3
Favorite singer/band: James Arthur, Puscifer, Panic! At the Disco, Cafe Tacuba, Aventura, Wisin y Yandel, Varien, Simon Curtis, Linkin Park, et al.
Dream trip: Osaka, Japan OwO (Cas also wants to go cuz of bae <3 )
Dream job: Dictator 
When has this blog hit its peak: It hasn’t and I hope it never does x_x
Why did you decide to get a tumblr: All the cool kids were doing it and since I’m a cool kid I had to D:
When was this blog created: My original blog was created on the 27th of April of 2016.  I then moved to this blog which was created on the 2nd of November of 2016.
Why did i pick my URL:  Because Castiel was never meant to fall, but his love for humanity persistently made him go against his superiors that ultimately led to his fall.

tagging: EVERYONE






Sooooo… HeY I’m new to this community and stuff here goes the usual intro :)))
-my names Victoria
-I’m from Singapore
-I’m a hardworking lazy ass
-I really fuckin love western zodiacs
-I’m a directioner, phannie
-I stan tons of bands
-I love me some puns
-I started this account cuz I got inspired by all the different tips and tricks to studying I recently found online
-I literally only knew what a studyblr is yesterday and here I am

-I’ve got a pupper called cookie, he says hi

I’m tryna find some more studyblrs to follow so if ya see this, reblog lmao. Also, talk to meh plezz, Im in search for some study buddies and I really wanna talk to yalll smh

Cheerio for now,


Name: kitty kitty meow meow 😉
Gender: blurp 
Height: 5'0.5
Orientation: whaaa? 
Age: 16
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde? 
Smoking?: ye 
Drinking?: yeye
Drugs?: done the weed once or twice 
Job: sleeping 
Favorite Color: ‘ye'llow 
Favorite Band: ummm idk 
Siblings: 3 brothers 1 sister 
Tattoos?: i want 
Favorite Book?: a dogs purpose, cuz imma nerd 
Perfect Date: you, me, skype, toasted hotdog buns. enough said. 
Hobbies: sleeping um school um music and writing?
Why should I pick you?: cuz i gotchu bb 
Why do you even want to date me?: you lu, enough said. (also bb carrot needs it parents)

blurb about riding jacks thigh? idk thats super weird if you don’t wanna write it lol

AN Okay, I don’t know what the anon meant by riding his thigh, and they have not got back to me to reiterate, so I’m just gonna go with what I think they meant. Conversation is between you and Jack and such. Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, guys. I was tired as hell. I won’t write tomorrow cuz I’m spending the night at a friend’s. Also I’m going camping this upcoming weekend, so I won’t be able to write then. Unless I write from my phone, and I have cell service. Which I doubt, but one can try, right? Thank you so much for all your support, and if you want to see where your imagine stands right now in regards to where it is, I made a link (computer - on Tumblr) of all the requests that I have got. So we should be good there. Thank you so much for everything guys, I hope you enjoy it xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

It was Friday night, and my friends left me out again. They loved to go to bars to hit on guys and dance with random people. When I do it with them, they say I do it wrong and usually “forget” to invite me. It’s not my fault I like to make dirty jokes all the time and really terrible puns. I guess that makes me a buzzkill.

There’s one person who doesn’t mind my constant joking, and that’s Jack. Jack is a really great friend, and what I mean by that is we’re essentially fuck buddies. We’re both single and we both have needs. So when Alex introduced us, it was like bam, new friendship.

Just one night we were hanging out on the couch. Jack would tell me he was alone and I’d tell him the same thing. He gave me a look, and I gave him the same one back. He suggested we’d be fuck buddies so we’d both satisfy ourselves and agree to stop once someone found another.

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#28 Derek Nurse - A Check! Please Playlist

43% concious rap, 47% bro music, 100% nursey

definitely what nursey and lardo listen to together on the bus

Icon by ziimbits, flower crown added by me. Also there are like 3 artists on this playlist ‘cuz this is literally just what I listen to every day and I only know like three bands ever. (Also this playlist is NSWF unless you work somewhere where this is SFW then ok that’s cool I wish I worked there, also some graphic lyrics).


numbers on the boards//pusha t, bitch don’t kill my vibe//kendrick lamar, know yourself//drake, super rich kids//frank ocean, king kunta//kendrick lamar, guillotine//death grips, don’t like//chief keef feat. kanye west, new slaves//kanye west, wesley’s theory//kendrick lamar, mathematics//mos def, i’ve seen footage//death grips, backseat freestyle//kendrick lamar, mercy//kanye west, dump dump//a$ap ferg, energy//drake, runaway//kanye west, hustle bones//death grips, glass & patron//fka twigs, pyramids//frank ocean, the hills/the weeknd, love again//run the jewels, shabba//a$ap ferg, hey ya!//outkast, hacker//death grips, alright//kendrick lamar

Steam Powered Giraffe is illuminati CONFIRMED

Before reading this I recommend taking a seat ‘cuz shit is about to get steamy…

Steam Powered Giraffe is a steam punk band. David Michael Bennett is one of the main characters of Steam Powered Giraffe.

David Michael Bennett….there are 19 letters in the name David Michael Bennett…

Isabella Bunny Bennett is also one of the main characters of Steam Powered Giraffe. 

Isabella Bunny Bennett….there are 20 letters in the name Isabella Bunny Bennett…

20 + 19 = 39

9 - 3 = 6

6 + 1 Samuel Luke = 7


Steam Powered Giraffe have 7 albums…

Isn’t that a little suspicious?

Let’s look deeper…

Isabella Bunny Bennett & David Michael Bennett are members of the band Steam Powered Giraffe. They both look alike. Isn’t that weird? It’s almost as if they are twins.



There are two Walter Girls…

There have been five Walter Girls in total

5 - 2 = 3


There are three characters in the band Steam Powered Giraffe.
There are three members in the band Steam Powered Giraffe.
There are three letters in the first three letters of Steam.

3+3+3= 9

There is one human in the band Steam Powered Giraffe


There are 10 letters in the word Illuminati…

There is a 1 in the beginning of 10

The Illuminati has 1 eye

Steam Powered Giraffe has 3 robots.

The Illuminati has 3 sides….

Steam Powered Giraffe is Illuminati CONFIRMED.

Unexpected Confession

Can you make one were Andy Biersack is the hott bad boy and most popular of the school and your are the shy nice and sensitive. And theirs this mean girl who thinks she’s prettier, richer, and also popular but most hated cuz she thinks she owns the place cuz her dad is the principle and she like crazy crazy jealous cuz Andy ask me out instead of her. Sorry If it’s to much. Ohh and btw I love your writing.

You shrieked loudly as the bus came to a sudden halt, making you bang your head against the window you were leaning on. Other students complained about the sudden stop and asked what was wrong, but as they saw the disapproving look of the teacher that was sitting at the front behind the bus driver, they knew what was going on.

The door open and almost instantly, the smell of cigarettes mixed with vanilla entered your nostrils. Almost shyly you looked up, only to stare directly into those blue eyes that reminded you of the sky every time.

“Can I sit here?”, Andy Biersack was his name.

“S-sure”, you mumbled shyly and smiled at him a little which he returned and sat down next to you after.

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So I marched yesterday…. yeah well Mardi Gras is coming up and there are a lot of parades happening right now down here in new orleans! so, uh, i made it into wirterberker as always.

lol yes more Wirterberker where Greg and Jason finally convince Wirt to join the band! I based the uniform on my school’s because I didnt feel like looking up other references ;u;  anyway, Wirt is tired and in pain and Jason doesnt know how to make him feel any better. also I didnt want to draw the clarinet FIGHT ME HES AT PARADE REST

but secretly they are both kinda happy cuz jason gets to see wirt in his uniform and wirt gets to see Jason in a ponytail and shorts 

also, you wouldnt think marching at night is hot and sweaty but you would be WRONG OK 

the nerds are literally so tired Jason goes to sleep completely dressed and Wirt just doesnt want to wear pajamas

“you just wanted to draw Wirt without a shirt on”



Are there any exo-l out there that are also pokemon fans…i want to discuss pokemon team headcanons for exo but everyone i know either only likes exo or pokemon…message if interested…please end my suffering…