cuz this is also a band

HS Band Au

Well here goes nothing

  • Pidge plays the flute and plays the highest note to fuck with people
  • Hunk plays the French Horn (sometimes the sax too)
  • Keith is a beast on the drums
  • Coran is a music teacher but occasionally helps out in the percussion area (He like the triangle)
  • Shiro is a math teacher who comes to visit (also cuz he wants to listen to Allura sing)
  • Allura is the vocal teacher and has a voice that sounds like honey
  • Lance is one of Allura’s best vocal students but he does play the Bass guitar for the band
  • Hunk and Lance do duets whenever possible
  • Pidge just wants to see the world burn when she plays the piccolo
  • Keith joined the bad in grade 11 while the rest were part of it in grade 9
  • Shiro is Keith’s older brother and Keith hates it when he sees Shiro pining over Allura
  • Keith hated Lance’s annoying Bass playing but fucking stopped working when he heard Lance sing
  • Shiro can play the clarinet but is too busy with his math students to focus on it
  • Coran is one of the best teachers ever
  • Hunk loves to play any song he can get his hands on while the rest just play what they are given
  • Due to Hunk doing that he isnt as good as everyone else is on the assigned piece but is still amazing
  • Keith needed a way to release his energy so the best way was to play the drums
  • Lance loves the way that Keith can improvise just like that
  • Lance and Keith would have these mini duels where they would see who can play the loudest and coolest
  • Allura would get pissed and make them write an essay on a chapter from the history of music book
  • They have gotten through 10 chapters by the middle of the year
  • At the end of HS they have a huge concert for the school and everyone comes cuz this is one of the best bands yet
  • Everyone cries when the performance is done
  • Being the weakasses they are keith and shiro confess to lance and allura
  • Keith confesses by singing a song and Lance just cant help the tears
  • Unfortunately keith isnt majoring in music so he goes to a diff Uni than Lance
  • But they meet up a LOT

SO i might make a more detailed post in the future (also there are some irl experiences that i put into here. The history of music thing has happened not to me tho but has)

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Is Henry a sweet grandpa/father figure? Or just some guy

Bendy: “He’s the best out of everyone here! Henry also the head animator around here that draws Boris or me when we can’t take pictures instead.”

*Chuckles* “That and he’s like the only one that gets my sense of humor!”

“Oh! An Boris likes him too!” *Glances over to him. Rubber-banding his arms back to normal length as he placed one hand over his mouth. Snickering at his best friend.* “Hehe~ He mainly just enjoys being around cuz Henry here always scratches him in his favorite spot.”

“But the best part is…” *Looks both ways before leaning closer to the camera, whispering.* “When everyone leaves the studio and he stays late. Henry sometimes sneaks us out of this studio to stay at his place for the night and brings us back early in the morning. It’s nice to get out once in a while, yanno?”

Henry: *Seems a bit confused but was starting to realize what was going on from rumors he heard lately.* “Oh, you must be doing another one of them asks from your fans right?”

Bendy: *Looks back to Henry with a big smile, quickly shaking his head yes.* 

Henry: *Lowly laughs, shaking his head slowly at the hyper toon.* “No wonder. An here I thought this was another one of your pranks. Yet i’m flattered i’m one of your favorites here at the studio Bendy! It’s a incredible experience to work with the very toons you help to create!” *Henry said all this with a honest and kind smile.*



also fuck all the gay ass 14 year olds mad cuz they don’t like the hardcore bands sorry no one likes ptv

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Ok idk if someone's already mentioned this but?? I think abt Rich after the Squip frequently. And like?? I'm imagining him asking Jake to go to concerts to band he liked before he was Squipped and he's like "shit is he gonna think I'm lame?" And Jake agrees to go with him, and they have a great time and Jake falls for Rich a little harder bc Rich was just having so much fun?

ummm jake seeing rich have a genuine good fun time is healing and also he Cries cuz he’s so in love


i was tagged by @lifeofaphantrashcan to make a moodboard out of the first 9 songs that play on my playlist ! so here it is ✨✨

i tag @danulestu @dxntasies @lovelornlester @lovelylilaclester @starboydan but of course don’t feel pressured to do it ~~

it’s crazy the intense delusions that borderline personality disorder can create over the smallest issues

paramore announced a US tour and I saw that it was a seated venue which mildly annoyed me cuz the other two times i’ve seen them were also in seated venues. so my response to that was “fuck this and fuck paramore, i’m just not gonna go to the concert, i actually hate this band”

but anyone who knows me knows that paramore is like 75% of my entire existence and they could literally play a 2-song acoustic set in the middle of a swamp with an out-of-tune guitar and i’d be there

idk it’s just weird how mental disorders can so drastically distort your view of the world and what you’re interested in

an incomplete list of things i’m quietly screaming about (part 1):

  • posting the ‘slow hands’ single cover in ninths like what kinda dramatic heaux it
  • the ‘i know you’ve been waiting’/’One song Horan is no more’ thing cuz he’s SO AWARE of the gap between his songs..
  • ..and consequently how he said ‘[the album’s] taking good shape now So i’m really happy with it’
  • also in his letter to me his lover ‘HEAVY BASS AND FUNKY GUITAR SOUNDS’ 
  • btw it’s interesting to note the eagles disbanded after 1980′s the long run so don henley’s early 80s stuff is his first solo stuff (this track’s a classic)
  • his band being ‘great guys and Incredible Musicians’ yes u sporadically capitalize you grammatical madman i love this band already 
  • More Coming

chewing & happy flapping!!! been listening to some stimmy music tonight & also just found out that TWO MEMBERS OF MY SPECIAL INTEREST BAND (Pentatonix) ARE RELEASING NEW SOLO SONGS and I just afdshjkgfd

(also I gotta keep chewin or else I sensory-eat literally all day but I have to get a new chewie cuz this one’s ripping)

(gif: a white autistic teen with short curly hair and a black Steven Universe T-shirt, chewing on a mint-colored dulcimer chew necklace, smiling, and flapping her right hand.)


Hello! It’s ya boi Alex! I am the dad of the blog. I’m 16 years old and I use he/him pronouns (I’m the nerd in the pictures above. They’re mildly older pictures (like a few weeks ago) cuz I’m sick right now and I haven’t showered and I look nasty.

Anyways, I am the creator of the blog (which is why I’m the dad). I’m ftm transgender and  demi-panromantic asexual but honestly I might just be aromantic asexual I’m still not sure. 

I’m a big nerd and I listen to too many band/musicians. My favorites include: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Frank Iero andthe Patience, Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, Pinegrove, Rae Spoon, Green Day, Blink 182, Cavetown and Waterparks. I also play instruments too (guitar, piano, ukulele, trumpet) and I sing a little. Dad jokes and puns keep me going so feel free to send me some. I love me a good joke.

I am in the closet at the moment due to transphobic/homophobic parents, but I do hope to one day come out and go on T and get top surgery. Testosterone is still on the rails for me though. Like, I’m not 100% sure. I’m like, 90% sure. Yeah.

I would also like to thank you all so much for 100 followers! When I made this blog I never imagined it would grow as quickly as it as. It really is amazing. I have met some lovely people through this blog, and I’m glad I have. Thank you all so so so much!

Anyways, I hope y’all have a lovely day!


Band Ships No One Has Really Thought Of But Should Have (Aka au’s of how I imagine the ships would be)

Brentrick (Brendon Urie and Patrick Stump): Patrick is a grump little man and Brendon is constantly energetic. Brendon is such a goofball he makes Patrick smile all the time. They fight sometimes cuz Brendon can be too much to handle. Brendon likes to pamper Patrick but also annoy the hell out of him. 

Geetrick (Gerard Way and Patrick Stump): Gerard is mischievous and flirtatious. He likes to flirt hardcore with shy Patrick and get him all flustered. Gerard is a kinky mother fucker and he forces Patrick into his kinky fantasies. Patrick secretly likes it. The kind of couple that subtly flirts everywhere and anywhere. Or, at least Gerard does. 

Rytrick (Ryan Ross and Patrick Stump): Ryan’s tall lanky frame makes Patrick feel self conscious, but Ryan practically worships Patrick’s body. Lots of late night Beatle cover sessions. Ryan looks up to Patrick as a musician and loves falling asleep in his lap while he sings. Ryan is a huge dork and Patrick loves to be super romantic around him.

Rylliam (Ryan Ross and William Beckett): William is a devilish flirt and Ryan is a naive dork. William shows Ryan a darker side to the world. Drugs, alcohol, strip clubs, dusty hotel rooms, heated vicious sex. Ryan develops a huge obsession with William that takes over his life. 

Ryllon (Ryan Ross and Dallon Weekes): Ryan and Dallon meet over a mutual ex (Brendon). At first what starts out as a consoling bond slowly morphs into a sexual relationship. Ryan is submissive and would literally do anything for Dallon. Dallon is extremely dominant, and he tries not to use that on Ryan outside the bedroom, but he finds the dorky guy too hard to resist.

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Tag 15 followers that you would like to know better:

Name: It’s a bit on the uncommon side so I’d rather not :)

Nickname: Mari, Mar-mar

Star sign:Libra

Height: 5’6”-ish, i think

Sexual orientation: Bi/pan but I mainly stick with bi

Hogwarts House: according to most online quizzes ravenclaw

Favorite color: at the moment teal

Favorite animal: why this question! … you guys get the top 3 cuz I can’t choose : owls, hedgehogs, and pandas

Average hours of sleep: around 6-8 hrs

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1, it’s puffy

Favorite singer/band: My Chemical Romance

Dream trip: Japan for obvious reasons … Also Canada and Australia

Dream job: Being a full-time artist would be nice at some point, but if I had to choose one according to what I’m actually studying . . . maybe something in web, app, or game development.

When was your blog created: March 2016, this blog is a year old :3

Current number of followers: 116

What made you create tumblr: Needed a place to post fanart and cosplay stuff :3 … then I just started posting fandom stuff.

 I’ll go ahead and tag: @crackpairingprincess @callmeteamdad @umisabaku @sociallyawkwardrainbow @leeva-z-kai @slothenstein @decaffeinatedcaffine @hanamaki-hiro @lilliads @catalunafyre @trashy-ebi @astonishingpeppermint @akagi–mako @anot-quite-britishlady @karasunotsukki

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from tumblr’s response to the pwr bttm fiasco it’s that queercore bands who aren’t them literally have 0 visibility outside of their niche scenes, cuz everyone’s like “here’s some gay artists you can listen to instead (:” and it’s literally like a 4-item list, and that’s rly unfortunate imo so I think I might make a 100+ artist lgbtq punk masterlist at some point but also I just got a job and also I have to read a specific piece of intersectional theory to impress the tinder girl who told me about it so we’ll see if I have time ever… anyway hmu if you’d actually b into that


Nobody asked, but in case you ever wanted close ups of my engagement ring headcanons for eremin~

  • The band is made of Eren’s cut and smoothed Titan armor; its kinda like a gold colored quartz crystal which is why it’s translucent and sparkles all throughout 8); he worked his ass off to make these for Armin lmao; the armor makes the ring very much a part of himself❤️ 
  • The stone in the center is a slightly off pink very iridescent saltwater pearl cuz they’re Armin’s favorite (since he adores the sea lol); Eren also specifically loves that pearls are beautiful gems formed in layers from years and years of growth inside an oyster (hopefully that symbolism goes without say lol); Eren made sure he found the 2 prettiest ones possible for their rings (which match btw) 
  • The 2 side stones are precious opals, Armin’s second favorite gemstone cuz they’re freakin gorgeous. But Eren also specifically chose opals because Armin explained that they form where fossils of dead things decay, and it’s to remind Armin that even when Eren is long gone from the titan curse, his life, his love, and his dreams with Armin are still there with him, so Armin should continue to live on. 
  • The stones are set in gold, and, again, a LOT of work went into making them, as you can imagine, even with assistance.

And of course Armin ADORED THEM, through and through, he couldn’t believe his eyes❤️❤️❤️ (and when Eren explained all the thought behind them, he bawled his big blue eyes out hehe ;w;)

Legend Debunkers

@awesomecat42 on Fan…demon:
I’m not really that into bands or anything, but if you replaced BABBA with, say, the Mythbusters or something, this is exactly how I would react! Mythbusters… OMG SWEET GRUNKLE OF ALCOR YES YES YES!!!
What if the TAU had it’s own version of the Mythbusters and after the Transendence they also started busting myths about real supernatural things and magic and stuff cuz that stuff was real now and what if one time they summoned Alcor for a myth and you just know that adorable little nerd would totally geek out over the whole thing and everyone would just be like what even and this needs to be a thing and I really want to write this now but I can’t write worth crap and please write this fic please please please I’LL GIVE YOU MY BLOOD!!!

Every so often, I manage to deliver. Goals for 2017: deliver on random fic requests.

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Legend Debunkers had been on for years. It had a dedicated following and over three hundred episodes to its name, alongside a cemented, permanent spot in pop culture.

They’d moved on from urban legends a few seasons back, focusing on movie myths and viewer submissions for the most part, though occasionally returning to their roots. They were more than enough to keep the show going, even after the Transcendence hit and everything had changed, as people began to adjust.

But the viewer requests were changing, and there was a cry for help in most of them.

The world had changed, and suddenly many of the myths, the ones that were supposed to be superstitions or stories, were true. And people didn’t know how to deal with that.

And while the hosts, Aaron and Jared, might not have known anything about magic, they did know science, and get enough of that and you could figure out just about anything.

Finding volunteers to help test some of them were going to be difficult. Neither host particularly wanted to do the myths that might end in someone getting hurt, even if said someone was supernatural. They and the build team might have taken stupid risks now and again in the heat of the moment, but keeping everyone involved safe was still important.

So no myths about ‘does x hurt y’ or 'will x part of y supernatural creature really do z’, though they were considering testing ones like 'can vampires cross running water’.

It was a balancing act – which myths would help people, which would hurt people if it were common knowledge, and which ones would lead to Aaron and Jared being able to make things explode.

Plus, think of all the things they could blow up now that they had magic!

Of course, it took awhile to get all of it going. The production team had to find experts in the area of magic, and those weren’t exactly thick on the ground just yet. Despite everything, some things really just couldn’t be tested without an expert around, and magic wasn’t understood enough yet to mess with.

With magic so new to the rest of the world, most of the people who knew anything about magic had been the weirdos in the old world, witches or freaks or crackpots, and some of them were still bitter enough about how they’d been treated to refuse to share their knowledge with others yet.

Of course, there were others, eager to spread the word, but there were also people out there spreading false information to further their own agendas, make people afraid of this new world and try to change it back.

Well, Legend Debunkers wasn’t going to stand by that if they could help it. They’d helped people before, with their episodes on what to do if you were in a sinking car or myths about holiday trees, so they could do it now. No way they were just going to stand by while people spread around false information if they could help it.

And blow things up in the meantime, but just as a bonus. These explosions were sparkly, now that they had magic!

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Rules: Using only the song titles of one Artist/Band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

Artist/Band: mother mother

What is your gender: baby boy

How do you feel: dread in my heart 

If you could go anywhere: far in time

Favorite mode of transportation: train of thought

Your best friend: get out the way (he doesnt like people XD)

Favorite time of day: latter days

If your life was a TV show: everything is happening 

Relationship status: miles

Your fear: love it dissipates


I like PVRIS’s “Heaven”, but I’m not really blown away. It’s really good, but sounds kinda generic music-wise. I hope their new album isn’t just typical radio-friendly music. I love the White Noise musical style. I also hope that PVRIS doesn’t get too popular, cuz then everyone will be obsessed with them. They’ll be compared to Paramore, and they’ll make generic sounding albums.

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😊I hope man 😊 his name is Jacob, but I call him Jack 😊 and ugh he's got the prettiest green eyes and brown hair that's SUPER SOFT and daaaaamn boooyyyy can he rock a suit! Aaaaaaaaaand he works out so he's pretty fit and also he plays trumpet in band and I'm just like 😍😍😍😍 AND I DROP HINTS ALL THE TIME BUT HE DOESN'T QUITE SEEM TO PICK THEM UP SO I JUST GOTTA GO OFF HIS BODY LANGUAGE (cuz ya, I totally check him out when he's not looking or when​he's stretching bc damn he's like a cat) 😍

((Hey hey…..

I ship it))