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Hey past week I've been searching for something but haven't found it. It was an animated music video of 3 guys and it was kinda like a rock band ?? Idk but I remember the drummer had long hair and there was a weird machine they fought and lava everywhere and in the end it changed to the actual people getting ready for a performance. Does that ring a bell to you? It was really popular cuz the animation was fantastic but I still can't find it

That was Freak of the Week!

Traditionally animated by Juanjo Guarnido and a team of animators. You can read about it at Cartoon Brew and also check out the making of video:


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Reblog if you a SUNDAY(it is undecided but I love the name)

Reblog if you a MeU( F(x) )

Reblog if you a STARLIGHT (VIXX

Reblog if you love and stan underrated Kpop groups.

I felt like doing this because all the fandom’s I listed feel dead so reblog if you are part of one of these groups and of you never heard of them be nice enough to watch their MV

Let’s all take the time to remind ourselves that there are more Kpop groups out there. Just gotta look

And if there is more underrated Kpop groups out there let me know cuz I like to explore shit.


Edit: Hiiiiii~

So I looked up all of your fabulous bands and lemmeh tell ya


I looked up Map6, Cross Gene, U-kiss ecccccctttt++++ and I’m just so happy

I really apologize to the igot7s please don’t hate me. Tiny fetus me was stoopid.

And for the Starlights can I get a whoop whoop because it’s August and VIXX has not gotten plagiarized?????


also can I also get a whoop whoop because VIXX LR is coming back????????


Thank you for reblogging you lovely kids

I really appreciate it! ❤❤


Here some posters I made to enter in the next contest, but I think I wanna try making some new ones instead cuz this is all pretty old, and I didn’t make a counterpart undamaged poster for three of them… Or a damaged one for the first one.

Edit: Band of Buddies/ Enemies

emonitela: This is I Don’t Know How But They Found me, the brainchild of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman. They boast a big, sexy sound and make fantastic use of Weeke’s illustrious voice. The band is also no stranger to social media shenanigans, making their allure even harder to resist. Keep your eye on @idkhow cuz we’re glad we found them…you’ll be glad you did too.

there we have our first clip of actual studio recording and it sounds fantastic!

carolina she’s my lady

Day6 telling a pick up line to their crush

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“Let me tie your shoes, I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

He said it confidently, with a big smile. He wanted to get a laugh out of you, but he was also pretty serious. He picked this line specifically so that he could play it off as a joke if needed.


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“Do you have a band-aid? Cuz I scraped my knees falling for you.”

Wonpil is adorable, he asked Jae what to say before he even went up and spoke to you. When he said the line, you couldn’t help but giggle at how sweet it was. Let’s be real, he definitely scored a date.


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“I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart…”

The fact that he said this in a completely serious tone is amazing. He had a hint of a smile on his face while saying it though, and that definitely won your heart. Leave it to him to be both manly and cute at the same time.


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“There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.”

This dork probably practiced saying this in a mirror for a few days before saying it to you. He’d seem totally confident telling you, but would probably be panicking on the inside, worrying it was too much. Oh gosh, but when you laughed, he really couldn’t keep his eyes off you, and he forgot all his worries then and there.

Young K

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“If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?”

Literally anyone within a 10 foot radius that heard him say this melted. Why is he so perfect? Nobody will ever know. He’d make sure that you knew he was being 100% serious too.

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Can we see the headcannons for what genre of music does the squad usually/loves to listen to? (Excuse my bad English ;-;)


A/N: Pfffff your English is perfect!! And if anyone would like to request/ send an ask in Spanish, I don’t mind, just know that I’ll likely reply in English x)&
Not really good at other languages though, but bad English is never a problem!!
Kay! Here we go!

Black Hat:
-Orchestral music and Jazz are his favorite genres, being old fashioned.
-He does enjoy newer music, as well, especially the stuff from weird contemporary composers.
-Occasionally one of Demencia’s songs are tolerable, there are a few of those he enjoys. Just don’t tell her that.
-Danse Macabre, Bach’s Little Fugue in G Minor, Black Angels by George Crumb, Bad Boy Good Man by Tape Five, Toccata and Fugue in G minor, Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington/ Billy Strayhorn, and much of the music of Danny Elfman are examples of what he likes.

Dr. Flug:
-He listens to music while he works sometimes to clear his head.
-Up beat music is always fun, but nothing too crazy.
-There is a bit of variety to what he listens to because he doesn’t listen to any specific artist or genre.
-If he likes a song, he downloads it.
-The Middle by JimmyEatWorld, Get Up Offa That Thing, Subame La Radio by Enrique Iglesias, Fireflies by OwlCity, All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan.

-She’s in the same boat as Flug. There is a bit of variety here.
-From Electronic music of varying styles, to metal, to punk, to really anything up beat, also violent instrumentals make her happy.
-She doesn’t really pay attention to lyrics all the time, just to how she feels while listening. If she’s excited, she’s in.
-However if a song’s lyrics speak to her, that’s awesome!
-She moved pretty fluidly between genres, not especially caring if the band is labeled as a specific genre. She likes what she likes.
-Poem by Taproot, Pop Culture by Madeon, Perhaps some Panic! songs, Smothered by Spineshank, I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin ((Don’t tell her but Black Hat likes this one too!!)), Silence Speaks by While She Sleeps
-Also, Rap God by Eminem ((she’s not especially into rap or Eminem, she just saw someone do the fast part on the internet and decided to listen to the whole thing. She put it on her phone cuz why not?))

-Music is amazing!!
-He likes just about all of it, unless the music is super aggressive.
-5.0.5 listens to music with Flug a lot so he likes those songs pretty well.
-He also likes songs meant for younger kids and the intro songs to his favorite anime or TV shows!
-He also really enjoys the songs from Steven Universe (or whatever show is similar in their universe, but it’s cute stuff like that, you get the point).

All Together/ In the Car:
-Demencia picks the music so long as it doesn’t give Flug a heart attack or Black Hat a headache.
-Sometimes BH takes over radio control. Because the boss can do whatever he wants.

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Is Henry a sweet grandpa/father figure? Or just some guy

Bendy: “He’s the best out of everyone here! Henry also the head animator around here that draws Boris or me when we can’t take pictures instead.”

*Chuckles* “That and he’s like the only one that gets my sense of humor!”

“Oh! An Boris likes him too!” *Glances over to him. Rubber-banding his arms back to normal length as he placed one hand over his mouth. Snickering at his best friend.* “Hehe~ He mainly just enjoys being around cuz Henry here always scratches him in his favorite spot.”

“But the best part is…” *Looks both ways before leaning closer to the camera, whispering.* “When everyone leaves the studio and he stays late. Henry sometimes sneaks us out of this studio to stay at his place for the night and brings us back early in the morning. It’s nice to get out once in a while, yanno?”

Henry: *Seems a bit confused but was starting to realize what was going on from rumors he heard lately.* “Oh, you must be doing another one of them asks from your fans right?”

Bendy: *Looks back to Henry with a big smile, quickly shaking his head yes.* 

Henry: *Lowly laughs, shaking his head slowly at the hyper toon.* “No wonder. An here I thought this was another one of your pranks. Yet i’m flattered i’m one of your favorites here at the studio Bendy! It’s a incredible experience to work with the very toons you help to create!” *Henry said all this with a honest and kind smile.*

Must Love Cats- Chapter Five

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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For our final #SIP, I offer you a series of previous #SIP posts of the Donny Nova Band members attempting to teach me their instruments. Not only am I now proficient at them all, I also trained them to be my six sexy backup singers, so that’s cool. Hope to be “gigging” around NYC w/ the #DNB in the near future, cuz I simply won’t be able to say goodbye to these guys. #lovethemall #ilearnfromthebest#withtheband @bandstandbway#oneoftheguys

Yeemo trinty part 1

THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN BY @mydogknowswhatyoudidinthedark and @glitterzzz-gurl.We tried to fit in as many Yee puns as we could.                           ________________________________________________________________

This is the story of the yeemo trinity.
The Lord and Saviour of this holy trinity is Yee Way, who is secretly engaged to Frank Iyeero.
Together they are also known as Fyeerard.
Yeesterday Yee Way called Fob to the Yeemo room to talk about Ryan Ryees since FOB is Panic!’s adopted parent.
Andyee Hurlyee and Joe Trohyeeman arrived first.
Pyeetrick and Pyeete came late because Pyeete had to put on guyliner.
Brendon Yeerie also came cuz he’s part of Ryeeden.
“We have to talk about Ryan Ryees’s chyeesewhiz addiction” said Yee Way.
“It’s getting really syeerious” he added.
Ryee Toro and Dallon Wyeekes agryeed.
Suddenly Mikyee Way, Tyler Yeeseph and Yeesh Dun walked in…                         ________________________________________________________________ YOU CAN FIND PART 2 OF THIS MASTERPIECE AT @mydogknowswhatyoudidinthedark

probably what happened in le summer of like, 2.0
  • frank: hi I'm from new jersey i love new jersey i also love dogs, did you know that the misfits are from new jersey that's right yeah cuz new jersey is fuhkin amazin-
  • pete: shhhh frank i'm trying to put on my eyeliner
  • gerard: what the fuck are you doing in /our/ tourbus
  • pete: casually stalking your brother
  • frank: Mikey is also from new jersey isn't new jersey fucking great


also fuck all the gay ass 14 year olds mad cuz they don’t like the hardcore bands sorry no one likes ptv

I’m Jealous Of The Way

RequestedRequested: oooooooo your imagines are hella good. Like really i just wish there was more to read : ) could you do imagine where the reader is like in a rock band (Cuz i love rock music) and than like he see’s how the reader is really cool with a bunch of rock bands and gets possessive when the reader where’s revealing things on stage or hangs out with the band members.

I have been so busy with exams!!! So sorry if this was bad I am just stressing. But I love doing this, so request request request and also talk to me!! Want to interact more with you guys!

“Thank you for an amazing night!!” It was the usual routine. Every weekend your band was booked for gigs at small pubs or slightly bigger events and it was great. You had fun playing rock and performing for people. And slowly people were recognising you and your name was getting out to big producers.

“That was sick guys” Your band was a five-man band, including you. It was you and you’re four really good friends. You had grown up with two of them and the rest joined your group after a while. “Nick don’t tell me you got that girl’s number!” Paul the keyboard player laughed at the look on Nick’s face, of course, ha had gotten another girl’s number.
Every minute after a performance was full of a high vibe and everyone was yelling and enjoying themselves. You, however, couldn’t wait to get backstage to your boyfriend who had seen you perform for the first time ever. He had heard you guys practise before in Paul’s basement and heard all of your tracks on your album but never live. He had his own tour to think about of course. but despite it all, he still made time to always text you or call you and say ‘ I saw the videos of you guys, you sound amazing.’ or ‘ It’s so cool what you are doing babe, you look so hot’ But this time he had seen your band perform in person and you were beyond excited to hear his thoughts on it.

“(Y/N)!” Everyone was still screaming and laughing with each other and you didn’t even notice when one of the other rock band’s who was performing tonight approached you. “You were amazing!”

“Thank you guys!” You hugged them and tried to pass them quickly so you could get to where Shawn was sitting, waiting for you. “Wait (Y/N), you look amazing.” It was the lead singer of the other rock band and yeah he was hot, most of the bands who performed here were older than your band and their performance was so intense it just made them hotter, but you really only had eyes for your cute pop-singer. “Thanks, Tom, you look good too.” Your outfit always changed but you stuck to solid dark colours. It fit the tone of your music better than bright and sparkly clothes.

Tonight you were wearing a black cropped top with a very low cleavage and a lace back paired with ripped jeans. Your makeup was as you did for every performance, subtle but always with a black liner. “So how’s it going?” He asked while leaning up against the wall beside you. You really didn’t want to keep having a conversation with him but you didn’t want to be rude either. You kept making small talk while your eyes tried finding him, him who you really wanted to be near right now,  but there was too big of a crowd. “Hey, I was wondering-“ Suddenly Tom had stepped way closer than before and his chest was in your line of sight. You couldn’t see what was happening behind him but what you could see made your chest clench and your heart rate increase.

“What are you doing Tom?” You stepped back only to hit the wall behind you. He just laughed and shook his head. “Nothing, I was just wondering what you were up to later?” His body was hovering above yours now, his one hand leaning on the wall trapping your body closer to his. “I’m.. uh I’m just going to find Shawn and I don’t know.. uh I need to find Shawn now.” It was clear to him or anyone walking by now that your voice was shaking because you were nervous. “Relax (Y/N), I am not gonna hurt you.” If it was even humanly possible he stepped even closer to your body and now both hands and arms were trapping you. His eyes were taking you in like they were savouring every detail of you. They lingered for a long time on your lips and on your chest which was moving in a quick nervous speed.

“I think you’re overstepping now Tom” His hands fell down back by his side and you sighed in relief. However, that was short lived when suddenly he pulled you into him by your hand and kept his one hand really close to your ass. “Am I?” His stupid smirk disgusted you, it was this cocky and confident thing permanently marking him as an asshole in your brain. You raised your hands to push him away and probably yell at his arrogant brain but you never got the chance. Another pair of hands wrapped themselves around your waist and pulled you away from Tom’s grip and into another, but this time you felt safe. You looked behind you to see those brown eyes looking intensely at the douchebag called Tom.

“What the hell were you doing touching her?!” Shawn walked up to him and pushed him back roughly. He kept yelling at him and you were sure that if your bandmates hadn’t rushed to the scene quickly, he would have done more than just push him. 
With great difficulty, they got Shawn away from Tom and closer to you again. “Shawn baby?” You tried making eye contact with him but he was breathing so hard and his one hand kept going through his hair, he was really angry and you knew he was angry at you too. You chose to just take a chance and grabbed his hand and lead him to a quiet room where the performers usually got ready. No one was there though so you locked the door and turned back around to see Shawn pacing back and forth. “Why?”

“Why what Shawn?” He sighed loudly and sat down on the couch finally done with his pacing. You joined him but kept a little distance just in case he wasn’t completely cooled down. “Why were you not pushing him away? Were you enjoying it?” The words seethed out of him as if he was angry, and he was you knew that, but when he looked at you the anger was overshadowed by the hurt. You decided not to yell at him because he was feeling insecure all of the sudden. “Don’t you think I am good enough?”

“Oh Shawn!” You sat closer to him and placed one hand on his shoulder. “You’re more than enough baby, you’re my everything. I was just in shock really, and I was going to push him away when he overstepped but you kind of interrupted that thought.” Your confession didn’t ease him entirely but he had calmed down enough. He took your hand off of his shoulder and held it between his own, his thumb stroking the back of your hand. “Were you jealous?” He shook his head quickly in denial but then after a few seconds he sighed and nodded.

“I wasn’t just jealous, I was jealous of the way that he had this thing with you. You’re both in rock bands and have so much in common, why wouldn’t you chose him over me. And maybe the way that you dressed just made me even more jealous.” You wanted to giggle at his last comment, but you chose to just hug him close. “I love you only you Shawn.” He smiled and kissed your forehead affectionally. The butterflies appeared in your stomach, just as every time he touched you. “You’re mine, just mine.”

lauraosnes: For our final #SIP, I offer you a series of previous #SIP posts of the Donny Nova Band members attempting to teach me their instruments. Not only am I now proficient at them all, I also trained them to be my six sexy backup singers, so that’s cool. Hope to be “gigging” around NYC w/ the #DNB in the near future, cuz I simply won’t be able to say goodbye to these guys. #lovethemall #ilearnfromthebest#withtheband @bandstandbway#oneoftheguys

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BTS have got me fucked up so much. I watched the teaser and like, the fuck??? My bias changes a lot but it's always someone from the hyung line. But the maknae line are confusing me, like serendipity got me fanning over jimin, tae in this teaser made feel something and Jungkook is Jungkook. How do people cope with this shit?? Also the neighbour au is my new favorite thing in this world thank you for making it


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First of all, what he fuck is this? What is he doing with that band? Why did my heart stop? We’ll never know. Also, please Jungkook, I love you and everything, but I’d like to live a little more than 21 years so please, PLEASE, button up that shirt.

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Kim Idon’tstayinmylane Namjoon? Uhmm? Those arms? A big No. I mean, it’s a big yes but you understand that we gotta breath sometimes, right?

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HAHAHA IM GETTING SO MAD??? What are those lenses??? What is your skincare routine? A bitch is crying in the club. He’s prettier than your mama.

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GREY? G R E Y? FUCK. I can’t. I don’t even know what to sy. TAke my soul. My wallet. My life. You’re not even my bias but I’d give my life to ruffle your hair.

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I’m not even gonna start here. Blue hair. Blue eyes. I have blue hair. We’re meant to be. Bye.

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NOW HERE I GOT REALLY MAD???? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? If you look closely you can actually see my soul being hit by that jacket.


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Jimin, baby, angel, mochi, love of my life, sun of my days, moon of my nights, my reason to live, sto smile, to get up in the morning, to eat, to study, to sleep, to cook, to cry, to laugh, to-

Siblings AU! Mark
  • so bby mark is your younger brother cuz i mean why not??
  • i mean c’mon he’ll be the cutest thing ever
  • imagine bby mark with his cute little chubby cheeks and his little awkward but incredible cute smile
  • !!!!!
  • idk about u but i die every time i see mark’s fetus pics
  • so he’s ur bby brother and u love him with all ur heart 
  • ur hella proud of him
  • that time he wrote his name as “marc” instead of “mark” in sixth grade??
  • the time he ruined his little solo during his choir performance??
  • that one time he got lost while walking home, even though EVEN THOUGH the school was literally three blocks aways from home??? 
  • hella PROUD
  • soooo back when u guys were little, there was these group of mean kids who like to picked on the other kids on the block
  • they wouldn’t mess with u cuz u were older, and also lowkey highkey scary
  • but they thought that messing with mark would be fun,, kids these days ¬_¬
  • so yeah they would say some nasty stuff to mark like
  • “ give us ur lunch dumbhead” or smth 
  • and mark would be like “???? did ur mom not pack u lunch??”
  • and then he would give them his lunch and the few coins that he had with him cuz he didn’t want his “friends” starving 
  • they would also play “rough” with him, they would throw the ball super hard and aiming to his head 
  • but mark would’t complain but instead be like
  • “woahh, that so cool, ur so strong””
  • but one of his actual good friends told u about these mean dudes
  • and boi were u fired up, u were about to jump on these kids
  • so u very kindly, very nicely went up to them and told them to leave mark the fuck alone
  • or else u would bite their arms off lmao (what do kids say??)
  • the kids were hella scared and left mark alone after that 
  • but u still had look out for bullies,, bc mark was so pure and naive that he wouldnt’ even notice that he was being bullied
  • and u were known to be THE scariest kid on the block,, only when ppl would mess with mark tho other than taht u were pretty chill and friendly
  • so mark had a ton of friends cuz he’s mark lee the legend, the one and only, u cannot meet this child and not like him.
  • which meant that he also had a lot of girls crushing on him
  • “yo mark i heard u got a love letter today (¬‿¬)“
  • “umm m-me?? le-letter?? no?? u must be lost
  • yes u did, ur friend told me”
  • “hahahaha no hahahhaha i didn’t get anything hahaha” **sweats nervously**
  • “uhh hahaha then what’s this???” 
  • “ uuuhHHHHH”
  • “mom!!! mark has a girlfriend!!! lol,, my lil bro has a girlfriend”
  • “is she pretty? is she nice?”
  • “umm y-yes”
  • “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
  • “but i only want to be friends”
  • lol,, u would tease the crap out of this child,, like heachan who??? donghyuck who???
  • but going back to protecting this child,,, u would also have to protect him from himself istg this child was dangerous alone
  • he was the clumsiest kid 
  • he would burn his tongue with the soup, he would stab his hand with a fork like ??? but also !!!!,, he would trip with his own feet etc..
  • and since u were with him most of the time u would always have like bandages and band aids with u with dinosaur drawings cuz they’re cool
  • u were legit his second mom,, and also a semi-doctor
  • and he looked up to you a lot,, u also were kind of the reason why he got into music
  • u taught him how to play the guitar and u were also the one who told him to audition to sm
  • like u had to drag him to the audition cuz he wasn’t confident about himself and talent
  • “MARK U HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT,, sm is gonna hold auditions here in vancouver!! u have to go”
  • “ me?? i dont think i could get in tho??”
  • “u kidding right?? boi ur totally gonna make it c’mon u have to go”
  • and when he got into sm, u were SO proud of him

so yeah, im gonna stop it right here cuz this is too long already lol. i’ll probably write a second part later,, anyways, i hoped u guys liked it, i hope u enjoyed reading it :) AND ALSO MARK’S TEASER CAME OUT TODAY AND BESTA BELIEVE MY SOUL IS GONE!! his teaser pictures??? actual gold??? i cant waitt for the other guys’ teasers to come out algjosagos !!! anyways yeah support my dream babies :)