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my thoughts on 5x23

So yeah, that was quite the finale. I’m still working out how to rank it in my head but let’s just say for now that it was a vast improvement over last year’s finale. It felt legitimately like an Arrow finale and that’s a very good thing. So what were my thoughts? Well… I may have waited too long and forgotten all my witticisms, but let’s give this a go…

  • I’m a little uncomfortable how much I’m enjoying Slade in this ep.
  • Seriously, I was all ready to hate him and from that first scene in the prison bunker i was just all (with fondness) “oh… you!”  Dammit. 
  • Adrian blowing up Oliver’s plane is about the most predictable thing about this finale. 
  • And of course Oliver let all the weapons and ammo on the plane. OF COURSE. 
  • Slade giving Oliver crap cuz he married Nyssa and not Felicity: SAME. 
  • Evelyn remains trash. Seeing her get locked in a cage fills me with joy.
  • She just said… “fuckit, I’m gonna kiss him” and I admire her so much for that.
  • And before you come at me, he kissed her back. I saw the pucker. 
  • But boy was surprised. Look at that furrowed brow. I love it!
  • I love her reason for doing it too… she didn’t want to have any regrets. 
  • I bet one thing she regrets is telling Oliver the door was closed in 5x05. Maybe dating Billy? GAH. SO MUCH WASTED TIME. 
  • And if that wasn’t all perfect enough, we had Oliver promising (rather sexily I might add) that they’d talk all about it after they get off the island.
  • (season 6, Imma hold you to that promise)
  • Bury me at Lian Yu, I am torn asunder. 
  • And then some other stuff happened THE END
  • JK. They all split up at this point with the intention of Felicity and Curtis and Thea and Malcolm and Samantha all going to this plane and gtfo that damn island. 
  • I like the talk Felicity had with Samantha… I saw shades of future co-parents there, I don’t know about you. 
  • Then Thea steps on a landmine. And Malcolm pushes her off and takes her place. And suddenly I find myself a little sad that Malcolm is gonna die. 
  • He takes Boomerang with him tho, which is aces. 
  • Plus was that some foreshadowing about Felicity’s own evil dad? HMM. 
  • Oh yeah and Oliver is hunting wabbits. Or rather Adrian. 
  • He really wants to find William
  • I didn’t buy Slade’s “double cross” at the temple for a hot second, fyi. 
  • But it was a slick trick to bring Dinah her new sonic booster device so YAY for that. 
  • And Quentin being the one to officially bestow the Black Canary mantle? YAS QUEEN. 
  • The battle is pretty lit. Love Talia vs Nyssa. Love Siren vs Canary too. Because Quentin clocked Siren and it was so damn shady that I could probably watch the gifs forever. 
  • So much for that redemption arc huh?
  • #petty
  • The showdown between Adrian and Oliver has me so damn lit. Oliver refusing to kill Adrian is probably the proudest I’ve ever been of this character. That was a moment I waited 5 years to see. SO FRICKIN SATISFYING.
  • The shot of Oliver running through the forest, chasing Adrian, hoping to find William… that’s just gorgeous. As gorgeous as this show GETS. 
  • I love Oliver talking via comms to Felicity, btw
  • Networked bombs ALL OVER THE ISLAND is bad news tho which you know means they all have to go off fuckfuckfuck
  • See you on the boat. That fuckin boat. POWERFUL moments though.
  • Speaking of powerful: the flashbacks.
  • I loved seeing how they synced up with the pilot, with Oliver being rescued…that felt AMAZING to see. 
  • And that phone call to MOIRA… That’s some of Stephen’s finest work to date, I swear to god. Good job. I had the feels. 
  • Speaking of which: his reaction when Adrian pulls William out is just… wow.
  • But good on him for not making that awful choice, for making Adrian THINK he’s making a choice, for shooting that fucker in the foot. 
  • Then Adrian kills himself (I KNEW IT) and the island goes BOOM. Oops. 

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Okay listen. I know I said “pshhh they won’t do that” but… they did. 😂 I mean, I wasn’t wrong about the BOAT not blowing up. And I honestly didn’t think they would blow up the whole ISLAND. My objection stands: we know who’s coming back next season. So it’s kinda a lame cliffhanger. But there are a few variables here so that’s that. Eh, sometimes I’m wrong. It is what it is. But I don’t care cuz that finale was  a m a z i n g. 

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I was reading the Wallace from the beginning and I realized gianni is so different from to now, and I wanted to ask you what you changed in him, cuz he is hotter than before! Strange ask, I know

LMAO um yeah i think i’ve said this before but gianni is literally just heavily tweaked paolo rocca from windenburg (i even kept his last name because i liked it lmfao) and i felt like i couldn’t get his face “right” for the longest time until i tweaked both him and santi last…october i think? i just gave him different skin details and elongated his features and made him taller n stufffff. also he has the active trait so he is literally always working out when i’m not playing with his household so he’s super buff now lmao. the funny thing is he doesn’t even use any overlays or skins or anything, not even a custom skintone now that i think of it…i think it’s just the magic of this chisami blush. it’s weird because he’s the only sim of mine that could pull that off lmao. he’s just a god tbh

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I know you guys probably get asked this a lot, and please don't think I'm demanding anything, cuz you guys are perfect just the way you are, but with the (accidental?) announcement that another DA is in the works, are you guys gonna start posting more confessions per day if the number of confessions you get per day starts going up?

Theres 300 confessions in the queue.  8-9 confessions post a day and 4-5 on the weekends. We’re still getting about 100 new followers a week  and are getting close to 40,000 Followers and currently we probably get 40 to 50 confessions a week which is enough to keep the blog going. At our peak we were getting 60 to 70 submissions a day. I’ve been around since 2012 and the lull after DA2 was bigger but when more information popped up about Dragon Age Inquisition…the queue was increased due to getting more submissions. We will do the same when it picks up. :)

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(1) Carrie I feel great and I had to share it with someone and you're a nice person so I'll share it with you! 😊 I woke up at 5:45am today and practically sprinted out the house to catch a 6:00am train to school because my alarm didn't go off but I made it in time! Then I bought breakfast at 7:30am but I didn't get to eat it until after 9:00am but it wasn't cold! Then I took a final at 8:00am and kinda rushed it cuz I was still frazzled from the whole train thing...

(2) but I just got my grade online (it was multiple choice so it was quick to grade) and I got a 97% on it!!! Only one wrong!!! And I feel great!!! 😄 WOOHOO!!! It’s worth 50% of my grade and I did great on everything else so I probably got an A in the class and I just feel so good!!! So many things could’ve gone wrong today but they didn’t!!! And I’ve been feeling down lately so this feels especially good!!! Thanks for reading this, I needed someone to share my joy with. ☺️

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That’s so awesome, anon!!! I’m so happy for you! You had a rushed morning and still did great on your final– you must have been studying and learning a lot and it looks like all your hard work paid off!! Thank you for sharing your good news with me and I hope you’re doing well!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Honestly I think I’ve emotionally shut down from a lot of close people cuz every time I say I’m depressed people are telling me I need to do this or that and like I KNOW i need to do that i’m not an idiot 

I just want a person to be like “Hey that sucks but sometimes you just get into slumps and it’s normal to feel like it. cool, just vent your frustrations cuz I know you’re frustrated” instead of being like “you can easily stop being useless if you just fix your sleep pattern and start enjoying being alive also thinking of death is bad and i wont let you talk about it at all”

Lego Batjokes Track #6🦇🃏📀🎶🔈

Very Good Bad Thing by Mother Mother

Submitted by Anonymous


“It is a shame to see this go
But with a dig in the grave
Diggin’ the black hole.
It was insane, the way we’d roll
You know the world at large
Is like a little rag doll
We were the big, bad pitbull

Try to get out but we just keep stickin’ around
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.

I am in pain to see this go
But we were putting a hole in our hearts,
With a poison arrow
It was deranged the way we’d roll
You know that everything around was like a little bitty town
We were the old tornado

Try to get out but we just keep stickin’ around,
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.
Try to get out but we just stay stuck on the ground, layin’ down,
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.

Stay another day, stay another night
I’ve got some cigarettes, I’ve got some stuff to try
We’ll make sick silhouettes (sick, sick silhouettes)
We’ll make our mamas cry
We’ll play Russian roulette (play Russian roulette)
We’ll play ‘til we die
Die die d-die d-d-die die
You and I’m
Gonna kill you yeah
You gonna kill me, true
Gonna leave a little note,
Just a little bad poem,
Gonna say true love is just a good bad joke.

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Try to get out but we just keep stickin’ around,
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.
Try to get out but we just stay stuck on the ground, foolin’ down,
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.

Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.
(Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found)
Cuz it is a very good bad thing we’ve found.”


Love this prompt, Anon! I haven’t listened to Mother Mother in years :3

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Now this may seem as an odd way to put it all, but i think that the best way to get back to something is just not having it in your life, in the way that you need to find ways that make you less observant of it. Cuz' if you find those things they'll be able to keep you satisfied or at least entertained if you understand what i mean? But i'm just a random guy in front of a screen so what do i know xD

I sorta get what you mean, but i have a headache atm so i might get it properly later uwu

Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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Okay but seriously, can we as Christians stop acting like its every woman’s job to be a wife and mother? Some women don’t want kids. You don’t know what God has planned for a woman’s life just cuz she’s a woman.

It’s also ridiculous to think a man can’t stay home and raise his kids himself while his wife goes out and works for them.

Let the couple work it out themselves, why would it be anyone else’s business? What does it matter how as long as the kids are getting raised and food’s on the table?

Oh shit moments in overwatch

-you hear the tap tap tap of Genji feet behind you

-“I’ve got you in my sights” *cue panicked 360s trying to see where that old man is yelling from

-“fire in the hole-” *tire noises and you do a REALLY panicked 360 trying to see where it’s coming from

-“nerf this” and it’s time to fucking book it for cover and god bless your soul if there’s nowhere to go

-“RYU GA-” *that horrible whooshing, creaking wood sound and you see hells fire as you die


-turrets shooting you, whether it’s Torbie’s autolocking onto you or symmetra’s slowing draining the life from your walking corpse

-“JUSTICE RAINS-” *right above you

-“DIE DIE DIE” *right behind you

-“HAMMER DOWN” *right in front of you


-Saw the Bastion a second too late

-saw the TURRET a second too late

-walked stupidly into the turret four times thinking you could take it out but just giving Torbjorn a humiliating play of the game Congo

-“aw you look tired”

-“Helden sterben nicht” *the lights of hell as your demons return to you

-Mei tosses her Ult at you and you can’t run and soon you can’t even walk because there’s an icicle in your eye sockets

-“bombs away!” *GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET OFF



Back again with my beloved #Gency Cuz tumblr needs more fanart of them! ♥ ♥ ♥

Im really sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my computer, hopefully soon things will get in shape.

And just to announce already, this is how me and @demondex are going to show up at London ComicCon next year, so if you’re going in 2018, you might meet us up there! :D

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do u ever wish you could watch one of dan and phil’s old skype calls from before they met? like i just want to know what they talked about and what they did for 5 hours

thanks to phil lester the living legend who took screenshots of their old skype calls all the time cuz they were young n gross n cute n in love n he wanted to cherish those moments forever.. we know some of their skype shenanigans included but were not limited to:

deep convos with dans childhood doggo

more deep convos with dans bear probably when dan had to get up to go do something

guitar hero for hours probably (im sure dan used to play cheesy songs that still bring back memories to this day)

dan doing some weird shit and acting out skits most likely bc he was and still is a dramatic theater kid and phil was always super entertained by them


proof that dan has been the sun since 2009

and screenshots like this… among other.. similar screenshots….. just a few out of the many, many screenshots that will forever remain private… :)


I have strong feelings about this musical but let me tell you one thing even tho no one will probably read this…

Evans ´´mission´´ to feel confident at that day was: Get another kid to sign your cast!

Now, he asked both of his only friends and ,ok,  Alana was not saying ´´No.´´ , she just walked off. But Jared asked, why Evan wants him so sign his cast, and…didn´t sign it too.

And that pretty much was it for Evan cuz, why the hell would he ask any other person?  The only two he alredy knew just…didn´t want to, so why would a stranger want to? (Likely he wouldn´t even be able to ask any strangers anyways..)

So, but Connor ok…

Yes, Connor was a dick by pushing him in the beginning(even tho we all know he has serious issues) , but srsly, why was he in the computer room thingy in the first place?
Maybe coincidence, sure. 
But, what if Connor maybe was there to apologize?

I mean, he didn´t had to ask what happened with Evans arm. He didn´t had to ask if he could sign the cast. He didn´t had to speak with Evan in a calm or any way at all!  Heck, he didn´t even had to take Evans letter from the printer to bring it to him! He just did. Because he wanted to.

And you know…I think for that short moment, Connor was maybe waving back at Evan. And thats something not even his Friends at that moment did.


AND SINCE YOU ALL FUCKING LOVE THIS, I MADE ANOTHER COMIC LIKE THING LIKE THAT! Why not check it out… qvq I mean you don’t have to but…if..if you like this then…yeah.. ;v;

So my mother was giving me the lecture of ‘Don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink. Find good friends’

I’m just like

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Mother, you honestly think I’m getting out of my bedroom, or the house? Cuz I have books to read, fanfiction to cry too, shows to be watched, and OTPs to be shipped 

The Election of 1800

M: “It’s crazy that the guy who comes in second gets to be Vice President”
J: “Yeah, you know what? We can change that. You know why?”
M: “Why?”
J: “‘Cuz I’m the Preside–”
B: “Y-You can’t just do that!

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i cant believe we just witnessed one of the most iconic amazingphil videos ever to date?? this was literally one of the best videos and there were so many parts that stood out like..

for one, the tarot cards literally indicating the idea of dan basically coming to terms with his own identity and sexuality and being able to express himself more openly?? it was just interesting to see a cynical skeptic like dan be so in awe of these tarot cards actually hitting home. dan has been on a constant journey to self discovery and i’ve honestly never seen him more comfortable in his own skin, so the quote “you won’t always have to protect your personality with battle armor” couldn’t have been more appropriate, esp considering dan has lowered his barriers quite dramatically in comparison to his past self and has been letting his genuine self shine through. also with his decision to kill danisnotonfire and the sense of freedom he received as a result of that decision.. got dam

uh… yall… idk if you noticed… but phil deadass made a sex joke about phan on his main channel? it was an innuendo but it was also completely literal and it directly involved him and dan.. plus there was no weird behavior from either of them after phil made the joke, they didn’t do anything in an attempt to overshadow the joke, they just rolled with it? this is history in the making what the fuck

dan and phil and mocking “masculine creative energy” ?? name a more iconic trio

THE BANANA PRANK. the banana prank. the banana prank. this was the cutest shit i have ever seen. dans willingness to go along with whatever phil said even though he was starting to doubt it was so endearing?? phil was so proud of himself for successfully pranking dan and he was laughing so genuinely while dan was just smacking him with the banana peel trying to make it seem like he was mad but failing miserably because he was actually impressed by phils pranking skills and he only tolerates getting pranked if its by his wonderful boyfriend.. i have never experienced more intense third wheeling in my whole entire life! that scene was not meant for us at all, that scene was jus phil being a sly little shit and dans immediate reaction to phil being a sly little shit and they kept it in the video cuz they sappy as shit.. it was just dan howell and phil lester being gross and in love and jfgkdkjg@!1!! also funny how this is the second iconic scene involving a banana, yall mind if i remind you of the banana scene from the pinof 8 bloopers.. ya.. interesting..

conclusion: fuck