cuz the ending gives me feels

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Thank you for this amazing hadcannons. I love them so much! May I request a hadcannons about RFA+Saeran+V preparing to meet MC's parents for the fist time? Thanx!

Thank you! And this was a cute one! Hope you like them:) 


  • You told Zen that your parents had invited you both to dinner for the first time
  • He tried to play it cool, but he was super nervous
  • He was scared they wouldn’t approve of him
  • Also scared they’d seen some of his plays…
  • Promiscuous Jalapeno Toppings
  • He goes through a hundred outfits trying to find the perfect one
  • “MC, does this tie say ‘mature’ or ‘I’m too poor to provide for your daughter’?”
  • “Zen, relax.” 
  • When the night finally arrives, he realizes he had nothing to worry about
  • His parents have never actually heard of him
  • They’re impressed by his career and his ambitions
  • Zen is literally the perfect gentleman throughout the night
  • Offers to help your mom clean up
  • He’s pretty chill when it comes to your dad
  • He’s been in meeting with directors so he controls his nerves well
  • Your parents love him by the end of the night, and want you to bring him around more often


  • Surprisingly, he isn’t nervous at all when you tell him about the invitation
  • That is…until the day of the dinner
  • Gets super nervous that your parents think he’s too immature
  • Realizes he only has tshirts and hoodies in his wardrobe
  • So he goes out and buys a whole new outfit
  • He asks a billion questions about your parents on your way there
  • He almost pulled out a notebook to take notes
  • The night starts out really awkward
  • Yoosung ends up talking a lot because he’s just so nervous
  • He starts to calm down after the meal since he sees how your parents are
  • Everything is going great until…
  • “So, what are your hobbies?”
  • That’s when you swoop in “Oh, he likes to work on computers for fun.”
  • Your mom appreciates how traditional he is, considering his background
  • Your dad likes how innocent he is and how he’s never dated anyone before you 
  • On the way back, he can’t stop talking about how good of a time he had
  • He loves your parents


  • You and her decided to go on a road trip for a mini vacation
  • You’re near your hometown when your parents call and tell you to stop by on your way
  • While Jaehee agrees, she’s also a little nervous
  • What if your parents hate her from pulling you away from your original career plan to run a small cafe?
  • Also, considering she never had good family experiences, she feels a bit awkward and out of place
  • Unconsciously slips into her super formal behavior
  • Your parents are super impressed with her manners
  • She helps your mom with dinner
  • When she finds out your father is into business, she gets into a deep conversation about various business topics
  • That’s when the cafe comes up
  • She’s happy to find that they’re very proud of the accomplishment you two built together
  • You didn’t catch when your mom and Jaehee exchanged numbers
  • You’re half way through your road trip and Jaehee is just like
  • “Your mom and I were talking about having a beach day soon. What do you think?” 
  • Your family basically adopted her


  • The dinner was his idea
  • Considering he never met your parents, he thought it the proper thing to do
  • He meets a lot of important people, so he’s used to this
  • But he’s still a little nervous because it’s your parents and he wants to make a good impression
  • He of course gets a gift–just something small though
  • He gets them a small set of wine glasses with a small but intricate design
  • He’s easy going when you first get there
  • But you can tell it’s the manners he usually reserves for business meetings
  • After a while, he loosens up a bit
  • He really loves the feeling of a small, close family
  • Your parents really like him
  • He really bonded with your mother
  • He never really had a mother figure that was as caring in his life
  • Your dad liked him, but was a bit worried because Jumin seemed stiff and emotionless at first
  • He wanted to make sure his daughter was loved
  • But then he witnesses a small moment between you two as you both are getting ready to leave
  • He has no doubt about Jumin’s love now
  • Your mom sends Jumin home with a lot of food, even though he mentioned he has a chef at home
  • He savors every bite of that food, it’s so cute really


  • He actually brought it up
  • He’s big on family and he wants to make sure you keep connected with your family as you two get a new start on life together
  • He gets super nervous thought when the dinner is planned
  • He’s tempted to do some hacking to find out about them, but he resists
  • Instead, he asks you a lot of questions about your parents and what they’re like/what they like
  • You notice that he asks more about your mother though
  • You notice that he’s really antsy on your way there, and you try to assure him that it’s all fine
  • He’s uncharastically stiff when you get there
  • Dinner is a little awkward until in the middle your dad just kinds of blurts out
  • “Uh…You’re different from what MC described.” 
  • You had told your parents he was a kind, but funny jokester/ “memeking”
  • After that, he loosened up feeling how relaxed you parents seemed to be
  • He offers to help your mother with the dishes (miracle cuz he never cleans)
  • She was impressed and asked if he used to help his mother when he was younger
  • He gets a bit emotional and vaguely tells her some of his story
  • She gets quiet before saying “Well, if you ever need some motherly nagging, you can call me.”
  • He tears up and your mother embraces him
  • Your mother also gives him an abundance of food to take home he needs it
  • You guys end up having get togethers really often


  • He’s trying to avoid it for awhile
  • But when it came up, he couldn’t refuse
  • He was pretty sure your parents might hate him
  • So he brought cupcakes from a local bakery
  • Who can hate someone who brings cupcakes?
  • He’s trying not to be too edgy
  • So he smiles a lot….way too much really
  • He’s genuinely happy to experience the feeling of a family, considering his own background
  • But he’s so self-aware about smiling, he was forcing it
  • So it was bit awkward when he nearly sliced off his finger with a knife and was still smiling
  • Your parents were a bit wary because of the incident
  • After a bit of coaxing from you, he relaxes
  • You also tried to warn your parents ahead of time  that he didn’t have a good childhood
  • So the topic of his past was never brought up
  • Your parents try to make him as comfortable as possible
  • In the end, your parents thought he was really sweet
  • They knew he meant well and could see you two cared for each other deeply
  • It took him a few visits to loosen up and be himself, but he eventually got accustomed to your parents


  • Your parents invite you two over for dinner
  • V is actually excited for it
  • He gathers a few of his favorite photos and frames them as a gift
  • When you guys get there, he’s so good with breaking the ice
  • He compliments your mother’s cooking
  • Both of your parents like how he treats you gently  and sweetly
  • He has a lot in common with your dad and delves into philosophical topics
  • His mother also loves how mannerly he is
  • Your parents like how he respects tradition as well
  • You all were having such a good time, you lost track of the time and went home really late
  • But your parents invited you over again frequently

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an annotated post on how why don’t we go there is a GOOD SONG:

-iconic lyrics (“we’ll touch the other side/ just give me the key”)

-AMAZING chorus w/ wordplay (“cuz we got all night/ and we’re going nowhere/ why don’t you stay?/ why don’t we go there?”)

-the ziam harmonies in the second verse WOWWWW

-nialls bridge!! in the top 10 best vocal performances by him ever + I could listen to it all day (“you’re rushing through my mind/ I wanna feel that high/ I wanna get addicted, don’t say no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o/ just say GO-O-O-O-O-O”)

-the larry harmonies??? ended anti culture

-nice, breezy instrumental


at the least: cute, fun summer bop

at the most: grammy.

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Dear sir, I am new to the Sh fandom, and if I may ask, were/are there any headcanons about what happened while Alec had cocktails at Magnus'? You know, when he "didn't do much sleeping" and was "helping treat Luke's wounds" and, y'noe, "nothing else happened" like I fucking believe that. Cuz I sure as hell feel cheated if they bonded during that, or even just blushed at each other the whole time. Malec be fucking me up, and thank you kindly.

i’m absolutely sure that there are but i couldn’t give you any recommendations

honestly i always thought that what we got to see was what he was referring because he got there pretty late and then luke ended up being bandaged up by the time alec was cleaning up the couch, i assumed that was kinda very early morning or something. so what i wanted to see was the second drink

because i fucking agree i feel like there was more there, more talking. maybe migrating to the couch, and a lot of that kind of tension that was just shimmering in the air. because really alec seemed so fucking sheepish when he got back and you don’t just seem like that over nothing at all. so i just imagine the sun rising, that early morning glow hitting the side of magnus’s face, lighting him up like something else. it would turn that shirt rich blood like burgundy, catching on all of that gold. and it would edge his shoulders, showing off just how broad he was, just how built he was, making that slightly transparent shirt just a little more see through.

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I know Scott was the one who said T gave him strength, but I felt like he was the one comforting her more than the other way around.

i think she just needed it more than he did tbh? like he’s mad at himself but i feel like she was legitimately crushed and heartbroken

and i know its off brand 4 me but im just gonna be completely earnest for a sec n say that i love that their relationship is one of mutually giving each other things the other needs, regardless of their own personal disappointment. like not for a second did you feel a sliver of any anger or resentment from her to him even tho he probably deserved it. the second the fd ended she kind of collapsed into his arms cuz she knew he needed it in that moment and in the immediate aftermath when she’s processing what just happened and sounding like she’s about to break down and cry, he was comforting her and making dumb jokes to see her smile. it kinda makes me emo tbh

Boyfriend! Chani (SF9)

Originally posted by tiffanybane

  • a shy lil bub before you guys start dating
  • the other members spent a lot of time convincing him that he should just confess to you
  • he eventually did and ofc you said that you’d go out with him 
  • it doesn’t take long for him to shed his shy self around you
  • he warms up to you so it’s more comfortable for the two of you
  • he practices his acting with you
  • he even did it a little before you guys were dating like he was probably going over lines with you when he confessed
  • aNYWHO back to when y’all are dating
  • a typical thing that happens when going over lines with Chani is this kinda thing:
  • the script probably says to grab the other person’s wrist and say something like “don’t go”
  • but chani isn’t gonna do that
  • he has a little bit of a different idea
  • he’ll still grab your wrist but instead pull you into a hug
  • then says
  • “don’t go, please don’t leave me, i love you”
  • “chani that’s not in the script wth”
  • “i thought this would be cute jeez i could at least get an ‘i love you’ back (y/n)” -3-
  • a lot of your dates are study dates at the library or the cafe near school cuz this boy is still in school
  • after your study dates tho chani likes to take a nap with you cuz he’s a growing bby
  • during these naps he always has his arms around since he likes to hold you 
  • tries to be manly lmao he’s literally 6 months older than me we’re just babies asdfgjk
  • the reason he tries to be manly is because he’s trying to intimidate strangers (lowkey his members sometimes too) so they don’t even think of messing with you
  • making him protective af
  • he does get jealous
  • pretty easily too
  • like he get’s butt hurt if you hang out with another member instead of him
  • keeps getting his phone taken away cuz he keeps texting you in class
  • his teacher is just like“chani, nobody smiles at their crouch for no reason, give me your phone”
  • one of my teachers does this lmao
  • has a million heart emojis next to your name in his phone
  • you’re the longest snapchat streak he has
  • always super excited to show you the things that sf9 is coming up with (choreos, songs, what they did on v app the night before, etc.)
  • ends up spoiling sf9′s comeback for you whoops
Literary references and character abilities (chapter 62)

While I got the gist of what everyone in this chapter talked about, I have yet to take my time and look up all the words and translate properly, but I just found something so interesting and I wanted to share with you and it’s about the names of the abilities used by Shuuhei and Shamrock, because I did not know about the things that were used as reference.
I just love how Servamp is filled with so many things from literature and the amazing names for the character abilities that have dual readings that have a connection with one another. I wrote down the observations I made in regards to the literary works that have served as inspiration. Hope they will make sense!
I’m gonna put these under the cut, as they can be spoilerish and also because it is quite long, I’m surprised that I was able to write this much,  for I ramble a lot about the things that I think about during translations and things that I found out during research. It would be nice to hear your opinions in regards to the things I wrote :)

And a shout-out to @xchibikai​ for providing the RAWS. Thank you so much!

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Your kids are the most hated shit manga couple ever. Fuck you ichihoe cunts. Hoehime was nothing but a thirsty bitch who waits for her master to finally notice her. Always nothing but A cheep useless hoe. Congratulations on your shit canon. The World hates you origos.

Omg, my first anon hate ask!
I see that you’ve been quite busy today since you did your rounds sending your love to fellow ichihime fans’ blogs.
But boy, do I feel special today! not only did I get 1 hate ask, I got 2! (you sent the same ask twice, it still counts)

Also you called me an origo!
Guys, I made it!!! Finally I’m an origo (and a proud one), yaaaasss.
Got to thank you anon, your ask gave a good laugh when I woke up this morning after a stressful time at work the day before. Can’t even feel offended over how childish and dumb you are. Need to try harder if you want to be taken serious…. cuz is not working.

You still mad, and it’s funny as hell.
Not being able to get over and move on from a fictional canon couple, throwing tantrums to unsuccesfully make you feel better…
At the end of the day nothing you’ll do or say brings me down from feeling awesome and happy as fuck as I am whenever I think about Ichihime.

What a waste and bitter fella. No wonder sucks to be you.

You wanna know something that’s really FUCKED UP about me? If you’re a woman that i REALLY like, and i actually develop REAL feelings for you that have turned into love, or could end up becoming love, I WILL DISAPPEAR FROM YOUR LIFE JUST LIKE THE GHOST THAT I AM. So if i do, or have done that to you…. Know that it’s not your fault hun. You’re amazing. Truly. You really are. I adore you. The fault is mine alone cuz i am a fucked up individual who will never again give his heart to anyone. Please understand that.

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about the "its not so bad if you don't look up" line and all the jyn hate. i dont care if you hate the character/actress do whatever but surely you can comprehend that her attitude at the beginning of the movie was just her having given up hope and her dads hologram revived that hope etc etc i'm sure complex character motivations aren't beyond you and you're just being stubborn because hating jyn is the hip and now thing. like,, get over your self righteous salt about the character it's boring

uh yeah and my problem wit the character is that she only gets “hope” when it affects her. having her dad revive that just shows that she never takes steps to realize the galaxy is bigger than her own family drama (which also- isnt explained very well).
jyn at the beginning of the movie: I’m apathetic toward the empire cuz everyone has abandoned me :( who cares what others are feeling
jyn at the end: oh my dad didn’t abandon me! now i give a shit. did you guys know its all about Me, my father must be so proud

she aint fighting for anyone except her own damn self when her development should have involved her getting her head outta her ass along with some empathy


“So I said to myself, ‘Kyle’ … that’s what I call myself.”
“I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were.”
“I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were.”
“You were always strong and always sure.”
“Now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.”
“The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you.”
“It’s hard to imagine you as a boy.”
“Hmm, double d’s, just like your grades.”
“If my dolly’s cold, can I put her in the toaster oven?”
“I just thought we were having plastic for dinner.”
“I have a question that I’m going to need a yes or no answer to. How many people get into Yale each year?”
“I don’t wanna be empty inside any more.”
“I have never seen you screw up on anything. I’m the screw-up, remember? “
“I don’t do alone real good.”
“I don’t sweat, I glisten.”
“It was raining… you had an umbrella… I grabbed it, stuffed it down your throat, and then I opened it. I Mary Poppinsed ya.”
“Now there’s only two people horribly dead here, that’s an acceptable loss.”
“Duckies are good, cuz not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed ‘em crackers and you can ride 'em.”
“Duckies are the horsies of the ocean.”
“I’m a kid. I don’t understand the emotional content of Full House.”
“My grades aren’t good enough to get me into college?”
“Your grades, my friend, aren’t good enough to get you a Slurpee.”
“You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful.”
“She got sick and said that chicken soup would help her feel better. I told her it probably would. Then I went bowling.”
“I’ve come to a conclusion: Men are idiots.”
“It was one of those nights. You know the kind. Like day, but darker.”
“When did this school get a library?” 
“Everyday is a new adventure isn’t it?”
“Boy you are disgrace to this community, this country, and humanity in general!”
“The worst thing that ever happened when we were kids was that your Pop-Tart fell on the ground.”
“She goes away for the summer and comes back a woman.”
“Would you be my girlfriend?”
“ If I was only going to be alive for one more minute, I’d spend it looking in your eyes.”
“If you were only going to be alive for one more minute, I’d tell you to stop lookin’… and start kissin’.”
“I believe in love like I believe in God: you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but you can feel its wrath.”
“Why does everything have to haunt us for the rest of our lives?”
“Book 'em, good-lookin’.”
“Life’s tough, get a helmet.”
“Is this stuff supposed to be burning?”
“I’m no rocket scientologist.”
“I think it’s the opposite of funny. I think it’s… wood.”
“Look at me, I’m breakin’ the law.”
“I never asked to be the man in this relationship.”
“With this outfit and this hair? Hello, buh-bye, I am SO at the mall.”
“I have you. I have you by your ovaries.”
“I just want to have my picture taken, so I can send it to my grandma so she sends me a check.”
“Hey, be careful. Not that I care.”
“Love is the most rare and precious thing in the whole world.”
“I married a moose.”
“I’m a damsel, but not the distressed kind – one who’s totally calm and in complete control of her own destiny.”
“If stupidity were in the Olympics, you’d win a Nobel Prize.”
“It’s against the Geneva Detention Convention.”
“How come last night you kept me waiting for 20 minutes outside your house?”
“How come you parked outside my house, honked the horn, and didn’t come in?”
“I’m sorry I disrupted the class and killed everyone.”
“I have got something incredible to tell you. But for security reasons, I am going to use our code.”
“There’s no such thing as good news until I’ve had my Grape Nuts.”
“We’re gonna have a child? Wait, we’ve only kissed. I mean, I knew I was a good kisser, but wow.”
“How do you accidentally kiss someone? Did she slip on a rug, and your lips broke her fall?”
“I walk alone in this world… Alone I walk… Except for the grilled cheese sandwich in my pocket.”
“I told her I was training for the Olympic decathlon.”
“A girl wrote seven numbers on my hand. What could this possibly mean?”
“You have a very large head. I don’t know why I married you.”
“That was then, this is… not then.”
“Chickens in the hallway. Chickens in the hallway. Somebody must have let 'em loose as the official senior prank. Look at 'em. Look at 'em. Oh, look at the chickens. Oh my gosh, this is crazy. I wonder which crazy senior though this up, huh? This is nuts.”
“Wait a second, the killer’s dead. We’re off the hook.”
“I think that he knows we’re too old for detention to scare us like it did when we were little kids right, so he’s turned this school into a total chamber of horrors.”
“There’s blood on the black board. I don’t think it’s because he ran out of chalk!”
“I’m real screwed up.”
“We’re supposed to see other people..” 
“I’m supposed to see other people, you’re supposed to wait until I die.”
“How do we really know the light bulb goes off when you close the refrigerator?”
“I don’t want to have feelings for another girl.”
“It’s great to be so in touch with my feminine side.”
“I’m gonna get in touch with her feminine side.”
“I think you’re beautiful on the inside.”
“Do you know why a husband talks to his wife before doing something? So she can tell him what a stupid idea it is.”
“Something bad happened, but for the very first time you’re not responsible.”
“When one mocks someone, one should wait until they’re not looking right at them.”
“Who carries these things around? What did you do, dig up your grandfather and pick his pocket?”
“So, do you know what the best part of being a virgin is?”
“I’ve seen you in gym class. Wear pants.”
“Why can’t geography be like history? We always win World War Two, Lincoln always gets shot…”
“There are co-ed bathrooms. Girls shower in there, NAKED!”
“You gave me bad advise in a dream!”
“I am not responsible for dream me!”
“It’s like we share the same brain.”
“That was the longest time out I’ve ever had.”
“I went behind your back and stole your girl.”
“So, what’s it like to have that kind of money?”
“I’m hitting my head. I’m hitting the northern-most part of my head.”
“There’s a dark side to a bake sale too, isn’t there? Fat. Cholesterol. What about that?”
“She’s got style. She’s got elegance. She’s got parents.”
“Canadians skate. How hard could it be?”
“I know what you’re saying and I’m winking right back at you.”
“I do believe your resolve is weakening, my little kumquat.”
“Is it okay, if I rip off your head, and roll it down the hallway?”
“If every marriage failed except one, I guarantee you that one would be ours.”
“I’d kill you, but I can’t move.”
“Gotta love Halloween. It really brings people together.”

So Chris Cornell has passed away. If youre wondering why im even talking about this on my art blog of all things, theres a few reasons. One of those reasons being that literally surrounding myself with everything hes done from the late 80s to now a days was partly what helped me through a horrible depression back in early 2015 when my family was literally falling apart. Another reason being during that time, my lil undead metalhead Travis was created directly infulenced by my revitalized love of all types of rock music, but so god damn great was my appreciation for that man that i went as far as to give Trav that last name Cornell…

I cant say im shattered, cuz that would just be crazy. If anything i feel.. shook. Like i feel shaken to my core. Everything is temporary, lives start and they end. Chris Cornell was such an extrodinary artist, amazing singer, if not one of the most influential, most recognizable, important voices of the 90s seattle scene..

Im not sure where else to go with this. Im deeply saddened, but i appreciate all that he has acomplished as an artist. He had a very long and influential music career and im really happy i got to live at a time to experience it. Idk. Life goes on i guess. RIP

I Really Like You ~ 10K/Reader

I received this request:

“10k imagine where the f!reader second guesses herself and her relationship with 10k after seeing how he interacts with Cassandra so he has to reassure her that he sees Cassandra as like a sister or something. Ends with some cuddles cuz cuddles are life.”

So I wrote this as a continuation to Freckles. I just wanna say thank you so much for the requests. If you have any ideas you’d like to give me please feel free to message me or send me asks ^^;;

Warnings: Fluff and ridiculous amounts of cheesiness. 


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I looooove Tripp! I know it's wishful thinking to hope he'll stay after the framework arc ends (I have no idea how lol) but that would be amazing! I just hope they don't have his character die again cuz that would be too much! I was shocked at **spoiler's**death last night and was surprisingly emotional about it lol AoS always get's me with the feels!

MAYBE Tripp never died… maybe he’s an inhuman and we only THINK he disintegrated. #letme(andtripp)live

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Yeah but the messed up part is i attacked her. Not physically. But I was apparently violently yelling at her. I thought at one point she wasn't real and I created her in my head. I told her that. I felt and feel so bad. My therapist said she was manipulating me the next day because she wanted a drug from me that I couldn't give her cuz she is an addict. I feel at the end I am the shit person. She was right. I didn't control myself in the situation.

I’m guessing this is the Anon with schizoaffective and the bpd friend.
This does change the situation a fair bit. This is a little more complicated. I don’t know what you were yelling at her, but even if you couldn’t control yourself in the moment, you are 100% able to control how you react after the fact. Did you apologise and explain the situation? She didn’t have to forgive you, immediately or at all, but she shouldn’t have been manipulating you into giving her drugs. As long as you have tried your best to make amends, you’re not a shitty person, just a person who made a mistake. Please try to forgive yourself for what happened. We have failings and faults, and the best thing you can do is learn from it and move on. If you want to talk about this at length, I’m here to talk.

I’m not even salty tbh...

I am seeing all this IH and RR shit and I am so damn complacent. I’m not happy with it OH GOD NO its bullshit in every sense of the word, but I feel like I can’t even be mad with it.

If everyone had got a good, satisfying end that was consistent with the story except Ichiruki, I would be pissed beyond belief. But the fact that all of the nakama is in the exact place they didn’t want to be, going against their characterisations, and IH baby defeating ywach blob by touching it bullshit makes me feel like it was all done delibrately. The simple fact is that he intended for everything to be shit. And it’s really funny how all these Origos and Renkis think they won when actually this ending was just a middle finger and fuck you to WSJ.

Seriously, the fact that Ichigo is not a Soul Reaper and not involved with the Soul Society at all, even when it was clear that he felt like being a Shinigami was his calling, alone proves that this is not the true ending of bleach. It’s like saying Naruto became disillusioned after his battle with Sasuke and decided to give up on becoming Hokage because he’d rather be a fucking bum eating ramen all day. Shit, I could even see if there was a scene where as they were all watching Chad be OOC, Ichigo got a hollow alert from his badge, changed into a Shinigami, and for the first time in the entire fucking manga looked at Orihime & son with some type of emotion and said “I’ll be off…” and her saying “Have a safe trip…” or some shit. That is actually a somewhat satisfying end especially for Ichigo and OriHime which would give me a reason to be jealous but nope. I could even see him working as a policeman or vigilante or some shit because ya know…


like his fucking mother who died protecting him and how he always wished he had the power to protect her! I feel like a goddamn idiot for having to bring up how important ‘protecting’ means to Ichigo’s character….ITS HIS FUCKING NAME FOR FUCKS SAKE DAMMIT!!!!!! but nope he does the most passive job ever, a job where it’s a good thing if he has nothing to do, the job were he is incapable of preventing someone from getting hurt, a job were he relishes in his powerlessness, the complete opposite of protecting people, instead he gets people after they’ve been hurt or mortally wounded which is all so blatantly non-Ichigo and reeks of shit. And to make matters worse, it wasn’t even something he actively chose, it was something he settled for. Just like his marriage to Orihime, it was something he did because it was the laziest option. She loved me for a while so I guess I’ll get with her, My dad ran the clinic so I guess I’ll just take that over. If you think for one second that Ichigo is actually happy doing this shit with his life, you are fuckin mental. There is no question that if he had done the true best Ichiruki end along with giving the other nakama genuine happy endings that was intended from the get go, his shit would sell the fuck out and people would overlook how shitty everything was until now. But Kubo didn’t want that, if his shade throwing in 685 was any indication.

I feel like I could never be truly salty with this because Kubo has given us so much. Although yes, I’m a little annoyed that Origos feel like they won but even then literally everyone else thinks that the ending is shit which it is. Honestly, it’s just so easy to disregard the last chapter and arc tbh because we simply have too much canon support for Ichiruki, so much so that literally nothing can touch it. Even if we forget the coverspreads and poems and little hints like Isshin calling Rukia his third daughter, Isshimasa and Ichiruki rescue parallels, and well pretty much the whole manga, there’s still too much support that Ichiruki is the true OTP of bleach.  

The thing is Kubo not only built up Ichiruki to an insane degree, but he also tore down Ichi///hime every chance he got. Orihime will always be a second-rate choice that Ichi settled for (even saying it feels like bullshit). Orihime is still as inadequate as she was in the chapter when she was jealous of Rukia for always being able to cheer Ichi up. Her love for Ichigo is just as shallow as it was during her entire HM rescue arc, where HE had to keep telling HER not to be afraid of him as well as not doing jack shit to help her supposed love of five lifetimes as he gets killed and pleading to his dead corpse to save herself, no other characters have ever said anything that selfish. Ichigo is still as uninterested as he was in those 17 months he was pining over Rukia and his Shinigami lifestyle while rejecting Orihime and his supposedly happy human life. The dude is supposed to be married to her and he still gives her these bland ass looks

(actually he is only shown looking at her once) while in the same chapter he makes these faces at Rukia.

They literally do the old married couple fighting trope in front of their ‘actual spouses’ who are just…..well……there. I can’t get over how Renji has NO fucking dialogue and is fucking standing there like he’s the most unnecessary piece of shit. Like he’s so aware of the fact that he can never be as important as Ichigo in Rukia’s mind that they even named their kid after him. And fucking Orihime…….she has to witness this shit…as usual. She is off panel watching Ichigo come alive like he always does when interacting with Rukia. This is the exact same shit she’s been doin the whole damn manga along with fucking Renji. They are the onlookers, the people that watch the Ichiruki bond and just KNOW that they can’t compare. If I was a IH or a RR fan I’d be fucking pissed.

Ichiruki showed up the damn canon married w/babies pairings in the very chapter they were made canon.

This is fuckery at it’s finest. I couldn’t have come up with a better way to piss everyone off. He doesn’t want them to win and make any more money off of his work and he sure as hell doesn’t want that live action shit made and he makes that clear by making the most fucked up ending possible where no one gets a happy end. And not just the ending was intended this way, the last 10 or so chapters have been filled to the brim with grade A fuckery to drive home the fact that HE DOES NOT WANT THIS TO SELL. Kubo did not go into this ending with the intention to give the characters a satisfying conclusion, he went into this ending with the intention to piss people off and give them the middle finger. 

And because of the reason behind it, I really can’t help but feel like we still won in the end. I’m still sippin my tea on my lounge chair cuz I know that this ending was made as a fuck you rather than a true ending. (As a “fuck you WSJ you ain’t getting no more profit off me!!! Here’s for all the shit you gave me in the past!!” ending, it’s actually pretty perfect! He knew all the wrong buttons to press while still showing why no pairing can compare to Ichiruki.)

Edit: I just keep on adding new shit as I think of new things that make no sense so check in on this post every once and a while ;P

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10 jasico

yaaaas i got you buddy

  • Jason and Nico met during the Trojan war. 
  • Jason, a son of Zeus and a noted hero, The Achaeans were blessed to have him on their side. He was the kind of soldier whose name you feared, his resolve and allegiance unshakeable
  • until he say him from across a battlefield. a small young man with dark curls and dark eyes. Nico was dashing between enemies left and right, his helmet lost and a black sword in his hand. he was impressive to say the least.
  • Nico was a strategist for the Trojan armies, though he was known to jump into the fray when needed. As a notorious son of Hades, he was referred to as “a dealer of death” when he was out of earshot. Jason had heard of him, sure. The sad eyed prince that came out of nowhere rose through the ranks of an army at an insanely young age. He was famous for ruthlessly effective battle tactics and never backing down from a fight. So yes, Jason had known of him, but he’d never heard of how lovely he was.
  • Even covered in blood and sweat, dashing his sword through his enemies, Nico was a vision on the field to Jason. He stop in his tracks, if only for a moment, and just stared.
  • When the Achaeans win this battle, Nico is captured with many other trojans. The common soldiers are put on a boat and sent back to the achaean homelands to be sold as slaves. But Nico, he is kept for interrogation. The Achaeans arent barbarians, they keep him well enough with food and water. But he’s a prisoner and he knows it. When Jason comes down to the hull of the ship to speak with him, he’s curt and quiet and completely beautiful.
  • For some unfathomable reason, Jason finds himself enraptured by the dark-haired boy locked away in the ship. He brings him wine from dinner, and tells him stories about his adventures. Nico softens to him as well, if only a bit. Eventually, after a few nights, he begins talking as well.
  • He and Jason trade stories, trade songs, trade worries and hopes, and then gentle embraces and a kiss. Nico is the one to remind him that they’re enemies, that he would never switch sides, that he’s faithful to his country and his people and how never thought he’d fall in love again, but here he is. They know this wont last forever, so they savor the moments they can steal.
  • One night while docked in a conquered port, he comes down with the wine and Nico’s dinner, as usual, only to find he’s escaped. Jason is heartbroken, but understands. They have their duties, and Nico’s allegiance belongs to Troy. An old iron ring in the shape of a skull, one he’d seen Nico wearing before, is left in his cabin when he returns to it, and something in Jason flutters as he turns it over in his hands.
  • The next time he sees Nico, he is atop the walls surrounding the city of Troy. A bow drawn, and shouting orders at the troops around him, he fires down on the Achaeans who have no hope of breaking through the gate. Nico’s hair falls in his eyes just so, he looks ferocious, dangerous, and glowing. Jason finds himself distracted in battle as well
  • And Nico sees him too, meets his eyes, and with the smile of a lover, shoots an arrow straight into his foot. Jason is dragged off the battlefield cursing and screaming by his comrades, and Nico continues the fight, his distraction now removed and out of danger.
  • Jason is out of commission for at least a week for his injury. He returns to the fight and he and Nico see each other in the fray from time to time. At night his thoughts are occupied by memories of soft black curls and gentle lips.
  • The Achaeans were making little progress against the might of Troy’s wall, but had devised a plan that would ensure victory. Jason feels something awful settle in his gut as the trap is laid
  • Nico protests greatly as they drag the giant offering into the city. He can see their downfall coming fast, just as Cassandra did, and he those he cares for are forced to flee the city or face its end. They escape as the fires start to take over, and disappear into the night to find a new place to call home.
  • Jason watches Troy fall with a conflicted heart. He does his best to search the city, not for spoils, but for Nico, and feels a part of him die there when he doesn’t.
  • after the war, after everything, they’ll find each other again. Jason hears word of a newly forming city to the west and in his wandering, finds himself there within a few years time. Nico and Jason spot each other across a garden and in that moment they both feel the world stop around them

okay thats all u get!!!! i was gonna give it a really tragic end and have Nico die defending troy but damn that thought even hurt me a little bit??? also i really liked the idea of jason as a greek, and nico as a (future) roman cuz that was neat. i really love the trojan war, shit was cray so yeah this is what u get

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I don't write about my crush as much cuz I'm trying to make him less of my muse and give him more of a chance to be my lover instead, but it feels so good to put these feelings somewhere. He's extremely intelligent and morbid but kind and bold as well. His presence feels like a timid and intimidating summer night. He has yellow undertones like me and hair that, while stereotypical, definitely could be compared to a raven's feather. He takes my breath away, he makes me want to be a good writer

awwwww that’s so wonderful!!! i love it when you meet those people who compel you to be a better version of yourself, and he sounds very much like one such person!!! i hope things go really well!!!

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Can you make a tough dark Michael blurb with y/n as a shy nerd or something like that in celebration of the new dark-Ish Michael?

Nope I can’t cuz I’m making this into a mini one shot cuz I LOVE THIS IDEA so feel free to message me off anon and I’ll give you credit for the idea!! - This ended up being about two pages longer than I expected… I got a little carried away.

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as much as it pain me to say this, i hope gin-chan will cry, like not his comedy sobbing over his wavy hair, but crying from the bottom of his heart,his eyes hold so much suffering that i think he need to let it all go before entering the last battel, gintoki never was the one to share his feeling and angst but i hope sorachi give us this moment cuz in the end he is a human

( and if he did it on tsukyo lap i won’t be complaining)