cuz the ending gives me feels

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Dear sir, I am new to the Sh fandom, and if I may ask, were/are there any headcanons about what happened while Alec had cocktails at Magnus'? You know, when he "didn't do much sleeping" and was "helping treat Luke's wounds" and, y'noe, "nothing else happened" like I fucking believe that. Cuz I sure as hell feel cheated if they bonded during that, or even just blushed at each other the whole time. Malec be fucking me up, and thank you kindly.

i’m absolutely sure that there are but i couldn’t give you any recommendations

honestly i always thought that what we got to see was what he was referring because he got there pretty late and then luke ended up being bandaged up by the time alec was cleaning up the couch, i assumed that was kinda very early morning or something. so what i wanted to see was the second drink

because i fucking agree i feel like there was more there, more talking. maybe migrating to the couch, and a lot of that kind of tension that was just shimmering in the air. because really alec seemed so fucking sheepish when he got back and you don’t just seem like that over nothing at all. so i just imagine the sun rising, that early morning glow hitting the side of magnus’s face, lighting him up like something else. it would turn that shirt rich blood like burgundy, catching on all of that gold. and it would edge his shoulders, showing off just how broad he was, just how built he was, making that slightly transparent shirt just a little more see through.

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i took a small nap before leaving for my flight and i feel like having a little rant uh

you know like the whole rp experience on tumblr for me is usually way more fun when i have a rly close rp partner to do things with (or a bunch of close rp partners) and i feel like lately it’s been really hard for me to actually get close to people (either out of lack of interest/attempt on my end or theirs or just… idk weird indifferent sort of feeling??) and i just….

ok this is a self-criticizing post i guess so like, ignore this shopping list:

i think i’m too criticizing and too quick to judge/assume things about people which is actually pretty bad :\ i need to pay more attention to this cuz honestly it’s only really harming me when it comes down to it

i also think i don’t really give people a chance? like… idk why, i think it’s always been this way, but if there isn’t an immediate click/mutual interest i just… don’t really try .-. tho i think in the past i used to force it a little bit til it worked (and it did until it didn’t), so idk what’s better? maybe something in between 

and while i have no problem approaching people ooc, idr try to make it anything but a vague sort of thing ? tho like… this actually depends on the reactions i get (and i’ll admit that sometimes i’m the one not putting effort into my reactions oTL which… i dont think is anything to do with the people i talk to? idk it’s just me stuff i guess)


in general like… as much as i like the fandom and writing tony, this community (not just marvel but comics rp comm in general) isn’t… the most welcoming? and uh… idk i’m just a bit antsy around a lot of people or… less ‘excited’ to approach people about things because of that :\ like…. idk, there’s a lot of hostility and even when it isn’t really directed at me it just…. bleh. idk. i dont like being a part of a place like this but i do wanna keep writing my character? idk. 


ive had some bleh experiences in this comm and ive seen some other ppl have shittier ones and just bleh

anyway that isn’t the point

i think i’m just sleep deprived and mopey ill probs get over it bluh bluh

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I get a feeling you'd give good advice... I don't like to talk to my friends about this cuz I end upsounding really pathetic... Ive been single for 3 years and a half. My only relationship ever lasted 2 months. I'm just as insecure as anyone but I love who i am. I do think i am attractive. I'm super sweet, loyal, kind and sometimes funny. It's rare for me to find someone i like, but when i do they never feel the same. I'm tired of waiting for someone to like me back... Idk.

Don’t wait, I’m not saying you have to feel like you’re better than everyone, but do realize that you are better than sitting around waiting. Continue to mingle and to talk to people and you might be surprised what comes out of it. I met my gf on Tinder and our relationship developed in an unexpected and spontaneous kinda way. I wasn’t very comfortable with meeting girls offline but let me tell you, some of the best relationships can only be found offline so try to be open to that possibility. I know being in a relationship may sound beautiful and comforting but also keep in mind that there is strength in being single and you can continue to build on yourself during this period. I’m happy you think such positive things about yourself, though, fr. That’s gonna attract some nice energy so be patient. I wish you luck :)

5SOS songs that give me feels cuz I imagine them writing them for their bf:

  • Disconnected (Luke about Ashton)
  • End Up Here (Luke about Ashton)
  • Story of Another Us (Luke about Ashton and Bryana)
  • Beside You (Calum about Michael)
  • Amnesia (Calum about Michael)
  • If You Don’t Know (Ashton about Luke)
  • English Love Affair (Michael about Calum)
  • Airplanes (Michael about Calum) 
  • Safety Pin (Luke and Ashton about each other)
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger (Ashton about Luke)
  • Good Girls (Ashton about Luke)
when eurovision is nearby
  • iceland: i hear them calling
  • lithuania: i've been waiting for this night
  • finland: sing it away
  • united kingdom: you're not alone
  • spain: say yay!
  • belguim: what's the pressure?
  • russia: you're the only one
  • switzerland: we're the last of our kind
  • france: you're the one who's making me strong
  • the netherlands: slow down brother
  • germany: can we get an alternate ending
  • malta: i'm walking on water
  • sweden: i'd give you all the glory
  • norway: send a shiver down my spine
  • denmark: take my hand and never let know
  • estonia: hit play 'cuz that's the only way
  • lativa: feel in your heartbeat
  • san marino: i didn't know
  • slovenia: because blue is blue and red is red
  • czech republic: i am standing her just because of you
  • ireland: there's no tomorrow
  • hungary: a million hearts of a million people
  • moldova: the sky is tumbling
  • poland: your color is your life
  • italy: there is no degree of separation
  • belarus: it's time that you release yourself
  • serbia: everytime we say goodbye
  • croatia: there is a light guiding my way
  • bulgaria: they will never bring us down
  • greece: dance with us, and have some fun
  • cyprus: take it on
  • montenegro: i'm the real thing
  • *only included english songs

what a heartbreaking way to end this season. 

peggy gets to take steve home, gets to give him her final goodbye, make peace with his death, and keep on living. And this whole season, besides all the spy stuff, has been about peggy moving on, peggy moving forward, peggy moving from this space where she is still mourning steve. and with her giving up steve’s blood, she gets that. 

she gets to move on past her lover who is dead.

 its just so heartbreaking because its so mirrored with steve. such a full circle concept. because he gets to sleep through an entire lifetime, gets to wake up and start again, only to find that the love of his life will also soon be a lover who is dead.  

steve’s journey starts in the same place where peggy’s begins. 

I’m a cashier at a southern grocery store chain and some night I work the self checkout area. One day this little old lady calls me over because her doughnuts rang up incorrectly. Not a problem, the correct price was even on the barcode so I start telling her that I will fix the price for her (it’s really easy) until she cuts me off and demands it for free. She proceeds to tell me that it’s our “store policy ” to give customers something for free if the price rings up wrong, which is complete bullshit. After trying to explain myself, which was impossible because she kept inturupting, I ended up having to give it to her for free cuz I had other people to help. I hate the fact that snobby customers feel like they can just demand whatever the fuck they want & that a lot of times i have to give it to them