cuz thats real

City boy meets Farm boy au!!


they were meant to be longer

and his entire ass is out 

this is why u make prototypes

also this

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Has Necros had any run-ins with Error or Ink?

He’s never met Error but he learned a bit about him through a random encounter with Ink. He found a random trail of ink once and followed it ‘cuz he was bored. Ink’s how Necros learned a little bit about other AUs, though Ink ended up going on various tangents and incomplete rants. Whether or not he met the real Ink is debatable.

I like to think this is how Necros managed to get some crayons, other than stealing them. (ノ>ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hey so I'm sort of a new follower and I've been really curious about the citrus witches,,,, can you tell me all about it? It's sounds so cooooool and I totally want to buy it whenever you're done writing it (that is what you're gonna do right? Publish and sell it, I mean)

So this is a pretty opportune ask.  I’ve done a lot of soul searching.  A lot.  My heart is telling me webcomic, it has been from the get go.  So yes, the citrus witches started out as a book to be published.  But ultimately it’s a webcomic that you can now follow: Quinn, dreaming

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Wait seriously? Did owlturd actually make a post or art where he compared punching Nazis to punching women? I need context cuz that's such a real shitty bizarre comparison. Even for him to make.

on twitter in like january he said this. a pretty bad take but he did at least apologize for it

(i actually made a post about this a few months ago lmao)

also apparently the weird antifa pronoun thing was supposed to be making fun of centrists according to him? ill take his word for it i guess but the guy needs to get better at satire or just stick to buff depression comics

happy sigh

It’s nice to be back on track.

I’ve gotten more done in half a day today than I did all day yesterday or the day before.  Just taking a social media looksie while I eat a late lunch and then onto more real life stuff before my studio session tonight!  I even got my bastard scanner to start working again! I feel like Dean after winning rock paper scissors lol. YAY for mental clarity!

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