cuz she is perfect for this role

Creator of X-23 on her being Wolverine

“I was happy when after the "Death of Wolverine” she was going to step into the role. That said, I never wanted her to put on Wolverine’s costume and take his name because she’s not Wolverine. Wolverine is Wolverine and no one will ever be him. He is this extraordinary, beautiful, perfect thing. I don’t want to take away from him and I don’t want to strip her of her individuality. I love that she’s taken that role. I just wish she could do it in her own costume, that’s all.“

I have no problem with Laura being Wolverine. But I do think you should listen to the creator’s intention first then do what you need to do. Cuz Wolverine isn’t a badge or a nametag. It’s someone’s persona. It’s Logan. But we all know that he’s coming back. 


This interviewer (a woman btw) started off her interview with Gal Gadot asking her about the Wonder Woman costume and Gal immediately goes, “Yes cuz I’m a GIRL so let’s talk about the clothes!” while making little prissy hand gestures and I’m like OH MY GOD THIS WOMAN IS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE.

(She immediately told the girl she was just teasing and it was so cute and funny but like the point she made was still valid! Diana Prince would be proud.)