cuz she is perfect for this role

Rant on Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 3

Aite I guess imma be doing this now cuz why not? 😂😂😂 My thoughts on the episode was a giant “Yassssss”. Once again imma go through each character and talk about what I thought of them.

Andi- Once again our girl Andi’s pushing Becs about info on Gabriel which she gets. How she warms up to Amber in the end is adorable and how well she convinces Bex to have tht closing schedule was great too. She needs to let go of her perfect family ideal tho if she hopes to function better.

Buffy- She’s amazing as always and #BuffyMadeTheTeam! so yassss to that as well. I feel bad for Marty tho but I can’t wait to see Buffy mop the floor with TJ even tho she seems to like him a lot. I think her mom is definitely in the army now and still can’t wait for that story arc. Her support of Cyrus is phenomenal again and her protection of Andi is always a treat to see. Especially when she responds to Cyrus’ self doubt with “Cyrus, you’re already OK” she’s just the perfect friend and every one needs one of her

Amber- I’m not sure about her. She’s 50/50 for me rn. Idk if she really wants to generally be Andi and co’s friend or if she’s just a snake in the grass as Buffy says. Her situation at home is getting even worse when we see her selling her clothes. That was sad tbh. Just gonna have to wait to see what she’s about.

Bex- I think Gabriel was her ex-fiance because he seems farrrrr too important to her. I’m glad she’s letting go tho. I’m sure he’ll come up again later tho cuz he’s just too imposing on her life. She keeps her pic with Bowie in the same place where she keeps her and Andi which is heartwarming (not to mention young Bowie’s kinda hot). I love how well she fit into the role of a caretaker and homemaker. Her and Andi seem to be well settled.

Cyrus- Finally my cinnamon roll Cyrus. He is still too cute and innocent and soft and must be protected an- OK lemme stop that 😂😂. Him and Iris would make perfect besties and hopefully they’ll grow to be like that. I don’t see Iris to be the type to scorn Cyrus. The chaste kiss he gave her cringed the hell outta me and you could see the hesitance. Cyrus was super close to telling Iris what was up too hut then he left. I really think she’s going to be the next to know. His clear crush on Jonah is still clear. I really don’t know how Andi is going to take it cuz she is really territorial 😂. Tht scene with Cyrus ranting to Buffy is cute and once again very well planned out. He’s always going to have Buffy’s reassurance which I think will be really important in future episodes when this whole Jyrus situation hits the ceiling fan.

This was a great episode and I can’t wait for the Jyrus drama and Becs leaving home and teen pregnancy drama next week. 😁😂

Emma Watson is a feminist and she’s also 1 of my bimbo role models. But I’ll get 2 that l8r.

First, I wanna talk about this whole topless business. There r sum ppl who r saying that “Emma’s not a feminist cuz she chose to show everybody her tits” and there r others that r saying “she’s being the perfect little feminist cuz girls should be able to make choices about there bodies” and then theres a whole nother group whos sayin “OMG like thats hella cute but Im to busy edging and worshipping cock 2 look rn” (that was me beeteedubs).

The thing is, both of these sides think that Emma decided to be topless. That she either thought: I am a feminist or im not and this will show ppl wear I stand. Thats obv not tru.

And why it isnt it tru, and its not because women r more than there bodies. They rnt. U r what u look like.

Why it isnt tru is that Emma didnt rlly choose to go topless. That choice was made by a lifetime of conditioning. A lifetime of men and women making her subconsciously think that being the exact thing shes fighting against (being an object 4 men) would be freeing or fulfilling or make her happy. So that either way, when she has made her choice men end up happy because there wasn’t rlly a choice, there was only an illusion.

We pretend that we can think for ourselves, we pretend that women invented feminism. We pretend that we can be more than objects. Emma doesnt no that her feminism, that her smarts, that her choices rnt rlly hers 2 choose. And shes pretty enuf to b an object as it is.

Thats what makes Emma a good little dummydolly and a great bimbo role model. And that’s y this “controversy” doesn’t matter. I just wanna no how big she’s gonna make her bolt ons, or how fast gonna get lip injections, or how bootilicious she’s gonna get when she makes the “choice” to be an even better feminist object.

What do u think? What kinda bimbo dolly is Emma gonna b when she grows up?


This interviewer (a woman btw) started off her interview with Gal Gadot asking her about the Wonder Woman costume and Gal immediately goes, “Yes cuz I’m a GIRL so let’s talk about the clothes!” while making little prissy hand gestures and I’m like OH MY GOD THIS WOMAN IS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE.

(She immediately told the girl she was just teasing and it was so cute and funny but like the point she made was still valid! Diana Prince would be proud.)