cuz she is a video queen


Naomi Smalls performing Superlove - Tinashe (Danny L Harle Remix)

January 19, 2017 at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee 

She was so flawless and so nice (not just to me, but to everyone cuz she climbed into the audience twice and had SUCH long tip lines) and she’s def one of my Top 3 now :) She said she loved my hair color, haha. When a queen validates my life choices, I feel less bad about myself :P 

I went back and bought an 8x10 and a key chain after she hugged me at the meet n greet (she saw me shyly standing there waiting for the queens to turn around so we could take my group photo) and said that about my hair. Love huh!

So Coldplay’s new video for “Hymn for the Weekend” is set in Mumbai and it features a wonderfully vibrant city full of color, laughter and happiness on the day of Holi (the festival of colors). Beyonce wears Indian-inspired clothing designed by an Indian who wanted to depict India in a fun and different way. And you can tell that people commenting on YouTube know nothing about cultural appropriation. Me and my Indian friends loved this video. Hundreds of Indians loved this video. And yet, people are accusing them of cultural appropriation when the truth is, the video shows Mumbai in a fantastic way, portraying the vigor and life of Indian cities without stereotypes. It was a video about Holi, and all the elements were there: temples, colors, fireworks, mythical plays, oil lamps.

This is not cultural appropriation. This is not wearing a bindi cuz “it’s cool”. This is Beyonce wearing Indian-inspired fashion designed by an Indian designer in a video where she is herself in a movie called Rani (Queen). This is wonderful! It shows my country in a beautiful light, it shows Western singers and actresses actually respecting my culture, my fashion, my festivals, and being a part of it with assistance from Indian people themselves. This did not whitewash locals, or stereotype them into Mumbai slums. This portrayed all the brilliant and beautiful things that you see during times of festivities around India. Please, please stop acting as if you think it offends us when it doesn’t. And if it does offend some people, I’m extremely sorry. You must have your own valid reasons, but in this case I believe it’s a personal thing. However, please don’t speak “for the majority of Indians” because so many of us do like it and believe it’s a celebration of authentic Indian culture during Holi. Stop trying to force social justice on everything, especially when for a change India is represented in an authentic and non-Hollywood manner when it’s never portrayed well. I understand that she is not a part of my culture, but I believe in this case, it’s more appreciation than appropriation.

anonymous asked:

Ok so. I was watching one of your videos and something stucked with me all along. When Regina teleported herself with Emma on that bridge to teach her magic, she wears red gloves and Emma black ones... any thoughts on that? We know red is Emma's color and Regina is black

Well that was certainly intriguing…

They have worn each other’s colors in episode 5x05 as well. :)

This is important cuz guess which other pairings have also worn this red and black color combo before?



So I read an article on what ISN’T goth and was left thinking “well fine, what is goth?”
“Motionless In White aren’t goth” who says?
“Wearing black doesn’t make you goth”
Who says?
“You don’t listen to this stuff your not goth”
Who says?
Fuckin goth Hitler? Who the fuck are you to tell me exactly what goth is? Who made you fuckin king/queen of the goths?
Can styles not evolve into new versions of what they were inspired by?
Hey, goth nazi, if I’m not goth why don’t you tell what I am cuz your quick enough to define what it isn’t

Anyone else know what I’m on about?
This video was nice to watch, she has some strong points