cuz my name is cat

hhhmmmm i wrote a kleinphy fic,,,,, just now,,,,,,,,,, its just a soft oneshot 


k @yethhoundart prompted me with “what if hannibal bought a cat just to piss off will and his dogs??” and i was like “FUCK YES” 

Hanni just freaking loves this can man, okay? Like its his child and it had the ugliest, loudest, scratches meow in the whole world and Hannibal loves it

sorry its just a quick doodle before I go to bed but ill probably draw more tomorrow night after i move back into res

sly-shiba  asked:

That cat at the bottom was she a lost cat that was found or did you bye her or is it even a her cuz I lost my cat named shirmie and she looked just like that I really miss her 😢

She was one of ours. She died about two years ago. Her name was Mattey and she was a real sweetheart. I’m sorry to hear about Shirmie.

For Once, The Homestuck Was Not The One Causing The Issues

The people involved:

Me: Narrator
My Best Friend: Portugal
Weeb 1: Catalonia
Weeb 2: Squeaker
(I named them after my cats cuz swag)

Alright so,
There was a con that was going to be in my home state, but unfortunately, I was out of state for school. I had arranged it with Portugal to drive back home to my state and grab them so we could go to our hotel, and convention it up. Unfortunately, as the drive back home is 7+ hours, it costs a lot of money for gas, and cons are not that cheap either. So we decided to invite two people: my school chum Squeaker, and Portugal’s friend Catalonia. Squeaker was going to drive back home with me and go to the con, splitting the expenses, and it was all going to be okay.

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