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tachibanahime  asked:

What would Kid,Sabo,Marco & Ace react if they saw their s/o is feeling pain ? ( girl's period ) I want to know their reactions cuz rn i'm having it ! 😭

This is destiny I’m having them too !

- At first he would be like “Are you telling me that you are peeing blood?”
- Will tell the doctor like “ Hum S/O is peeing blood sir ”
- All the crew will laugh at time of course
- And it will take time for him to understand
- at the end of the day he will be like “you’re just peeing blood, the world is not turning around you, stop complaining”
- And he will tell all his battle stories about how he was bleeding everywhere and was still alive blablabla


- he knows exactly what it is.
- So he will make sure that you are not hurt too badly.
- he will ask you what you would like to feel better
- If you ask him to be with you for the day he will run ask permission to Daddy Whitebeard and stay with you
- special massage for the hurt stomach huhuu

- don’t really understand what it is but if you want to spend the day with him well Hell yeah !
- will give you a lot of chocolats because “chocolat can heal anything”
- you understand now why he hasn’t made Harvard
- in fact he will be your pillow for the entire day
- will spend most of the time in bed, cuddling and talking


- Will be a little bit lost at first like “What do I have to do”
- he will ask Koala huhuhu
- And she will tell him all the things HE HAS TO DO. Like this is his job.
- Of course she tells a lot more than she should. She is a great friend…
- Sabo will be scared and act like you have an internal bleeding (“Hemoragie?”)
- Cute little Sabo is too cute for this world.

sarcastick-seal  asked:

Shelby I saw you and Milo on tv today!!! It was on the show Right This Minute (they show cool viral videos and stuff if you havent heard of it) and the segment was called "Animals Losing Their Minds" I think, and they showed the video of you riding Milo bridleless when he was freaking out at the chicken lol. It just made me smile seeing you cuz I'm a long-time admirer!! c:

Haha awesome! He’s been getting a lot of attention for that video, so funny that they had it on the show so quickly

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I thought we liked sanvers? And Floriana Lima, why don't we like her? (I'm asking cuz you reblogged something anti-Floriana and I got confused)

I have never liked Floriana she is a rapist apologist who literally tries to tell people to take down tweets that call out her shit sexual assailant boyfriend and a white woman pretending to be a WOC by tanning excessively she’s fucking disgusting

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"I don't have any het ships" do you have something against straight ships ??

i don’t have straight ships cuz i’m fuckin gay asf , idk is that a problem that i don’t??? i don’t think it is lol

Maybe 3 times..

I saw my therapist twice this week.. and I’m pretty sure I need to talk to her again..maybe seeing her 3 times a week might help.
Cuz I’m sitting in my car, in a parking lot, crying. I just can’t cope.
I think that emotional break down is happening.

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Wait yo, just askin cuz I'm a noob to voice recording (I'm a scared, shy, quiet smol most of the time) what's a good Voice Recording Program to use?

Audacity is a good starter program, and I believe it’s free :D

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“The battle of wits has begun.” for Shawnni, cuz I'm curious. :3

For the Princess Bride meme

I’m including this scene in a current WIP……it just fit the passage I was already working on so well…….You don’t need to know what happened before it, it’s really just a moment in time type thing.

A quick turn in the ‘fresher was followed by a trip to the galley to satisfy Shawnni’s craving for caf.  The seemingly simple task threw her for a loop and she stood for a long moment, staring at the machine with consternation.  Her old, simple caf maker had been replaced several years ago.  It had been deemed “unacceptable” and “a horrid monstrosity” by Guss when he’d initially come on board.  The Mon Calamari had taken it upon himself to procure a newer, state of the art model for the ship.  Eager to prove himself useful, Guss had assigned himself her personal barista, making sure that she never drank anything less than what he considered to be the pinnacle of caf.  It had been an arrangement that suited her perfectly…until he was gone and she realized she had no idea how to work the blasted machine.

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wait wait wait wait what is this "hey, man" from???

There was a preview from San Diego comic con from the first episode of Voltron where Lance goes to comfort Keith about shiro cuz he’s not taking his disappearance well and everyone is freaking out about it cuz of klance. I’m just freaking out about it cuz that means lance and Keith are bonding more and I’ve wanted them to get close since episode 1.

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Okay ,,, uhhh there's a lot of drama but I have an unrelated question ^^; how did you meet Alex ??

i’m guessing u mean alexis?? (mun of ask-aph-fruk) ?? if not i’m sorry cuz i’m about to say how lol. because that’s the only alex i think i know… watch it not be her.

uuuuuh so last summer i asked her to do like 2 art trades because i was a slut for her art and whatever, idk. then we had a Conversation on christmas that just kinda kept going for awhile and i was like “this is nice” then my friend Joe ™ started a hetalia discord and i invited her cuz i wanted people to like me or something idk, we’re in a group chat together so we talk n stuff all the time i dunno ??

what were u looking for tho.. she descended from the clouds and blessed me as an infant, she’s been with me since then