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Maybe if I draw Overwatch characters I’ll get good at character design


That was probably the wrong answer…


a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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greenday on Instagram:
“@spotify went from struggling to get gigs, to one of the most iconic punk rock bands. Watch their story unfold on Chapter 1 of “Green Day: The Early Years.” (Link in bio @spotify)”


@dreamy-94 my imagination is limited 

Cinky is cute but i still can’t forgive them

tangled up on tongues

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philip gives lukas a hickey (aka philip is a really good kisser)

While he was growing up, Lukas heard quite a bit about kissing. From his guy friends when they’d been able to plant one on a girl in middle school. From songs, and movies, and tv shows. He even had a few kisses of his own.

His kisses never lived up to the expectations. There were never fireworks, or explosions, or even passion. There was just chapped and cold lips, and Lukas trying to figure out what he was doing wrong.

At least, that’s how it was until he met Philip.

Because the first time he kissed him in the cabin was exactly how people described it. But it was more than fireworks.

It was tectonic plates halting in their shaking, falling into place. It was meteor showers and the sky splitting apart. It was every other kiss he’d ever had being proven wrong.

It was Philip, kissing him back.

He really likes kissing Philip. He likes the way Philip’s hair feels when he runs his hands through it, and the way Philip’s hands settle on his waist, dipping beneath his shirt. He likes the feel of his mouth against Lukas’.

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  • 707: ATTENTION!!
  • Yoosung: What? What happened? What?
  • 707: Nothing...just want you to pay attention to me. ;)

Things said to me by my coworker;

  • “ I have to protect you because you’re small. ”
  • “ I have to go to the bathroom. I have to tinkle. ”
  • “ I mean I’m not really into dudes, but I would marry that guy. ”
  • “ Listen, listen… fuck you. ”
  • “ He can’t be in love with you he’s like eighty. ”
  • “ Did he look at your boobs? Do you want me to beat him up? ”
  • “ I peed on the rocks and it was like a spiritual experience. ”
  • “ Did somebody have a big bowl of grumpy for breakfast? ”
  • “ I would kill you for some pizza right about now. ”
  • “ I’m gonna buy you some gas station nachos. ”
  • “ I’m like a secret genius. ”
  • “ I just act dumb so society will accept me. ”
  • “ Will you pity date my little brother? ”
  • “ I tried shrooms once, I thought I was a transformer. ”
  • “ If you get that cops number I will make you a five star Ramen dinner. ”
  • “ Here’s to deadbeat dads, am I right? ”
  • “ Fuck, fuckity fucking fuck. I’m fucked. ”
  • “ This tastes like dirt… but I kind of like that. ”
  • “ I’m hip. I vape. ”
  • “ I’m bitter because everyone is taller than me. ”
  • “ You’re like fly paper for creepy old dudes with empty bank accounts. ”
  • “ I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you’re super fucking wrong. ”
  • “ I would say ‘fight me’ but you would probably kick my ass. ”
  • “ I’m really good at drinking alcohol. ”
  • “ Pinch my cheeks again and I’ll bite you. ”
  • “ Shit, I just pooped all over my own life dreams. ”

“Haha! Oh, stop it!~”


((I think Dipper just told Bill a joke or something cute like that~ Ahhh I love these two!~ >w<))

@ja-zeo-a ‘s Bill and Dipper from her Second Chance AU~