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Um I like finished fics that have a plot with angst (but not stupid miscommunication angst), smut, also fluff with eventual clexa endgame. Ty




You know you’re deep into a fandom when you start getting those secondary ships.

So, okay, help me out here. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, combing through the Ao3 archive for good Namjoon-centric fics. Why is it that like a disproportionate number of fics involving Namjoon aren’t written in his perspective? Like Namjoon is always this kind of mysterious character, and his development is more peripheral or happening off the page. Why isn’t there enough Namjoon in these Joon/member fics? It’s just something I’ve noticed as I’ve been working my way through the archive. Is his perspective really that hard to write from?

I’m sorry but if you watched 13 Reasons Why and expected it to be a happy, fun, show and after finishing it felt sad or it was depressing/triggering and now it’s a horrible show because of what was in it, you kinda brought that on yourself by watching a show about suicide 🤔 so can people stop complaining now that the show is “horrible” because it’s triggering? it’s not horrible. you just watched a show THAT ORIGINALLY IS A BOOK written about a girl committing suicide and the thirteen reasons why she did it. it’s about how even the little things can impact someone so much. I’m tired of seeing the show bashed because someone ignored the warnings of graphic descriptions of suicide or sexual assault. liiike, you can not like a show. you don’t have to bash it because you ignored everything the show stands for and decided to watch it anyways. Like I get if you don’t like that the suicide scene is in the show but The choice is yours

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i feel like that anon was just making a stretch??? like i doubt the other post theyre talking about is about hatsune miku specifically? it was probably just about the anime girl option and that isnt really their own joke cuz its in the script. that anon just seems like theyre here to make you feel bad

HMGGHKLFKKLKMHH I HOPE THATS TRUE,, i didnt intend to take anyone’s idea at all if there already is a miku joke thing goin on,,,,,

the only way i can think to articulate the kind of life im trying to move away from is “living for others” when thats not exactly the case… i dont have a problem with my selflessness and my helpful attitude, i just have a problem with- OH fuck i just thought of a good one: “being for others”. cuz its less about like my intentional actions and more about the neurotic dissociated self-involved construction of who i am solely for extrinsic validation


Lance! let him eat the vegetable!!

I want them to at least hang out a little more in s3, and what’s a better way to do it than giving some skin care tips to your local living-in-the-desert boy?