cuz it's funny

The best part about DETECTIVE CONAN

It’s easy to see Shinichi doing the things Conan does.

Such as:

Freaking out over women’s underwear

Running into a wall

Getting completely embarrassed from watching a girl change

(Rudely) Laughing at someone who looks funny

In those moments, Shinichi wasn’t trying to act like a kid. So, instead of a 6-year-old boy, imagine a 17-year-old young man doing all this. Not hard to do, huh? 

When I’m in a group and someone says an inside joke that I don’t understand but everyone else laughs at it and I just wanna seem like I belong

So…I found a thing here  and I got inspired.  This is probably as to why John usually stays up in space so much.

I kind of just got tired and I did an inclination to a background.  Whoops.